Best Arrow For 3D Archery: The Top Graded Shooter’s Review

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Whoosh goes the arrow. But hey, it missed its target. Well, you have to face this frustrating thing if you don’t get the right arrow for your 3d archery. Your aim might be perfect but your arrow might quiver along its path.

Hence, you have to get the best arrow for 3D archery. But it’s easier said than done. You see, there are so many things to consider and you might get lost in the paradigm.

Thus, we have shortlisted the arrows and we present to you only the top-graded ones. But wait, you don’t have to buy it at our word. Let’s go through them one by one so that you can see what you’re getting.

Besides, even if you feel lost after going through the top 5 ones you can always have a quick look at the buying guide. We have added a segment just for the lost folks.

Now, if you are ready we can get things started-

More About The Product

Gold Tip Arrows 22 Series 30 Archery Rows

The first and foremost product on our list is the Gold Tip Arrows 22. Now, if you have been on the market for a while you must have heard about this brand. It’s quite famous among the 3D “archer-ers”.

However, what is so great about this particular product?

Well, if you have gone through the comparison table then you must have noticed that this is one of the most lightweight products that we have. However, it did tie with another product when it came down to the weight factor.

But it still got an edge by being more accurate than that product. And let’s face it, when it comes to 3D archery lightweight and accuracy play the biggest card of all. There are so many people who blindly go for the lightweight and accurate ones.

Now, what do these features offer?

Well, let’s use some science. Compare a heavy arrow and a lightweight arrow. Which one do you think will have more speed?

Well, if we let go of all other factors then obviously the lightweight one is the winner. Thus, you will be hitting your target at a very fast race.

Now, we know that in 3D archery you won’t be hitting a moving object. But the thrill of a fast arrow slicing into the inanimate objects is real. We surely love that experience.

And this arrow has a straightness of +/- 0.0025. Comparatively, this is the second most accurate arrow on our list. Thus, you can be quite sure that you will hit your target if you aim properly.

Besides, this arrow is made of both aluminum and fiberglass. The aluminum makes the product quite sturdy. Thus, it doesn’t deviate from its path and hits the target more precisely.

And the presence of fiberglass makes the arrow quite strong and durable. So, it does not only last for a long time, it also penetrates into the target. Thus, your target will get a solid hit.

Moreover, the shaft length is 30 inches. Now, ensure that this is higher than your draw length. If you’re a beginner the perfect draw length that compliments this arrow is 28 inches.

However, if you are a beginner you can have a draw length of 29 inches. It kind of depends on your ability and experience.

However, note that its other components are sold separately. You will be able to purchase the arrow and nothing else. Other items must be bought separately.


  • It is very accurate
  • The arrow won’t deviate
  • It is sturdy
  • Can penetrate objects
  • Lasts long


  • You need to buy other parts separately

More About The Product

Secondly, we have yet another Gold Tip and this one is the Gold Tip XCSPLUS X-Cutter. It did give a hefty competition to the winner but alas! It had to settle for second place. And that was only because of its straightness.

Gold Tip XCSPLUS X-Cutter Plus Shafts

However, this one is still a great option. As you might have noticed this is the other arrow that has the least weight out of all of them. And to be exact this one has a weight of 7.2 ounces.

Thus, your arrow will be travelling quite faster. And it will reach its destination in no time. So, you can keep on shooting back to back and get the full fun of 3D archery.

On the other hand, the straightness tolerance of this arrow is +/- 0.005. That is pretty low when compared to the other products on our list. However, it is still acceptable and if you are careful you will also hit the desired target.

Besides this, the diameter of this arrow is 0.38 inches. And compared to the other products this one has the second-largest diameter. So, you will be hitting your target and it will penetrate deep into the object that you aimed for.

Moreover, this arrow will last you quite a while. Even after the target practice you can re-use the arrows. So, they do serve their price’s value. And we feel like that is a good investment.


  • Travels quite fast
  • Average aim
  • Will penetrate the target
  • Quite long-lasting


  • Parts need to be bought separately

More About The Product

Were you looking for a budget-friendly arrow for your 3d archery practice? Well, then have a look at Black Eagle Deep Impact Fletched Arrows. This one is the most straightened arrow on our list.

In fact, if you have a quick view of the comparison table you will notice that this one has a straightness of +/- 0.001. Other arrows are not even close to this one’s straightness.

 Black Eagle Deep Impact Fletched Arrows

Now, since your arrow will be straight you will have a higher chance of hitting your target. Yep, it increases the accuracy of your arrow thus it hits the right spot.

However, that is not all. This one is also the arrow with the smallest diameter in our little list. The small diameter increases the kinetic energy of the arrow and it travels at quite a fast pace, especially when compared to others.

Plus, its penetration power is quite good as well. It will go deep into your object and it won’t fall out of its place. Something that is needed for 3D archery. Now, why is its penetration power so good?

Well, that is all thanks to the building component of this arrow: aluminum.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • High precision
  • Astonishing speed 
  • Good penetrating power
  • Long-lasting


  • You have to buy 6 arrows at once

More About The Product

 Easton 25/64-Inch SuperDrive

Moving on, we have the Easton 25/64-Inch SuperDrive. This one is pretty great too and you might start liking it if you give it a chance. Now, if you’re ready we can dive deep into its offered benefits-

From the comparison table, you might have noticed that this one has the second-lowest weight out of all the products. In reality, it only weighs 8 ounces. So, the kinetic energy of this product will be high. Thus it will travel quite fast.

Besides, the shaft length of this arrow is 32 inches. Now, this is quite higher than the other products that we have shown so far. Hence, if the draw length restricted you from buying the previous ones you can buy this one.

For beginners, if you have a draw length of 0 inches then this will work. However, it’s different if you’re experienced. In that case, if you have a draw length of 31 inches this product will work fine with you.

Even the straightness tolerance is quite low. In fact, it is +/- 0.002. And that is pretty low when compared to the other ones. Thus, you won’t have any issue getting the arrow to hit its target.


  • Has a great speed
  • Allows high draw length
  • Quite accurate
  • Long-lasting


  • A bit pricey

More About The Product

Lastly, we have yet another of Gold Tip’s arrows. And this one is the Gold Tip Ultralight Entrada 500 Arrows. Yeah, we are pretty much a big fan of the Gold Tip company. And why won’t we be?

A lot of champions of 3D archery use Gold Tip. Statistics can never be wrong, right?

Well, this one is special because it has the largest diameter. And a lot of people out there prefer arrows with a large diameter so that they can shoot their targets accurately.

 Gold Tip Ultralight Entrada 500 Arrows

Now, we don’t recommend this because it increases the overall weight of the product. But, then again it is up to you. Besides this, the product is also made of carbon.

And that adds to the weight factor as well. Hence, the total weight of this product is 11.2 ounces. It is one of the most heavy-weight products on our list. But because it is made out of carbon this one will have a good penetration power.

In our opinion, this arrow will have the highest penetrating capabilities. So, if you play your cards right you might hit a target and it will definitely sink deep into the objects that you initially hit.

Apart from this, the arrow isn’t that straight. You should be aware of that. Its straightness tolerance is +/-0.006. It is high when compared to the others on the list.

But that doesn’t mean that this won’t hit its target at all. You will still be able to get a decent hit if you aim properly.

Besides, it’s beginner-friendly. So, if you don’t have much experience you can go for this arrow. We assure you, it won’t let you down.


  • Hits the target easily
  • Has high penetrating powers
  • It is beginner-friendly
  • It can be customized


  • A bit heavy
  • Not very straight


Buying Guide

You might have set up your mindset that you want to hone your archery skills. And for that, you might have gone to 3D archery-shooting arenas. However, without the right kind of archery, your task might get hindered and it might stray from its path.

Thus, you need to select the perfect match for you. Although we showed you the best archery in the market you can still get confused about what to go with.

And one of the primary reasons might be that you don’t know what makes the best 3D arrow. Thus, we have decided to build a segment where we’ll introduce you to the basics. And experts, do stick around. You just might learn something new.

Draw Length

Firstly, focus on your own draw length. This is the length at which you draw your arrow. You can easily find this out with a draw length indicator. However, most of the time we don’t have something like that.

So, you can go to any renowned shop. They can help you figure out your draw length. After that, buy the arrows that have a draw length greater than yours. But how much greater?

Well, if you’re a beginner then buy an arrow that has a draw length that is 2 inches higher than your one. For instance, if you have a draw length of 28 inches try getting an arrow of 30 inches of draw length.

However, if you’re an expert then go for an arrow that has a draw length greater than one inch.

The Straightness Of The Arrow

Have you ever seen a +- sign on any arrow’s description? Well, that represents the straightness of the arrow. Now, you want your purchased arrow to be as straight as possible. That increases your chances of hitting the desired target.

Otherwise, the arrow may deviate from its path and completely miss the thing you aimed for. Now, let’s say that you have a straightness of +-0.001 and +-0.003 inches. Try to go for the one that offers +-0.001 inches of straightness.

But you should note that the straighter the arrow the more costly they are. Thus, do take everything into consideration when you buy the arrow.

Bendability Factor

Another thing to remember is that the arrows can be bendy or still. You might find this astonishing but when you shoot an arrow it tends to wiggle a bit. And that is pretty normal. This phenomenon is called the “The Archers Paradox”.

Back to the arrow. You see, the bendability factor of an arrow is called the spine. When the arrow is more flexible it is said to be weak. However, when it doesn’t wiggle or bend too much it is called stiff.

For your 3D archery, you want an arrow that is not too stiff and not too weak. That is because when the arrow is too stiff it doesn’t hit the desired target. And when the arrow is too weak it wiggles a bit too much and collapses on its own.

Speed Limit

One of the external factors to consider when choosing an arrow for 3D shooting is the speed limit in your shooting arena. Typically, the 3D shooting arenas have a maximum speed limit of 285 to 295.

And because of that limit, you cannot cross the maximum speed limit. Thus, you have to buy an arrow that goes at a speed slower than the maximum speed in your shooting arena.

Now, our advice for you is to first find out the maximum speed limit at the place where you’ll be shooting on a regular basis. After knowing that, go for the arrows that go at the maximum speed.

For instance, if the maximum shooting limit at an arena is 290 then try to buy the arrow that goes at a speed of 290. And if that isn’t possible try to go for an arrow whose speed is close enough to that. Something like 285.

You see, when you have an arrow that has a high speed, it minimizes the yard arrow. As a result, you get a perfect fit.

Arrow’s Weight

Now, you do want a fast speeded arrow but what does that depend on? Well, mostly two things. One is the material of the arrow and the second one is the weight.

Now, this might be quite easy to figure out but a lightweight arrow will be much faster. However, this suggestion wouldn’t be ideal for normal hunting arrows. That is because penetration is quite crucial in that sector.

But since in 3D archery your main criteria are to hit the target we suggest you go with light ones. In our eyes, the lighter ones are the better ones.

Building Material

The building material of the arrow is also important for the speed factor.  However, there are also other things that depend on the material. You see, arrows can be made of wood, aluminum, carbon, or fiberglass.

aluminum, carbon, or fiberglass

Now, since there are so many options that are used to build arrows you should know a bit about what they offer. For instance, the ones made of wood are cost-effective but they are not durable in nature. So, we don’t recommend it.

On the other hand, there is aluminum. This one is a bit more expensive but it is perfect for training. That is because they are quite sturdy in nature. So, they won’t deviate much when you shoot them. They also come in a lot of shapes.

And because of that, we recommend aluminum. However, you can even go for carbon but we wouldn’t suggest that for beginners. You see, they are great for experienced players. This is because carbon arrows tend to be heavy.

That is why they are manufactured to be quite thin. Plus, they dig deep into their target and stay stuck to it. That makes the arrows great for penetrating a hard target.

The Overall Diameter of The Arrow

Lastly, consider the overall diameter of the arrow. That too plays an important factor since you have to hit the right place. However, people normally tend to go for the arrows with the biggest diameter.

They think that the large length will increase their chances of hitting the target. But the extra width adds weight and it affects the speed and stiffness factor.

And as a result, you might not always have the accurate results you were hoping for. Thus, we would suggest you prioritize the other factors and not focus too much on the diameter.


Question: Should arrows for 3D archery be different?

Answer: Yes, the arrows used for hunting cannot be used in 3D archery. That is because the circumstances are both different and so is the objective. For hunting, you want a deep penetrating arrow but for 3D archery, you need a beginner-friendly arrow.

Question: What material is best for arrows used in 3D archery?

Answer: The ones made of aluminum are the best. This is because they don’t deviate much when you shoot them.

Question: What does an arrow’s weight mostly depend on?

Answer: The weight of the arrow mostly depends on the draw length. The higher the draw length the more likely it is for the arrow to have a higher weight.

In Conclusion

Well, that’s all we had for the best arrow for 3D archery. By now, you must have analyzed and made up your mind. And we sure hope you’re going with one of the products that we suggested.

But if you haven’t decided on your arrow then be sure to do a bit more research. Anyway, we are leaving things in your capable hands. You know what to do. Best of luck!

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