Best Gobble Call: Everything About Turkey Callers

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Turkeys are hard prey to find. But you can play smart and lure them out by setting your trap. And for that, you need your trusty gobble call. But not just any. You will need the right one. Otherwise, the right sound won’t come out. As a result, your prey will run away.

That makes it harder to hunt. So, when buying a turkey call you need to get the best gobble call.

But, chances are since you’re here, you don’t know which one to get. So, let us help you. We have compiled a list of 5 products that will give you enough options to choose from.

Besides that, we even added a buying guide. So, if things seem too confusing after one point you can always dig into the info segment where we tell you all the things to be wary about when buying a gobble call.

Anyway, looks like we’re done giving you an overview. Now, let’s serve the main dish-

Comparison Table

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Product Overview

First and foremost, we have the Primos Hunting The Gobbler Call. This is the winner on our list. And that too for a number of good reasons. So, come join us as we go over the benefits of owning this turkey call-

Primos Hunting The Gobbler Call

One of the main reasons why we love this gobble call so much is because of its silence cap. You see, none of the other gobble caps have this option. Now, what is the function of a silence cap?

Well, when you’re in the woods and you want to eliminate the sound of the turkey that you just made then you use the silence cap. This will automatically cancel all of the noise in the forest. Thus, eliminating danger for you.

Plus, this turkey call is quite loud. Hence, your prey will be able to hear you from quite a distance and will come running to your arms for you to kill.

Besides, the Primos Hunting gobble call can be used with one or both hands. So, depending on your expertise level you can use the gobble call to your likings.

 Primos Hunting gobble call can be used

Moreover, you can use the gobble call to act as either a locator or a challenger. Now, this part is a bit tricky to master. But with time, you will be able to make the right call at the right time.


  • It can be silenced whenever you want
  • It is quite loud
  • Can be used as a locator or challenger
  • You can use it with one or both hands


  • Needs a lot of effort to work

Product Overview

Second up, we have the Quaker Boy Thunderbird Gobble Shaker. This is the runners-up of our list. But don’t underestimate it. You see, it has tricks under its sleeve that can blow you away.

The number one reason why we dragged this turkey call to the top is because of its size. It is the smallest and the most compact-sized gobble shaker on the list. So, you can easily fit it in your pocket and carry it around.

For instance, this one has a soundproof cap. So, just like the last one this one too can be silenced whenever you want. But the only difference is that you will have to put the silence cap on the turkey shaker.

Quaker Boy Thunderbird Gobble Shaker

So, it does take a bit more effort than the previous one. But then again, it still does the job. Apart from that, it is quite loud too. Thus, your prey will hear it from quite a distance.


  • Can be silenced
  • Easy to carry around
  • Quite loud in nature
  • Can be used on one or both hands


  • Needs a tape in the right place to sound pitch perfect

Product Overview

In third place, we have the Maestro Game Electronic Turkey Call. What is special about this you ask? Well, stay tuned to know all the hidden secrets.

So, what makes this one unique?

Well, this is the only electronic gobble call on our list. And you might know that the electronic ones are quite easy to use. This is because you don’t need enough practice with it to get it to sound right.

 Maestro Game Electronic Turkey Call

So, they always sound right, to begin with. Making it a great choice for beginners. So, if you’re a newbie you can practice with this one and get things right before you move on to the other ones like a locator gobble.

Besides, you can even set timers with these electronic ones. They will go off whenever at the correct time. So, there will be equal intervals between your calls making it sound more convincing. Besides, this means less work for you.


  • Easy for beginners
  • Can be timed
  • Loudness can be adjusted


  • It’s not that loud

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Hunters Specialties Thunder Twister Gobble Locator. Yes, this is the semi-last gobble call on our list. So, if you’re not tired we can give this one a solid chance to prove its worth.

Well, this gobble locator can be silenced by using a twister. So, if you keep on twisting it then the gobble locator will start making noise. 

But we have to warn you that it can require some getting used to. That is because it is not designed for a beginner. So, if you’re an expert then you can definitely opt for this option.

Hunters Specialties STRUT Thunder Twister Gobble Locator

Once you know what you’re doing it will sound like a real turkey. Otherwise, the results can be quite disappointing.


  • Can be silenced by twisting
  • Pretty close to a real turkey noise
  • Lound in nature


  • Quite hard to get used to

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble Turkey Call. This is the very last stop on our list. Let’s go-

Well, this one does produce almost realistic gobbles. With the help of that, you can attract quite a lot of dormant toms in your areas.

Plus, you can use them with one or both hands. So, they can be easily used.

Moreover, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort behind this gobble call. This is because one easy shake and the gobble call will make the sound you want to lure your prey out in the open.

Flextone Thunder Shaker Gobble Turkey Call

Furthermore, they are compact in size. So, you can easily carry it around.


  • Produces realistic sound
  • Can be used with one or both hands
  • Easy to carry


  • Isn’t that loud


Buying Guide

When it boils down to finally buying a gobble call you might get very confused. This is because they have one function. And that is to lure the turkey in for you to kill. So, it might seem a bit daunting about what to go for.

In moments of crisis, you need to actually focus on the primary factors that set the gobble calls apart. So, you need to take a peek into the primary things that set each gobble call apart.

When To Use The Turkey Callers: The Right Season

The first rule of hunting is to know when to do what. You see, when you are out in the wild information will save you from danger. And while there is little to no danger in calling a turkey but knowing when to call them can put you at an advantage.

Now, we believe that the best time for calling out that turkey is during spring. That is because this is their mating season.

And, this is the time when the turkey comes out looking for their partners in order to mate. Thus, during the spring season, you need to buy a gobble call that imitates a female turkey. The voice of the female turkey will lure out the males looking to mate.

But for all the other seasons you should use a locator call. They make general turkey noises. So, they will result in quite a success during the other seasons.

What Time Of Day To Use Gobble Calls?: The Correct Time

What Time Of Day To Use Gobble Calls

The right time is the key! You can’t just pick a random time to go hunting! So, if you decide to hunt the turkeys during spring then try going out during the morning.

The gobble callers making female turkey noises usually work early in the morning. That is because the male turkeys head out at dawn looking for females to mate with.

And if you stick to locator callers then head out during the evening. They are more useful during that time of the day.

Considering The Usage Of Electronic Callers

Are you a newbie who is still figuring things out? Well, then we would suggest you use an electric caller.

That is because they are easy to use and you will be able to make the right turkey noise without the need for practice. 

Loudness Of The Callers

Another thing to consider is the loudness of the callers. You see, in order for other turkeys to be able to hear your callings you need to be loud enough. Otherwise, the sound won’t travel that far.

Hence, while buying make sure you test the quality of the sound. Here, loudness matters!

Keep In Mind The Quality Of The Callers

Last but not least, try not to buy anything cheap. Sometimes people go for the cheaper options thinking that the turkey calls don’t have much of a difference. But they do!

You see, the ones which are cheaper tend to be made of awful materials. They don’t make proper noises and can alert the turkey of your presence. So, they will run away even before you get the chance to call out to them.


Question: How does the gobble call work?

Answer: The gobble call makes a sound that makes the other turkey think that one turkey is trying to mate with them. So, they are drawn by the temptation of a female or male turkey.

Question: Do gobble calls make different sounds?

Answer: Yes, gobble calls make a variety of noises. Some of the few sounds they make are yelps, cackles, clucks, gobbles, and putts. But that is not all the sound that they make.

Question: How do you use a gobble call?

Answer: Gobble calls are made to be handled in different ways. Some have to be done using a hand. While others can be used by the mouth.

In Short

Well, that sums up everything there is on the best gobble call. Remember each gobble call is unique in its own way. So, when buying your own one you should really look into the buying factors.

After making careful analysis, make the right choice. Anyway, things are now in your hands. We trust you to make the right choice. Toodles now!

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