Best Deep Six Broadheads: Sharp Enough To Kill Prey?

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Hunting with deep six broadheads on a warm, sunny day with your campmates can sound fun. But if you don’t have the right arrowhead even a correct shot can let your prey get away. That’s because the arrow won’t fully wound the animal. And you can become a laughing cause for your friends.

However, we won’t let that happen because we have got a list of the best deep six broadheads in the market.

We know that it is hard to find the right arrowhead provided that there are so many options nowadays. Where did the time go when everything was simple, right?

But to help you in these modern times we are here by your side. To make your life a bit easier we even made a buying guide for the broadheads. Make sure to check them out for more insider info.

So, if you’re ready we can get the show started-

Product Overview

QAD BD100-F Exodus Broadhead

At the very beginning of the list, we have the QAD BD100-F Exodus Broadhead. This arrowhead did score high on our list but for a few valid reasons. The number one is because this is one of the most lightweight broadheads.

Now, the lightweight doesn’t add to the penetration power however it is quite swift when it’s in motion. That is because gravity doesn’t pull down this arrow like the heavier ones. Hence, it can reach its destination in a jiffy.

As for the penetration, it is taken care of by the steep cutting angle and hardened SST tip. They add to the penetrating power. So, the arrowhead can slice deep into the animal and kill it in an instant. This way they don’t suffer.

Moreover, it is quite small in size. Its dimension is in fact 10 x 7 x 6 inches. And that is quite small for deep-six broadheads. But due to its small size, it is quite accurate in nature.

That means you will be able to hit a bullseye every time you aim this arrowhead. On top of this, the cutting diameter is 1 ¼ which is neither the smallest nor the highest cutting edge on the list.

And, it is somewhere in the middle. So, you can expect a mediocre cut. Hence, if you’re looking to keep a comparatively medium cut on your prey then this is perfect.

However, they are only for deep six inserts and won’t work on other normal inserts. But they do make up for this by being durable in nature. Hence, they last longer. Plus, you can even buy them in a package of 3.

Lastly, we would like to mention that they are quite sharp. So, be careful when you handle them.


  • They are swift in nature
  • It has good penetrating power
  • It is accurate
  • They are long-lasting
  • Sharp enough to make a good clean cut


  • Doesn't have better compatibility

Product Overview

As the runner-up, we have the Ramcat‎ R1002 Pivoting Broadheads. This arrowhead is unique for its weight. You see, this one has the most weight on our list. And that is a good thing.

That is because the extra weight adds more penetrating power to this deep six broadhead. In reality, it weighs 2.4 ounces.

Ramcat ‎ R1002 Pivoting Broadheads

So, because of the excess weight, you can rest assured that it will dig deep into your prey and kill them in one go. Also, the poor animal won’t suffer while it slowly dies.

Moreover, this broadhead also has a piston-driven deployment system. This cool technology has a spring mechanism that releases blades when the broadhead makes contact with its prey.

You see, this deep-six broadhead has 3 phases of annihilation that ultimately leads to the utter destruction of the prey.

Plus, the Ramcat R1002 Pivoting Broadheads is a fixed blade broadhead.

This supports the full length of the arrowhead. Hence it offers some superior strength and enhances the reliability of this arrow.

Adding to all this, the body of this arrow is made of stainless steel. That makes the body super hard and hence it can penetrate without bending or twisting in its path.

On top of this, the accuracy of this arrow is pretty decent. But the best part is that this arrow is super quiet when in its motion. Thus your prey won’t get scared and run away when they hear this arrowhead coming in its way.


  • It has good penetrating power
  • It stays quiet when released
  • Has a hard body
  • The arrow has superior strength
  • Good accuracy level


  • They don't easily fit in some quivers

Product Overview

Muzzy 291 Broadheads

In the middle of the list, we have the Muzzy 291 Broadheads. Now, if you were looking for something that is a little budget-friendly then this is the arrowhead for you. We know that hunting can be an expensive hobby.

However, you can save a few bucks with this deep six broadhead. But don’t think that it doesn’t offer you much. In fact, this arrowhead has 0.035 inches worth of right-helix size.

This works to increase the arrow stabilization. Hence, you get more accuracy even at a long-range. Thus, you can shoot your prey from a distance and if your aim is right it will hit the spot accurately.

Moreover, the sharpness of this arrowhead is defined to be razor-sharp. So, you can be sure that the arrow will go right into the prey and pierce it in a second.

Adding to all this, the tip of this deep-six broadhead is made of hardened steel. Thus it can penetrate right through the meat and nothing will come in its way.

You see, not even a bone can come in its way. This is because the body of this arrowhead is made of solid steel ferrule. This will not let the arrow bend when it is going through a bone.

Additionally, this arrowhead has a pretty mediocre weight when compared to the others on our list. Its weight is 1.6 ounces to be exact.

Now, that’s not a lot but it still is high compared to others. So, the weight will also add to the penetrating power. And its cutting diameter is 1 3/16 inches. 

This is not the highest diameter but it still creates a decent amount of cut in the prey. And they are taken down.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • The arrow is quite precise
  • It has a razor-sharpness
  • The arrowhead can penetrate bones
  • Gives you a clean cut


  • It drifts a bit at long range

Product Overview

New Archery NAP-60-830 Broadheads

Next up, we have the New Archery NAP-60-830 Broadheads. By far, if you were searching for the arrowhead with the largest cutting diameter then here you have it. This is the one that does the most damage.

To be exact, this broadhead can cut 2 inches of the prey and make a pretty big hole. And because of that large hole, the animal quill dies in an instant. You see, that is better for the animals because they will not suffer while they die.

But that’s not where the story ends. Just like the first arrowhead on our list, this one is also one of the most lightweight broadheads on our little list. By now, you know what benefit you’ll get from this but let’s go over it again.

You see, because of the lightweight the arrow will travel faster to its destination. That is because less weight will be there so the drag force will be less on such objects. Thus it will kill its prey in a jiffy.

Plus, they are pretty accurate in nature. That means that you will be hitting your desired target. And the arrow will not deviate from its path and set off an alarm for the animals to get notified and run away.


  • Makes a large wound on animals
  • It is super fast
  • Quite accurate in nature
  • Works great from a long distance


  • Can’t penetrate hard bones

Product Overview

At the end of our list, we have the Slick Trick STD6100M Broadhead. Now, this one might be the last of our arrowheads but remember it sure beats a lot of other broadheads in the market. Besides, it is good for making small wounds.

This is because it has a cutting diameter of 1 ⅛ inches. Now, if you go over the comparison table you will find out that this arrowhead has the smallest cutting diameter. That means it makes the smallest wound.

Slick Trick STD6100M Broadhead

So, if you simply want to wound your prey and keep it alive then this is the arrowhead you need. We understand that most of you want your prey to be eliminated at the spot.

But if you simply want to capture a deer then this is a good fit. They won’t be harmed but they will be wounded enough so that they can’t escape.

Plus, its body is made of stainless steel. That means that the arrowhead is quite strong so it can penetrate any animal in its path. Moreover, they are quite durable in nature too. So, you can count on them to last a very long time.

Additionally, the four blades on this broadhead lead to devastating results. Something that hunters love to see.


  • It can make small cuts
  • They have decent penetrating power
  • The broadheads can sink deep into the meat
  • They are long-lasting


  • They do not fit standard arrows


Buying Guide

Are you still having a dilemma about which product to buy?

Well, that might be because you don’t know the primary things you should be looking for. Don’t worry, newbies face this issue all the time. And that’s why we have an info segment to help you outline the important features.

Now, if you simply know about your product you’ll be able to have an idea about what to buy and which product to avoid. So, let’s take a moment to learn about the main characteristics of deep-six broadheads-

Type of Broadhead

Broadly speaking, there are two types of arrowheads in the market. One is called fixed blades and the other is called mechanical blades. Now, both broadheads are good in their own special way.

You see, fixed blades are quite easy to maintain. That’s because you have the option to pick a replaceable-blade technology that allows you to properly maintain the shape of the arrow. They are also quite durable in nature.

Plus, they can penetrate deep into the organ and bones with ease. So, if you shoot the right place you can be certain that the arrowhead will dig deep into the meat and kill your prey at one go.

However, the fixed blade broadheads need to be tuned to the bow. And the longer the blade the harder it is to tune the broadhead.

On the other hand, the mechanical arrows have great accuracy because they face fewer wind and flight plane issues compared to fixed blade broadheads.

Also, the mechanical broadheads have a wider cutting path that inflicts more damage. However, there can be some mechanical error with this arrowhead. That can eventually leave the animals to suffer from a wound.

Now, the decision is yours. You can choose your arrowhead for your own situation. Some people prefer precision while others want penetration power. So, the choice is yours.


Moving on, you should also pay heed to the weight of the broadheads. They are quite significant. Now, if you deep-six broadheads weigh less that means they will have more speed.

This happens because they have less resistance trying to pull them down. That’s why they can travel faster and reach their destination in no time at all.

On the other hand, a heavier broadhead provides more penetration power. This happens only if the arrow of the broadhead has maximum weight residing in it.

Now, if that happens these arrows can dig deep into the meat using their weight. But that is not all, you see, the extra weight of the deep size broadheads helps decrease the wind drift in flight.

Hence, the penetration power depends on the weight. So, depending on your desired penetration level you need to select the broadhead’s weight.

The Edges of the Broadheads

Moreover, the edges are also important. Since they will be penetrating the animal so a lot of the penetration power depends on them.

There are mainly two types of edges. One is called chisel tip and the other one is called cut-on contact. You see, the chisel tip can penetrate the animals even before the broadhead is fully inside the animal.

This allows them to enter the animal at the desired angle and the trajectory remains unchanged.

On the other hand, the cut-on contact edge can fully slice through the meat. So, they require little energy but have great penetration power.

The Cutting Edge Diameter of the Arrowheads

Lastly, focus on the cutting diameter of the arrowheads. You see when the cutting edge diameter is larger that means the deep size broadheads can take down larger prey.

Hence, it depends on the type of prey you’re aiming to take down. For larger prey go for arrowheads that have a larger cutting diameter. And for smaller prey go for the small diameter arrowheads.


Question: What material is best for deep six broadheads?

Answer: Well, for the fixed blades you should ensure that it is made of stainless steel. However, the mechanical ones try to ensure that they are made of aluminum.

Question: Are deep six broadheads illegal?

Answer: The deep six broadheads are legal in some states of the US. Whereas in others they are banned especially the mechanical ones. This is because they are considered to be unethical in killing animals.

Question: Is precision important for deep-six broadheads?

Answer: Yes, the precision of deep-six broadheads are quite important when you aim for an animal. That’s because depending on the precision of the arrowheads you’ll be able to land a hit on your target.

Question: Are there any errors with broadheads?

Answer: The mechanical broadheads are subject to some mechanical error. This can lead the animals to minor injuries causing them to suffer as they won’t die with one simple shot.

To Wrap Up

Alright, guys, that was all we had to talk about the best deep six broadheads. We certainly hope you found your one true match. However, if things quite match up you can always surf the net for more info.

But if you have any queries throw them in our path. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Anyway, that is all for the day. See you next time. Bye-bye!

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