Best Crossbow Sling Used For Carrying Bow : Top 10

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Best Crossbow Sling Used For Carrying Bow

Most of us know what crossbows are. But for those who don’t and want to learn more about the crossbow for hunting or archery, it’s a weapon that comes from the original design of a bow and arrow. A crossbow shoots broad heads, or arrows, with great power and precision. Look at the history of the crossbow and you will see what a fascinating weapon the crossbow is, and how it looks today with its modern adaptations. 

Fast forward to modern times and crossbows are still popular. They are mainly used for target practice and hunting. Today’s crossbows are made up of many materials. These can be metal, wood, and polymer plastics. They came in many sizes and styles today, from the pistol grip crossbows to the big military crossbow models.

Today’s Crossbows Are Heavy And For That Purpose, The Sling Was Designed

Being heavy, they can become awkward to carry. So how does a hunter carry one of these beasts and avoid their arms becoming exhausted? Some models such as the Barnett Crossbow Sling attaches to the crossbow, making it easy to carry the crossbow – there is no bouncing or sliding around. 

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There is a large thumbhole loop that allows a hunter to carry and control their crossbow over rough terrain. You will see the advantage of having a sling on your crossbow because you are keeping your crossbow ready and steady. It’s a good tool to have for a crossbow hunter. 

There are double-shoulder slings as well. They are designed to attach the standard sling swivels on your crossbow. They are worn like you do a backpack and keep the crossbow evenly centered on your back. 

Choose Your Sling Carefully As There Aren’t Many Ways To Mount A Sling On A Crossbow Without Interfering With How The Bow Works 

Some slings are designed to allow the hunter and shooter to raise their cocked crossbows. The sling is out of the way of the bowstring by using a stiffened rod. Check out our example; the Buddy sling – It’s called the Xbow Buddy Sling or String Sling.

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As A Crossbow Hunter, You Will Know There Are Challenges 

Some special challenges set crossbow hunting apart from hunting with other methods. Let’s look at them very briefly:

  • Before hunting with a crossbow, you need to know how to do it – to be proficient at crossbow hunting. You need plenty of practice, dedication, an,,d development of distance-judging skills
  • The crossbow is much heavier and bulkier than conventional bows or firearms, which makes them more difficult to transport 
  • Crossbow hunting is done at closer ranges than rifle hunting. You will need a higher degree of effort and stealth to get into a particular position to make a shot
  • Crossbows have special safety concerns that don’t apply to bows or firearms. A cocked crossbow, for instance, without having an arrow loaded, can cause serious injury if it fires accidentally
  • As a crossbow hunter, you can’t take a follow-up shot quickly like you can do with a firearm or bow
  • Be adept at tracking, scouting, and recovering game – Persevere and be patient. 
  • Hunters will need to know the behavior and anatomy of which game they are targeting

A Lot Of Crossbow Hunters Appreciate The Use Of A Sling On A Crossbow – Not All

Most times when you are out in the forest or wood hunting, there will usually be something on your back such as a backpack or something slung over your shoulder. 

Where does the sling come in as some people don’t own or use a sling? They carry their bow to the tree site or stand site on their own. 

Others reckon they can’t do without a sling to walk backward and forwards. They only remove the sling when they get to the tree stand for instance. And some don’t even take the sling off when they hunt from a tree stand. It depends on how you hunt, where you hunt, and of course, your personal preferences.  If you are someone who walks up and down canyons, walking miles on end, you might find the sling indispensable, enabling you to climb using both hands.  Then you begin to realize how valuable a sling is.

How Do You Wear A Crossbow Sling?

The crossbow is a weapon, and there are a lot of different ways to carry this weapon with you. This is where many people opt for a sling that goes over the shoulder; making for easy shoulder carry. 

For interest sake, the Ultraflex Sling as mentioned below, suits people who wear a t-shirt size small, medium, or large, and for crossbows weighing under 9 pounds. The Ultraflex Sling designers used heavy clothing as a guide for their sizing. It is advised that those who wear t-shirts that are XL, 1X, or 2X, could check out the Long Magnum Sling.

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Did You Know That You Get Two Different Types Of Crossbow Slings?

1. One is the Tactical or single-point sling:  It goes over your shoulder and you carry it close to your chest or down your flank. Single-point slings offer the hunter or shooter freedom of movement to aim freely without interference.

2. The two-point sling or standard shoulder sling: This is a traditional, common-style sling. You also carry it over the shoulder. Lots of people are comfortable with this type of sling because the US Army uses this style.

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Slings are made to help you in carrying arrows or for whatever you need them for. Slings are made from durable nylon. Just make sure the stitching is durable and double or tripled up for strength. 

How Do You Attach Your Sling To The Crossbow?

Some crossbows come with areas for attaching slings. These consist of predrilled areas with metal loops. Some crossbows don’t come with these areas. If you are a beginner, let an expert drill some holes for you and add loops for your sling attachments. An advantage of this is that you get to choose where the holes make sense for you. Whatever you choose, plan ahead. 

You might be someone who doesn’t like to carry a whole lot of stuff; the tactical or single-point sling might be the one for you. But if you are OK with a bit of stuff, then the standard sling or two-point sling might work for you. 

You will find what is called a qd flush-cup swivel for your sling. They offer the hunter or shooter easy removal and attachment and removal of a sling.   Unlike the traditional QD stud, the flush cups are below the surface.

We’ve already chosen our chosen sling for you, but before we do, here are a couple of other good ones for you to look at, amongst others:

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Top Questions And Answers About Choosing A Sling

1. How durable is a sling?

This is vital as you need to rely on your sling to perform every time. If it fails, your crossbow will fall and you can consider your hunting over for the day. You would have to ensure your scope is still zeroed, and you might have scared potential animals away with the noise. 

A good sling is going to be made from a sturdy material such as nylon, and is going to have reinforced sling ends as mentioned above. Some slings are Denier Construction designed. Denier is a unit of measurement. It determines fiber thickness in the creation of fabrics and textiles.

2. What about weight distribution of the sling?

A good sling will have a pad where it makes contact with your shoulder. This ensures good weight distribution. The narrower the strap, the more you will feel pressure. Basically, the larger the pad, the more day comfort you can expect. 

If you want a lovely broad strap, try out the TenPoint and Wicked Ridge Neoprene slings. They each have an extra strong 1.25-inch shoulder strap.  Each has an integrated elastic band for Crossbow Unloading Bolt (CUB) storage. They each have a thumb loop for added shoulder security.

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Other Accessories And Accessory Storage

A lot of crossbow users will only use a sling to carry their crossbow to and from the deer or tree stand.  Don’t forget the fact that a sling might have accessory rings on or mounting points. Mounting rings can be handy if you do stalking. Other slings have loops to attach an unloading bolt to keep it handy and also not take up valuable quiver space. 

You also get heavy-duty swivel connectors that make perfect attachments for your rifle or shotgun. The sling attachments secure quickly, while still making it easy to remove whenever you want. The swivels are made of the highest quality material. You will get a steel locking QD swivel for security and convenience. 

Read as many reviews as you can about the different slings. For instance, the Universal Crossbow Sling, as mentioned above, offers you your own adjustable design for custom swivels for easy installation. 

You’ve Read About So Many Sling Types – Which One Should You Buy?

This question will get many different answers and opinions. Often people search on the internet for advice on something they want to buy and get frustrated when they discover they are following an older thread of advice. They weren’t getting the replies they wanted – very frustrating.

Make sure you always see that you belong to or seek advice from a forum community that is current. The current legit websites receive an affiliate commission when you make your purchase through links on their site, and this goes to support their community. Discuss everything you need to know with them before making your purchase. Excellent forum software enables users to create text-based threads so that discussions, questions, comments, and so on can be posted.

Unless you do stalking with your crossbow which is not everyone’s cup of tea, why would it be important to have a sling that allows for shouldering of the crossbow? The answer is for comfort and stealth. When you have a sling where the crossbow is in front or by your side, you don’t have to worry about hanging it up on tree branches, etc. You will be able to ensure that your crossbow doesn’t come into contact with anything as you walk and that means yourself as well, no parts will be digging into you as you walk.

Using A Rifle Sling On Your Crossbow

You could use a rifle sling on your crossbow, but it might not be able to be adjusted enough. You will need to adjust the sling to make it longer than you would for most of the rifles. A rifle sling has been made to shoulder and balance the weight of the rifle. This is a lot different than the weight of a crossbow. Remember, too, that the rifle slings are also thinner than the weight of a crossbow.

Our Choice, The BARNETT Talon Crossbow Sling

The Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling has been specifically designed for Barnett Crossbows. Since 1962 already, Barnett has been the most trusted name in crossbows.  

  • The crossbow sling offers extreme grip, even in conditions that aren’t perfect. 
  • It also offers a quick release, usually a plastic buckle feature, and clips for fast and quiet removal of weapons. The sling is adjustable from 32″ to 40″. You customize the length to suit your needs. The sling has been designed and sized to fit any make or model of a crossbow.
  • The Talon sling attaches to your crossbow and makes carrying your crossbow comfortable with very little bouncing around or slipping and sliding. 
  • Heavy-duty swivel connectors are the business end of making attaching the sling to a crossbow or rifle so easy. Each swivel is usually made of a super steel QD swivel.

Check out its features

  • Universal Fit for all crossbows
  • Adjusts 32-40″ for comfortable fit
  • Extreme grip eliminates sliding and bouncing
  • Color: Carbon Black. You do get slings that come in a variety of different colors, and lots of hunters and shooters love a camo pattern
  • Weight: 22.68 grams
  • Length of strap: 40 inches long ways
  • Dimensions: 6.35 x 14.75  0.75
  • Length of sling: 6.25
  • Height: 0.75

Amazon Reviews From Customers

  • “It’s not the most comfortable strap but for the price it is well worth the money and then some. It fit the ts390 perfectly and assembles with two small bolts that bolt on to two spots on the bow. The rubber part of the strap is heavy duty and the strap itself is pretty heavy duty I would recommend this strap”.
  • “5.0 out of 5 stars “Great strap and great price”
  • “5.0 out of 5 stars “Fits like a glove”
  • “Ordered this to go with Barnett XBow. Perfect alignment and fit to attachment points. Easy and quick screws to attach or remove sling. No tools needed. No noise when carrying. Also had a built in loop below pad to use as a handle or hanging point. Rubber pad non-slip grips. No slip on the shoulder. Comfortable as well. Great product”
  • “You owe it to yourself to get one of these if you're going to carry a crossbow. This sling is the perfect accessory for you if you have your hands full pulling your deer back to camp. Adjusts nicely to accommodate wearing a backpack, or not. It stays on your shoulder where you put it with this soft “grippy” cushion strap”.


  • Very good quality
  • The comfy rubber shoulder pad is soft and thick
  • Attaching the screws is very easy to use. 
  • Strap is high-quality nylon. 
  • Free shipping


“Barnett says it has a quick release. To me, a quick release is a clip that releases the strap. There is no such thing. You need to unscrew the attachment screws. Easy but you wouldn't do that during a hunt. Second, the strap is rough on the edges. It snags my jacket making noise. Not a huge deal but would prefer it not be there”.

As we mentioned above, don’t follow old thread advice when it comes to such important matters as choosing the right hunting equipment. Stay with current forums where current topics and new products are advertised and the advice is new thread advice. For crossbow hunting, you want to be on top of your game! 

Final Thoughts

So what is the ultimate sling? It boils down to what you want and what suits you. It makes no difference whether you are out in the woods hunting and you are carrying a rifle, a shotgun, or a crossbow, a vital accessory is a sling. Not only does the sling help in reducing fatigue when you are doing a lot of climbing or walking far distances, but a sling also helps to keep your hands free so you can perform other tasks

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