Best 3D Archery Sight: Pro’s Guide On Marksmanship

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Darn it, it’s a miss again! But you were sure you had the perfect bow and arrow for the shot. The aim was well placed too, so what went wrong?

There’s a good chance it’s because of an inferior archery sight. You might’ve thought it was a good aim, but your scope’s readings were faulty, to begin with. 

This is why having the best 3D archery sight is imperative. But it’s not as easy as it might sound like. Don’t worry, this is where our post comes in.

We’ve shortlisted only the best archery sights at your convenience. You should go through each of these reviews to see which suits you better.

We’ve even accommodated the most indecisive of individuals by providing a buying guide. Now, if you are ready we can get things started-

More About The Product

The first and foremost product on our list is the IQ Archery Sight. Now, if you're an archer chances are you’ve heard of this bow. Its notoriety is quite justified, it is sometimes regarded as an industry leader.

So, what makes this site so special?

For starters, it’s one of the most versatile sights with either 3 or 5 pins coming with it. It’s also on the lighter side of the bunch which reduces a lot of stress on the wrists.

However, it isn’t the lightest on the list. Although, its other features tend to compensate for this.

IQ Bowsight Archery Sight

The IQ’s fame is credited to its patented retina lock technology. This provides instant feedback to even the slightest of torque or anchor point changes. In simple terms, it boosts the accuracy of shots like crazy!

Its added features just as its tool-less locking knobs also give it an edge over the rest. This means you can now easily lock your position regarding the windage and elevation adjustments.


  • Easy to use
  • It is sturdy
  • Extremely accurate
  • Made of high-grade aluminum so it lasts long


  • Not that good in low-light conditions

More About The Product

Secondly, we have TRUGLO’s Range Rover Pro. To be fair, we did have a hard time choosing between the IQ and this. But it’s mainly because they are very different.

However, it came second mainly because it's a non-standard type of sight. 

Don’t write it off just yet! It has its perks too.

TRUGLO Range Rover PRO

The Range Rover uses its Micro LED technology to increase its accuracy and set itself apart. This is the perfect tool for hunters that prefer a wide scope of view.

Since it doesn’t have any pins, the target’s body isn’t obscured by pins. This makes it an easier aim for some, especially in the dark.

Like the IQ Retina Tech, it has a similar locking mechanism that would make the windage and elevation settings easier to set. However, since it lacks pins it has to be re-adjusted again if the target moves.


  • Provides an open field of vision
  • Ensures an accurate aim
  • Perfect for nocturnal activities


  • Takes a little practice to get used to it

More About The Product

Trophy Ridge Hotwire Archery Sight

Next, we have the Trophy Ridge’s Hotwire Sight. This comes in third on our list because of a few factors. But mainly its high ranking is attributed to its extremely lightweight (lightest on the list).

This makes it the least stressful to use, especially on your wrists. The product comes in especially handy when you’re hunting out in the woods. Maneuverability and mobility are of the utmost importance in those conditions.

In addition to its lightweight, it also has a tool-less adjustability option like the IQ’s Retina Tech. However, there is a difference, only one of its 3 pins is adjustable.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Has a higher precision
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Only one of the pins is adjustable

More About The Product

In 4th place, we spotted Hogg’s Long-Bar wrapped bow sight. Now, this has deservedly earned this place because of attributes.

Spot Hogg- Long Bar Wrapped Bow Sight

First and foremost, this bow sight is extremely easy to install and use. It’s the most user-friendly of the bunch which makes it slide in at 4th place. It does all this while maintaining perfect sight marks.

This ease of usability also means it’s perfect for practice runs. It’ll cut your learning curve by a lot especially if you’re training for an upcoming archery competition.

However, it has the lowest amount of pins on the list. Yes, we’re aware of the fact that the TRUGLO has ZERO pins, but that’s because it’s a wide-scope sight. This however is a pinned scope with only 2 pins.

This means it has the highest margin of errors of the bunch.


  • Easiest to use
  • Has a wider scope
  • Good for practice


  • A bit pricey
  • Has the lowest number of pins

More About The Product

Lastly, we have Black Gold’s Mountain Lite Archery Sight. We’re aware this is the last on our list. But, it’s important to note that it came in 5th out of hundreds of worthy mentions.

Black Gold- Mountain Lite Archery Sight

So, let’s see what it has to offer-

Now, unlike the previous sight, the Mountain Lite has 5 pins. This means that your margin of error is decreased. In other words, if you can squeeze in your target between the pins, it’s most likely dead meat.

It’s also made of highly durable aluminum, This means it’s made to weather the harshest of environmental hazards prevalent during hunting.

However, it isn’t that technically advanced like the rest. This means this takes some to get used to and to use. But you know what they say? Practice makes perfect.


  • Hit the target easily
  • Has a high margin of error
  • Decent Durability


  • A bit heavy
  • Not built for nocturnal activity


Buying Guide

Now, we’ve given you our rendition of the top 5 archery sights on the market. However, since we believe in free will, we’ve added a buying guide too.

This way you get to figure out for yourself what you EXACTLY need in a sight. This purchase was designed for this purpose.

You can only go so far with the right tool, you need to know the basics first. The buying guide does just that. There is also the chance of you getting confused by reading our review. 

This section was dedicated to solving all these issues. So without further ado, let’s get to it-

Number Of Pins: Multiple Pins Vs Single Adjustable Pin

Multiple Pins Vs Single Adjustable Pin

Now, this is the first concept you have to understand about hunting with a bow and arrow. Normally, you get to choose between a single adjustable pin or multiple pins.

So which one do you choose? Well, it depends on your preference and situation. We’ll go through both of these factors.

Single Pins are preferred by hunters, who like to have an open field of vision. Multiple pins would obscure your target’s view. However, there is a drawback.

These single pins need to be adjusted for the shot. This causes precious time to be spent, which is not preferred in hunting. The animal might move after you’ve adjusted the pin, which would render you unable to re-adjust it again.

Well, multiple pins are the opposite of this. This provides a fast adjustment and has a built-in margin of error. Instead of the shot being accurate to the millimeter, having the shot land between any 3-5 pin range makes your decision-making faster. 

In simpler words, having your target’s body between the pins of your sight ensures a hit.

Now, let’s talk about the situational factor. Your number of pins also depends on how far you’re planning to shoot.

For whitetail hunters who never shoot beyond 30 yards, one pin is plenty. Set it at 25 yards, and your arrow will hit within a few inches of your target on all shoots between 15 and 30 yards. 

For shots under 15 yards, keep your hands a couple of inches low. 

A 3-pin sight is a preferable choice for most bowhunters expecting to shoot beyond 30 yards. Pins can be placed at distances of 20, 30, and 40 yards. This allows you a lot of versatility without making the sight picture too complicated. 

Only if you intend to fire beyond 40 yards will you require more than three pins. 

However, for follow-up shootings on wounded deer shot before, five pins for 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 yards are required. 

Sight Pin Diameter

Bow sights are available in a range of pin sizes, including 0.029”, 0.019”, and 0.010”. The larger the pin, the more visible it is in poor light. 

However, this makes it less accurate at greater ranges because it covers more of the target. Thus it makes precise shooting impossible. 

For short-range pins, utilize big diameter fibers (up to 0.050 inches) and smaller diameter fibers (down to 0.010 inches) for longer-range pins. On long shots, the small-diameter pins hide less of the target, making them more precise. 

The standard for today's bow sights appears to be 0.019′′ pins, which most archers are comfortable shooting with.

Low-Light Conditions: Sight Lights

This is an extension of the low-light condition and the lack of visibility that comes with it.

Sights lights are pretty common nowadays.

Many bow sights are pre-tapped for a small screw-on light to illuminate your sight pins in low-light situations. This tiny addition can come in handy, if needed. 

However, proceed with caution as you may be breaking the law!

This is because many states prohibit the use of any electronic device mounted to your bow, even sight lights.

Level Of The Bubble: What It Means

On a bow sight, a bubble level is a must-have since it promotes consistency. By centering the level on each shot, you can ensure that you're holding the bow the same way each time, reducing side-to-side misses.

If you're going to use a bubble level on your bow sight, have a technician double-check that its level with the rest of the bow. Getting an “out of the box” sight to work properly often takes a few simple tweaks.

Sight Material: Choose A Sturdy Material

Fiber optic filaments that are brittle and break easily are the bane of existence for hunters. Some sight manufacturers don't provide adequate support for their fiber optics.

This is why, when you press down on it there, it snaps. This is bad news for bowhunters. 

Choosing a sight with high-quality fiber optics that are properly protected will help your sight survive longer, withstand more damage, and prove to be dependable when you need it most.


Question: What’s the normal pin setting in archery sights?

Answer: The most common pin setting in archery sights is 20 yards for both timber and open fields. 

Question: Do I absolutely have to use peep sights in my archery sights?

Answer: No, they are not an absolute must. But you should. Because peep sights keep you extremely stable and sound when you’re taking a shot.

Question: Why does my archery sight’s pin shatter?

Answer: The pin’s brittleness depends on its make. If it's made of cheap plastic it’ll easily break off as opposed to a high-quality metal. 

In Conclusion

Well, that’s about all the info we had on the best 3D archery sight. You’ve probably set your eyes on the one you want by now. And, we sincerely hope you buy one from the ones we recommended.

If you didn’t choose one already, feel free to use our buying guide for extra research. Either way, we’re confident in your eagle-eyed judgment. And as always, stay safe and good luck!

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