The Best Crossbow Broadheads for Hunting : Top 24

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Crossbow hunting combines accuracy, skill, and, like all hunting, a love for the outdoors and connecting with nature. It's different from regular bowhunting because you use a crossbow,” a mix of a rifle with a trigger and the skill of an archer.” Choosing the right crossbow is important, considering things like draw weight, speed, and design.

And then there's the broadhead,” the tip of the arrow, “which is required for a successful and ethical hunt. These arrow tips are made to cause maximum penetration whether you are deer hunting or searching for the big game. You're unlikely to get a second shot in hunting, especially with crossbows or traditional bows.

Over time and this last year, we have seen significant advancements, with innovations from Slick Trick, Grim Reaper, and Nap Spitfire. These companies have set the bar high with their broadheads by ensuring they can open upon impact, guaranteeing reliability and performance in the field. The debate between fixed-bladed and mechanical broadheads continues among crossbow hunters.

Factors like brass inserts, rubberbands, what crossbow bolts to use, and the crossbow's kinetic energy affect arrow flight and the shot placement in your game.

As a hunter, I consciously seek a balance of precision, durability, and effectiveness. Each hunter is unique and seeks a specific broadhead for their hunting needs.

The crossbow broadheads market offers a range of options with technological advancements pushing the industry forward. Whether you're a hunter or just starting, this article aims to assist you in finding the perfect crossbow broadhead. So stick around as I provide you with a guide to my 25 picks.

QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3) 100 Gra' Black
????   precision and intimidating design: exodus broadheads are made of 100% stainless steel, ensuring durability and an intimidating appearance. they fly accurately compared to field points, contributing to precise shots.

????   replaceable blades for cost savings: the broadheads have replaceable blades, offering a cost-effective solution. this feature allows users to replace only the blades, saving money in the long run.  
????   overall impressive performance: despite minor issues with arrow drift and weight consistency, the exodus broadheads receive a general recommendation for their overall impressive performance.
????   arrow drift at distances: arrow drift is observed at distances if the bow is not consistently held the same way. this may require extra attention to maintain accuracy.
????   varied weights and inconsistency: some users noted that the weights of the broadheads varied, deviating from the advertised 125 grains. inconsistency in weight may affect shooting dynamics.

TenPoint EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead - Pack of 3 - 100-Grain, Three-Blade Design
????   accuracy comparable to field points: the fixed blade broadhead is praised for its accuracy, flying similarly to a field point and providing reliable shot placement.

????   effective penetration and durability: known for excellent penetration and durability, making it suitable for hunting various game, including turkey, bear, and whitetail deer.

????   features and benefits: it offers speed, accuracy, lightweight design, easy handling, and safety, and it is made in the usa. positive mentions of customer service, warranty, and a convenient cocking mechanism.
????   . inconsistent durability: some users reported durability issues, such as bent blades, potentially impacting long-term reliability. one reviewer mentioned a blade bending after a shot without hitting complex objects, suggesting a potential defect.

????   affects shooting consistency: complaints about the broadheads shooting differently than practice tips, with a significant shift in trajectory (4 to 5 inches high and to the left). this inconsistency raises concerns about confidence in shot placement, particularly for a first-time crossbow owner.

????   price and compatibility concerns: users expressed disappointment that the broadheads not match well with practice tips, indicating a need for a better compatibility. The perceived her costs I'm reluctant take your trying different types for compatibility are mentioned concerns.

Excalibur Boltcutter 100/125/150 Grain 1 1/16' Cutting Diameter Stainless Steel Durable Accurate Hunting Crossbow Arrow Broadheads 100 grain - 3 Pack 
????   versatile compatibility: the excalibur bolt cutter is marketed for excalibur crossbows but can also be used for vertical bows, providing versatility for different types of archery equipment.

????   flight and penetration: designed for maximum flight and penetration, making it suitable for crossbows and vertical bows. the stainless steel tip contributes to optimal performance.

????   secure blade locking system: the broadheads feature a secure blade locking system, where the blades are retained by unscrewing the head. this design ensures stability and reliability during flight.
????   smaller cutting diameter: one and one-sixteenth inches are slightly smaller than most three-blade heads on the market. while this may impact the overall cutting area, the performance implications are yet to be tested.

????   thin blades: the blades are measured at 0.024 inches thick, making them among the thinnest blades tested. the impact of this thinness on durability and performance remains to be seen, and users may want to assess their preferences regarding blade thickness.

G5 Outdoors Montec M3 100 Grain Broadhead 3 Pk, Stainless Steel
????   sharpness and construction: users praise the broadheads for their exceptional sharpness, surgical steel appearance, and flawless construction. they are noted to be consistently sharp and maintain their edge even after penetrating hard surfaces like posts and stumps.

????   impressive penetration: the broadheads demonstrate impressive penetration, with some users mentioning deep penetration even in challenging targets—the 3-blade design results in arrows often needing to be cut out of the target.

????   dependability and durability: despite pass-through shots and hits on rocks, the broadheads remain straight and require minimal touch-ups for hunting readiness. users emphasize their dependability and toughness, making them suitable for repeated use.
????   initial dullness: some users express dissatisfaction with the initial sharpness of the package, recommending sharpening before hunting. this contrasts with positive comments, suggesting variability in the sharpness of the montec broadheads upon purchase.

????   mixed reviews from past experiences: a user raises concerns based on past experiences with montec broadheads, mentioning issues like lack of sharpness, difficulty in sharpening, and poor blood trails. this indicates a potential inconsistency in performance and user experiences with this specific broadhead model.

Grim Reaper 1601 PRO Series -Mini MAG 100GR 4 Blade Broadhead
????   effective deer kills: users report successful kills on does with good penetration, even on quartering-to shots. this suggests reliable performance in hunting scenarios.

????   positive flight experience: comments indicate that the broadheads fly well, with users expressing satisfaction with their performance and appearance. the heads are described as "nasty looking," suggesting a menacing appearance.

????   micro broadhead option: the availability of micro-sized broadheads is mentioned, with potential benefits such as better penetration. the micros are noted to be 100% stainless steel.
????   unclear differences: some users express uncertainty about the differences between the micro and regular broadheads, particularly regarding overall cut diameter and performance. more clarity on these distinctions may make it clear for potential buyers.

????   variability in mech blade sizes: the mechanical blade sizes for the micro-hybrid model vary, introducing potential complexity in choosing the right variant based on weight and desired cutting diameter. users may need to consider these factors carefully for optimal performance.

Cobra Barbarian MXT Broadhead 150 gr. 1.5 in. Cut Expandable Titanium 3 pk
????   stout and high quality: users describe the cobra archery barbarian mxt broadhead as stout and high quality, compared to the durability and quality of "iron will" mechanical heads.

????   strength and durability: the broadheads are noted to be strong and durable, with users expressing confidence in their build. the 150-grain variant is specifically highlighted for its robustness.

????   true flight at high speeds: users report accurate flight even at high speeds (376 fps), indicating stability and accuracy during flight.
????   recommendation for sharpening: users recommend sharpening the broadheads before use, suggesting that the initial sharpness out of the package may not meet expectations.

????   blade damage to insert: a user mentions that upon the second shot, the blades damaged the insert. this raises concerns about potential issues with the broadhead's design or performance that may affect arrow components.

Excalibur Trailblazer 3-Blade Hunting Durable Accurate Mechanical Crossbow Arrow Broadheads with 2' Cutting Diameter - 3 Pack 150 Grain
????   flat trajectory without planing: the excalibur trailblazer stainless steel mechanical crossbow broadhead is designed to fly straight and flat without planning. this contributes to enhanced accuracy and reliability during flight, ensuring a predictable trajectory.

????   non-opening in flight: the broadhead is engineered not to open during flight, addressing concerns about premature opening. this feature enhances safety and stability during transportation and in-flight, reducing the risk of accidents.

????   unique design without o-rings or rubber bands: the broadhead features a unique design that eliminates the need for o-rings or rubber bands. this simplifies the setup process, making it more convenient for users who prefer a straightforward, hassle-free experience.
????   failure to open issue: a user reported a significant issue with the excalibur trailblazer broadhead, stating that it did not open during a shot on a buck. this resulted in no exit wound, making tracking difficult and leading to the unfortunate discovery of the buck 7 days later.

Rage Hypodermic Trypan 2-Blade Crossbow Broadhead, 150 Grain, Silver, 3 Count
????   effective deer kills: the broadhead achieved a clean and efficient kill with a devastating double lung shot on a significant buck.


????   razor-sharp out of the package: immediate razor-edge sharpness enhances the broadheads' effectiveness for precise shots.

????   excellent flight characteristics: the broadheads exhibit excellent flight characteristics, ensuring accurate and consistent 
????   vulnerability to bone contact: durability concerns arise when missing or hitting bone, with tips bending easily.

????   limited durability on misses: the broadheads may not withstand misses or hits on soft surfaces, potentially requiring replacements.

????   replacement part challenges: difficulty obtaining replacement collars and the cost of replacement blades pose inconveniences.
CenterPoint Archery AXCPBH100 DEADPOINT 100-Grain Mechanical Broadhead, 3-Pack
????   high-resistance blades: two .035" 420 stainless steel blades offer high resistance and razor-sharp slicing, engineered not to deploy prematurely for maximum damage upon impact.

????   2" cutting diameter, rear-deploying design: the mechanical crossbow broadhead features a rear-deploying design with a 2" cutting diameter, providing simplicity, reliability, and effectiveness upon striking the target.

????   6061 t6 aluminum ferrule: utilizes an aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule to balance strength and weight, enhancing durability when paired with sharp steel blades.
????   o-ring installation challenge: the user may face difficulty properly installing the o-ring, a common concern addressed with a solution in the form of a warming and stretching technique. this additional step could be a potential inconvenience.
Rage Extreme 4 Blade Arrow Archery Broadhead, 100 Grain - 2 Pack SPORTING
????   extreme blood trails: the rage x-treme 4-blade is designed for enormous entry and exit wounds, ensuring extreme blood trails and effective tracking.

????   aluminum ferrule: features a streamlined black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum ferrule, combining fixed and movable blades to provide a total cutting surface of over 3.1 inches.
????   initial sharpness: broadheads do not come razor-sharp out of the box, requiring users to sharpen them before use.

????   limited practice heads: some users express dissatisfaction with the absence of practice heads in the package, potentially impacting the ability to familiarize themselves with the broadheads' performance before actual use.   
NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Spitfire XXX 100-Grain 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 3-Blade Durable Precise Front-Deploying Broadhead for Crossbow - 3 Pack
????   effective penetration: users praise the broadheads for penetrating bone and executing a clean harvest.

????   accurate performance: consistent accuracy is reported during practice, providing reliable hits.

????   excellent blood trails: these broadheads create a clear, easy-to-follow blood trail after a successful shot.
????   blade durability concerns: users mention potential issues with the blades, expressing worries about mid-flight openings and the perceived thinness of the metal.

????   limited reusability: despite effective performance, there are reports of the blades being blown out upon impact, reducing their chances of reuse and overall durability.

????   possible quality variation: some users are having issues with variations in the blade quality, suggesting that the manufacturing is not meeting the expected standard.
Rocky Mountain Warhead Bowhunting 100 Grain, Mechanical Broadhead 1-3/4' Cutting Diameter, 3 Pack, Black RM56002
????    accuracy and cutting performance: users appreciate the broadheads for their true flight and deep-cutting capabilities.

????    affordability: the broadheads are praised for their reasonable price, offering good value for the cost.

????    ease of touch-up: replacing the o-ring with rubber hair ties is a simple maintenance solution.

????   durability concerns: users worry about durability, with reports of tips falling apart and rubber o-rings drying up.
????   penetration issues: concerns arise from users' experiences where the broadheads failed to penetrate a wild pig at close range.

????   quality of materials critical feedback includes statements about the broadheads being made of subpar metal, lacking sharpness, and experiencing deployment issues.

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead 100 or 125 Grain - 3 Pack One Size
????   effective performance: users report successful deer harvests, including full pass-throughs, even after hitting hard bones like the scapula.

????   durable construction: the blades remain sharp and undamaged after use, demonstrating durability and reliability for future hunting.

????   versatile use: the broadheads are praised for being suitable for crossbow hunting, providing a straight flight, and leaving an excellent wound channel.
????   challenges with blade attachment: some users find the tiny allen headset screw used for blade attachment inconvenient, leading to difficulties in removal after multiple shots. stripping and using vise grips have been mentioned as solutions.

????   flight discrepancies: complaints arise about the broadheads not flying like field points, requiring sight adjustments to make them suitable for hunting. initial out-of-the-box performance is criticized.
Wasp Crossbow Broadhead Jak X Mechanical 100 Grain
????   dual o-ring system: utilizes a dual o-ring system for blade retention during flight, ensuring proper deployment on impact, even at high crossbow speeds.

????   stainless steel trocar tip: precision-machined and hardened trocar tip made of stainless steel, achieving a rockwell hardness of 46c, designed for effective bone penetration.

????   razor sharp blades: .027" razor-sharp blades are precision ground and honed, maintaining perfect alignment with the trocar tip edges to enhance penetration.
????   inconsistent flight: users report inconsistent flight patterns compared to flat 2-blade fixed broadheads, challenging sight adjustments.

????   blade damage: after a few shots into a target, blades experienced bending and difficulty removing, impacting durability.

????   failure to open: some users faced issues with broadheads failing to open upon impact, resulting in lost deer and inadequate blood trails, leading to disappointment and frustration.
Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2'
????   increased kill zone: users report an expanded kill zone distance by 10 yards, allowing for more accurate shots at longer distances.

????   consistent accuracy: the swhacker 100gr. 2" heads are praised for flying properly like practice points, contributing to accurate and reliable shots.

????   durability and reusability: the broadheads are noted for their durability, with users replacing only the blades as needed, contributing to cost-effectiveness.
????   inadequate blood trails: some users experienced less dramatic blood trails than expected, assuming that hits on main arteries produced significant blood on the ground.

????   non-deploying blades: a few users faced issues with broadheads not deploying properly on impact, leading to concerns about arrow flight and potential hunting challenges.

????design criticisms include the design, with some users mentioning a preference for other broadheads like nap (new archery products) due to perceived issues with swhacker's design.
Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead Broadhead + Crossbolt 20in. 100 Grain
????   transition from shock collars: purchased as an alternative to rage trypan broadheads due to the transition from shock collar models to nc mechanical. users recommend stocking up on these broadheads and extra blades while still available.
????   blade durability: some users express concerns about the durability of the blades, stating that they become chipped and dull after just one use.

G5 Outdoors G5 Megameat 100 Grain Crossbow Broadhead 3 Pk, Stainless Steel, Model Number: MM102
????   quick kill and blood trail: the broadhead delivered a quick kill, resulting in an extensive blood trail. the doe expired within seconds after a 30-yard run.

????   huge entry and exit holes: users observed that the broadhead created large entry and exit holes, contributing to the shot's effectiveness.

????   full pass-through: despite losing a blade, the broadhead achieved a "full" pass-through, with the broadhead sticking out about 6 inches and part of the fletching remaining inside the cavity
????   blade durability: one blade was lost during the shot, and

the ferrule showed signs of bending in several places, rendering the head unusable.

????   weak points in design: the user acknowledges that weaknesses in the design are where expected, particularly in the materials used, with a suggestion to improve durability by making the broadhead all stainless

G5 Outdoors Deadmeat 100% Steel Expandable Crossbow Broadhead (3 Pack + Practice Tip) (Made in The USA) 100 Grain
????   field-point accuracy: users consistently praise the g5 deadmeat broadheads for flying like field points, ensuring precision and accuracy in their trajectory.

????   effective and deadly: positive feedback includes complete pass-throughs, creating large entry and exit holes, and generating excellent blood trails, emphasizing the broadhead's effectiveness in bringing down the game quickly.
????   blade deployment issues: one user reports issues with blade deployment, stating that neither broadhead deployed all blades in the first two shots, suggesting potential reliability concerns.

????   accuracy concerns: a user expresses dissatisfaction, claiming that the broadhead did not fly like a field tip and resulted in a missed shot on a big 10-pointer, raising accuracy concerns.

????   design refinement needed: observations of rough surfaces, potential drag, and the need for design refinement and process improvements suggest areas where the g5 deadmeat broadheads could be enhanced for better performance.
Tooth Of The Arrow Archery S-Series 1-3/16' Broadheads - 3 Pack - 175
????   accurate and dependable: users consistently praise tooth of the arrow broadheads for their reliable accuracy, regardless of variations in grain weight and design.

????   durable construction: users note these broadheads stand out for their durability, staying sharp after testing and providing reliable arrow flight.

????   versatile options: tooth of the arrow offers diverse choices, including different grain weights and blade designs, catering to individual hunting preferences
????   sharpness variability: some users note discrepancies in initial sharpness, requiring additional testing and potential sharpening.

????   quality control issues: concerns arise about build consistency, with instances of broadheads coming apart after use, raising reliability questions.
Rocky Mountain First Cut X Fixed 4-Blade Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 Grain, 3 Pack, Silver
????   precision and accuracy: reported they fly dead on just like field points

????   high energy performance: users report clean, accurate penetration of game

????   cutting capability: the broadhead is praised for killing effectively with a 1 1/8" x 3/4" cutting diameter and a cut-on-contact main blade.   
????   inconsistent sharpness: users have complained about the initial sharpness, with some finding the broadheads dull out of the package.

????   quality control problems: some users have encountered the broadhead coming apart after use. though repairable, these incidents raise concerns about overall build quality and consistency.

????   compatibility challenges: complaints with broadhead inaccuracy with specific crossbows, particularly barnett models.

Siphon XB Mechanical Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead, Black, One Size (AR103EXPCB)
????   blade locking technology: simplifies design, enhancing reliability.

????   field point accuracy: ensures precise shots.

????   large cutting diameter: creates significant wound channels.
????   cost: $39.99 for three may be considered high.
????   complex mechanism: requires understanding of potential malfunctions.

????   deployment concerns: reliability issues with blade deployment.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Impact Broadhead - Pack of 3 - 100-Grain, Two-Blade, Rear-Deploying Design - Tested Up to 475 FPS
????   durable construction: made from durable steel.

????   high-strength precision point: features a chisel tip for enhanced strength.

????   rear-deploying design: two blades with a 2" cut diameter for large wound channels.
????   mixed user reviews: some reports of issues with blades not staying shut after initial shots.

????   comparison with evo-x: considered good but overshadowed by the perceived superiority of evo-x.

Killer Instinct Hunting Big Game High Speed Crossbow Broadheads 3 Pack 100 gr
????   speedlock blade retention system: the patent-pending system eliminates concerns of premature deployment even at speeds of 500+ fps.

????   aircraft grade aluminum ferrule: provides strength and durability.

????   heavy duty stainless steel blades: blades are 50% thicker than average, enhancing durability and strength.
????   brand recognition: lack of information about the brand's reputation or user reviews may make evaluating overall performance and reliability challenging. i have not shot them, and there is not much information that would negatively impact my opinion.

????   overall traits of ravin broadheads:

positive feature: consistent precision and speed: across the titanium, steel, and aluminum models, ravin broadheads share a positive attribute — they are meticulously engineered for consistent precision and speed. approved for crossbows up to 450 fps, these broadheads offer hunters reliable accuracy and remarkable speed in various hunting scenarios.

????   specific bolt dependency:

 one shared limitation among the ravin broadheads is their dependency on ravin bolts for optimal performance. while this ensures better effectiveness, it may pose a challenge for users who prefer or have alternative bolt preferences. being tied to a specific bolt type can be a drawback for those who seek more flexibility in ammunition choices.

QAD Exodus Crossbow Broadhead

QAD Exodus Crossbow Full Blade Broadhead (Pack of 3) 100 Gra' Black

These awesome QAD Exodus crossbow broadheads are made right here in the USA for serious hunters like you. These bad boys are challenging, with compact heads ready to take on the toughest bones. And what makes them stand out? Their innovative design matches the length of a field point for super accurate shots with fixed blades.

These broadheads are built with a Blade Over Shaft design for accuracy, like a field point, crazy penetration, and a wide cutting diameter. The Swept Back blade design gives you deeper penetration and increased pass-throughs, thanks to its steep cutting angle. And that super short head with a Rock-Buster hardened SST tip? It's all about maximum effectiveness.

Here's why I think you'll want these broadheads: at 100 grains, they hit hard. You're getting precision like a pro with a 1.25″ cutting diameter and a .040″ blade thickness. QAD Exodus Broadheads even gives you grain options of 85, 125, and replacements, so you can pick what works best for you. Full or Swept blade types? Yep, they've got both.

EVO-X Montec

TenPoint EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead - Pack of 3 - 100-Grain, Three-Blade Design

You can't go wrong with a good thing. The EVO-X Montecs are made exclusively for high-speed crossbows. Developed by G5 Outdoors for TenPoint Crossbows, who build some of the fastest compound crossbows on the market, the EVO-X maximizes accuracy.

With a solid 1-piece design machined from 100 % steel, it's built to last. Controlled by a cut-on-contact design featuring a perfect diamond cut razor-sharp chisel-tip, which delivers a 1-1/8 cutting diameter with One-Piece MIM Construction. This broadhead is perfect for crossbow hunters demanding reliability, durability, and pinpoint accuracy, making it a top contender for the best crossbow broadhead on the market.

Broadhead Excalibur Boltcutter

Excalibur Boltcutter 100/125/150 Grain 1 1/16' Cutting Diameter Stainless Steel Durable Accurate Hunting Crossbow Arrow Broadheads 100 grain - 3 Pack

For several reasons, Excalibur’s Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads are among my top choices in crossbow broadheads. First, these broadheads feature the Broadhead Alignment Technology (B.A.T.), which ensures that each of the tri-blade’s cuts is perfectly aligned before being launched from your crossbow. This is achieved by turning a simple hex key like a wrench.

Second, the 150-grain Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads’ major attraction for me is the Center Locking System (C.L.S.), which delivers an unbeatable combination of accuracy and durability among broadhead assemblies. Being able to switch blades without removing the broadhead from the arrowhead is a real-time save during setup making it once of the best broadheads in the field.

 Third, with a 1 1/16-inch cutting diameter, solid stainless steel blades, and tips, these broadheads deliver continuous, accurate performance. Simplicity and effectiveness are trademarks of today’s crossbow hunter! For any crossbow hunter looking for simplicity and extreme effectiveness, the Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads from Excalibur is the way to go!

G5 Montec M3 Crossbow Broadhead

G5 Outdoors Montec M3 100 Grain Broadhead 3 Pk, Stainless Steel

The Montec M3 is a rugged, precise three-blade broadhead meticulously crafted from high-grade steel. Engineered with a super tough edge, the 420 high-grade stainless steel construction ensures quiet flight, strength, and durability. The broadhead features a 1.0625″ cutting diameter for unmatched precision and penetrating power.

It's made from a single premium piece of solid steel; the three blades incorporate MonoFlow technology, delivering exceptional speed and accuracy at 100 grains.

Each Montec M3 undergoes a spin test to check for wobble, and I recommend performing it again once your setup is complete.

With the Montec M3, you can be confident that you will have an edge while hunting. Thanks to its practice broadhead, which features the same dimensions as the main broadhead, you can achieve consistent shots every time.

Grim Reaper Pro Series Micro Hybrid Crossbow Broadhead

Grim Reaper 1601 PRO Series -Mini MAG 100GR 4 Blade Broadhead

The reason the Micro Hybrid broadhead made it onto my list is pretty cool; it gives you the best of both worlds. It's a wicked crossbow broadhead that mixes the flight of a 2-blade fixed one with the hard-hitting impact of a mechanical, complete with Grim Reapers' over-the-top style blades. Grim Reaper's testing guarantees it hits the mark with crossbows pushing over 400FPS to 100 yards. Sporting a 4-blade design and a cutting diameter of 1-1/2in x 1-1/16in, along with the  Pro tip V-notch chisel with a 1-3/8″ mechanical blade and a 1-1/16″ fixed blade.

The Micro Hybrid isn't your average crossbow companion; it's a stealthy asset for hunting. Nailing precision and packing a powerful punch,giving you field point accuracy  at high speeds, ensuring your mark hits the bullseye and sets you up for a successful hunt. And here's the kicker: it includes a practice head and is conveniently sold in a 3-pack. Now, that's what I call practical and efficient for hunters seeking top-tier performance!

Cobra Archery Barbarian MXT Broadhead

Cobra Barbarian MXT Broadhead 150 gr. 1.5 in. Cut Expandable Titanium 3 pk

When selecting the best crossbow broadheads, it is essential to consider their durability. The Barbarian MXT by Cobra is one of the most robust mechanical broadheads for Crossbow Hunters available.

It is a solid one-piece titanium ferrule that has replaceable 420 stainless steel blades. These blades are incredibly thick and do not require a band or collar to keep them in place. Not having to replace a band or collar is a convenient feature. You can push the blades back into the closed position, and the broadhead is ready to shoot again.

Additionally, it has a trocar tip that aids in bone-crushing penetration. The broadhead is available in 100gr and 125gr and is brutally durable! It also has a patent-pending blade retention design, a low-profile and compact structure, a 1-1/2” cutting diameter for 100 gr & 125 gr, and a 1-3/4” cutting diameter for 150 gr.

Excalibur Trailblazer 3 Blade Broadhead

Excalibur Trailblazer 3-Blade Hunting Durable Accurate Mechanical Crossbow Arrow Broadheads with 2' Cutting Diameter - 3 Pack 150 Grain

The Trailblazers 150-grain mechanical head bring the knock-down power. These bad boy broadheads are built to take down huge game and leave a more extensive blood trail so you can find your game faster. The Excalibur Trailblazer broadheads are specially designed for crossbows that shoot up to 500 fps.

They have a sleek, low-profile design and are constructed tough with ultra-strong aluminum and stainless steel. Thanks to their low-profile design, they offer minimal drag, resulting in a flatter, more accurate shot even at long distances.

The 2-inch, 3-blade design creates a massive wound, making it effective in takedowns. You'll experience a flatter trajectory, no planning, and less wind drag. And No, these broadheads won't open in flight.

Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC Crossbow Broadhead

Rage Hypodermic Trypan 2-Blade Crossbow Broadhead, 150 Grain, Silver, 3 Count

The Rage Hypodermic Trypan NC means serious business when it comes to stopping game. With a needle-like hybrid tip and a sleek titanium ferrule, it elevates the popular Hypodermic broadhead design. The No Collar (NC) blade containment system uses smart finger-like tabs to keep the blades anchored before hitting your target, resulting in a no-fuss, no-worry shot.

Thanks to the Slip Cam design, the sturdy ferrule lets the .039-inch stainless steel blades easily slide into position upon impact, creating a wide 2.3-inch cut for a heavy trackable blood trail. It's got a narrow profile and Ferrule Alignment Technology for a smooth, field point-like flight. In simple terms, it's the go-to for effective and precise hunting.

Centerpoint Deadpoint Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

CenterPoint Archery AXCPBH100 DEADPOINT 100-Grain Mechanical Broadhead, 3-Pack

These mechanical broadheads from DEADPOINT are tailor-made for today's powerful crossbows. With a 2-inch cutting diameter and a rear-deploying design, these broadheads open up explosively upon striking the target.

They're crafted with a 6061 T6 aluminum ferrule, and they strike the perfect balance between strength and weight, making them durable and deadly when paired with sharp steel blades. What sets DEADPOINT apart is its engineering, preventing premature deployment but maximizing lethal impact when they hit the mark, regardless of your crossbow's speed.

Rage Extreme 4-Blade Arrow Archery Broadhead

Rage Extreme 4 Blade Arrow Archery Broadhead, 100 Grain - 2 Pack SPORTING

What sets the Rage Extreme 4-Blade hybrid broadheads apart and earns them a place on our list is their ability to produce larger blood trails and immediately put down game. They're designed with a big game in mind and to deliver a fast, ethical kill.

 Their hybrid design incorporates a rugged .030″ cut-on-contact tip blade, with 2 hefty .035″-thick mechanical wing blades to produce incredible shock and unprecedented penetration. These broadheads have a machined aluminum ferrule and provide up to 7/8″ of flight diameter, leading to an impressive 2.3″ wing blade span.

Spitfire XXX

NEW ARCHERY PRODUCTS Spitfire XXX 100-Grain 2 Inch Cutting Diameter 3-Blade Durable Precise Front-Deploying Broadhead for Crossbow - 3 Pack

The Spitfire XXX by NAP is a so lid pick for your crossbows. It's all about accuracy and reliability. With a 2-inch cut diameter and super sharp Diamize blades, it guarantees you'll bring down your game and track it fast. The internal spring clip means no fuss with extra accessories, and your blades stay secure during flight. The Trophy Tip point adds the bone-splitting power and durability you expect from this company, making it one of my top recommendations for crossbow hunters dealing with harsh conditions. Bottom line, the Spitfire XXX is the high-performance solution you need for your hunting adventures.

Rocky Mountain WarheadX Broadhead

Rocky Mountain First Cut X Fixed 4-Blade Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 Grain, 3 Pack, Silver

The Rocky Mountain Warhead stands out as an excellent choice for hunting crossbow broadheads. “Its key features include a 1.75-inch cutting diameter, a cut-on-contact tip, and an intelligent jackknife blade system. This system guarantees that the blades only deploy when they make full contact with the animal, enhancing the effectiveness of both broadside and angled shots, leaving behind an easy to spot blood trail”

It also features an aluminum ferrule equipped with 0.035-inch-thick stainless steel blades; the Warhead demonstrates excellent cutting power. It slices through hide and soft tissue upon contact but retains the strength and sharpness needed to penetrate bone.

One of the aspects I particularly appreciate about the Rocky Mountain Warhead is its reliability. I've found that it consistently delivers effective results when using it with my crossbow for hunting. This reliability, paired with its cutting-edge design, makes it my go-to choice for a hunting broadhead.

Muzzy Trocar Broadhead

Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead 100 or 125 Grain - 3 Pack One Size

The MuzzyTrocar broadhead is an excellent choice among hunters. It possesses a unique and superior fixed blade design. It has a cutting diameter of 1-3/16” and provides maximum durability and preciseness. However, it's even more extraordinary due to the helix blade design, which delivers a devastating wound that puts the game down quickly and easily, even at long-range distances. Furthermore, this broadhead combines the precision of a field point in conjunction with the power and accuracy needed for your hunts.

Wasp JAK-X Broadhead

Wasp Crossbow Broadhead Jak X Mechanical 100 Grain

The JAK-X secures its place among the top 25 crossbow broadheads due to its exceptional design catering to the needs of serious hunters. Renowned for its accuracy and dependability, this mechanical broadhead boasts a Stainless Steel Smart Tip (SST) pre-aligned with three stainless steel blades. This unique configuration ensures maximum penetration, creating a straight cutting path through any obstacles encountered during the hunt.

With a weight of 100 grains and conveniently packed in sets of 3, the JAK-X delivers precision and offers hunters a reliable solution for their pursuits. Its consistent performance, combined with the cutting-edge design, makes it a standout choice among crossbow broadheads.

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 Broadhead

Swhacker SWH00207 #207 2 Inch Cut Broadheads Set of 3-100 Grain, Green, 2'

This broadhead excels in hunting due to its unique dual-edge design. The wing blades efficiently cut through hide, hair, and bones during entry, conserving energy and providing a load-bearing surface for impact.

The main blades, remaining untouched initially, retain razor-sharp edges for precise penetration into the body cavity. With a stainless steel construction, 1-inch closed width, and 2-inch open width, our broadhead ensures optimal performance in hunting scenarios. The aluminum ferrule, hardened steel tip, and Grade 8 steel screw contribute to its reliability and effectiveness in the field.

Rage Crossbow X Broadhead

Rage Crossbow X, 2-Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead Broadhead + Crossbolt 20in. 100 Grain

Rage Crossbow X Broadheads stand out for a few simple reasons. Their Hex Flat design means no fussy rubber bands, and that's why they make my list of the top 25 crossbow broadheads. They fly like a regular field point with reliable rear cam deployment and are made from tough aircraft-grade aluminum. They have a 2″ plus cutting diameter and a shock collar for solid blade retention.

The F.A.T. (Ferrule Alignment Technology) ensures precision, and the razor-sharp .035″ stainless steel blades add to their toughness.  Another reason they're on my list is the fact they mimic the flight of a field tip. In a nutshell, these broadheads bring accuracy and durability to the table, making them a solid choice for crossbow hunters.

G5 MegaMeat Crossbow Broadhead

G5 Outdoors G5 Megameat 100 Grain Crossbow Broadhead 3 Pk, Stainless Steel, Model Number: MM102

Take a look at G5's MegaMeat Crossbow Broadhead, sitting on our best crossbow broadheads list, and it's easy to see why. With a 3-blade design that has a burly 2-inch cutting diameter, you can't knock this broadhead off its perch. One thing that sets the G5 apart is a ballistic match point bonus. You can test the flight without giving up an actual hunting broadhead.

Solid as a sledgehammer, this broadhead has a chisel tip and a hefty ferrule for crunching bone. With a snaplock collar system, G5 keeps it all in place, ensuring the 3 super sharp blades won't go anywhere during flight. I'd turn to the MegaMeat from G5 if you want power and performance.

G5 Deadmeat V2 Crossbow Broadhead

G5 Outdoors Deadmeat 100% Steel Expandable Crossbow Broadhead (3 Pack + Practice Tip) (Made in The USA) 100 Grain

Introducing the Deadmeat V2 with the Snaplock Blade Retention System, it's as easy as snap and go. Machined from 100% tough steel, this broadhead means serious when hitting those vital organs. With a 1-1/2 inch cutting diameter, available in 100 and 125 grain, and 320% stronger than competitor aluminum, it's a good choice, and yes, I am speaking from personal experience.

 The rear deployment blades and proper blade angle ensure superior penetration and increased blood loss for a more effective hunt. Plus, it's reusable with easily replaceable blades. Simple, secure, and ready to take on your next hunt.

Tooth Of The Arrow Archery S-Series 1-3/16″ Broadheads – 3 Pack

Tooth Of The Arrow Archery S-Series 1-3/16' Broadheads - 3 Pack - 175

 Engineered to maintain arrow rotational spin upon impact, these broadheads fly like darts and hit like a hammer. With the left and right bevel options, 1-1/16-inch main blades align perfectly for maximum accuracy. Additional 3/4-inch bleeder blades reinforce arrow rotation and are made from A2 Tool Steel, heat-treated, and finished with a cryogenic quench process for durability.

Rocky Mountain First Cut X Fixed 4-Blade Crossbow  Broadheads

Rocky Mountain First Cut X Fixed 4-Blade Crossbow Archery Arrow Broadhead, 100 Grain, 3 Pack, Silver

Let's face it: hunting is expensive, so this broadhead will get the job done and leave a little money in the bank! The Rocky Mountain First Cut X fixed-blade crossbow broadhead is a budget-friendly option that does not compromise on quality. It's precision-tested, spins at 100%, and excels at speeds of over 420 fps for deadly results. Dependability is key with its 4-blade design docked in a sturdy 22/64″ aluminum ferrule, providing proper bolt alignment. The cut-on-contact design features a wide 1.125″ main cut and an additional 0.75″ from the bleeder blade, maximizing the broadhead's wound impact. With each purchase, you'll receive 3 broadheads, stopping worries about losing one. It's a smart investment that delivers on both performance and savings!

Rocket Siphon XB Broadhead

Siphon XB Mechanical Three Blade Crossbow Broadhead, Black, One Size (AR103EXPCB)

The Siphon XB broadhead is a top choice for hunters, featuring an incredibly sharp mechanical design with a substantial 1-¾” cutting diameter. From the bone-crushing stainless steel tip to the three razor-sharp 0.035” stainless steel blades; this broadhead ensures effective and precise performance . The internal blade locking mechanism enhances blade retention and prevents premature deployment, guaranteeing field point accuracy and reliability with every shot.

One stand out for me is it's widespread availability, making it easily accessible at various crossbow and bowhunting supply locations, from online platforms to local retailers like Walmart. This broadhead earns its place on the list not just for its performance but also for the convenience of purchase, especially beneficial in urgent situations in the field.

TenPoint Wicked Ridge Broadhead

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Impact Broadhead - Pack of 3 - 100-Grain, Two-Blade, Rear-Deploying Design - Tested Up to 475 FPS

 You've got to check out the Impact crossbow broadhead. It's all about precision, durability, and bang for your buck. This broadhead is my preference for a 100-grain, 2-blade, rear-deploying powerhouse with steel construction and no-collar design that makes it super accurate, delivering a wicked 2” cut.

You're getting a precision machined stainless steel, bone-crushing tip. this broadhead will deliver a  massive wound ending in an easy-to-follow blood trail. Oh, and those blades? They stay put during flight, tested up to a whopping 475 FPS. It comes in a set of 3, giving you this killer combo of accuracy, strength, and all without breaking the bank. Trust me, you need this in your hunting arsenal!

Killertech Killer Instinct Broadhead

Killer Instinct Hunting Big Game High Speed Crossbow Broadheads 3 Pack 100 gr

The Killertech Broadheads from Killer Instinct are designed for accuracy. They have a .058” thick stainless steel blade (.070 for the 150gr Model). These broadheads provide field point accuracy and a lethal performance.

What sets them apart is the patent-pending speed-lok system, eliminating the need for O-rings, springs, and clips. This new system allows the broadheads to be fired at speeds well over 500 fps without premature deployment, making them compatible with virtually any crossbow on the market. That’s why they are rounding out my top 25.

Ravin Broadhead Aluminum – Steel Broadhead-Titanium Broadhead

Ravin High Performance 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads Aluminum Ravin High Performance 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads Stainless Steel Ravin High Performance 450 FPS Rated Mechanical Broadheads Titanium

Discover control and power with the Ravin Broadhead line,  the Aluminum, Steel, and Titanium offerings. The Aluminum Broadhead enables precise operation and has expandable blades for a 2” cut. Designed with the same cutting diameter, the Steel Broadhead also features an internal spring clip to eliminate lock rings and o-rings for a completely user-friendly experience.

The Ravin Titanium Broadhead is a hunter’s dream, offering a single-piece ferrule and internal spring clip. They are machined out of Ti6AL4V Grade 5 titanium weighing 100 grains. With no lock rings or o-rings required, hunters enjoy ease of use.

I recommend using Ravin broadheads with Ravin bolts to get the best performance out of these blades. Using them with alternative bolts may compromise their performance. I might add that raven crossbow offers field tips for small game as well.

Final Thoughts

We have shown you many different broadheads. Choosing the best crossbow broadhead is a very personal choice. It boils down to what you want in hunting and where you hunt. You will find that each person has their opinion on what is “best” when it comes to the right broadhead. Try the ones we have mentioned out for yourself, try the different broadheads, and watch for performance and which one flies best from your crossbow. 

By the way, if you've ever thought about branching out from crossbows, we've got a couple of articles that you might find interesting. There’s this one, Best Compound Bow for Hunting in 2024, that breaks down the top picks. And if you're torn between Elite and Hoyt, we have a straightforward comparison, ‘PSE vs Hoyt: Which One Is the Better Choice‘, that could help you decide.

In closing, here's my advice: Go for what suits you best! The key isn't having the latest and greatest but finding what fits your individual setup and hunting needs. Good luck!

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