Bowtech Carbon Knight Problems: 2 Common Problems

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Modern crossbows are quite efficient and effective for archery. Bowtech carbon is one of the popular ones among them. But this one has been noticed having issues after a while.  

Now you must be worried if you own one or is about to buy one. That’s where we come into play! Today, we’ll dig deep into their problems.

So, what are the Bowtech carbon knight problems?

Well, you may come up with two main problems of Bowtech carbon knights. First, you may experience one of the most common problems, bow tuned improperly. Another problem you may experience is the shooting inaccuracy due to a few factors. But each of these problems can be solved so don’t panic.

This is the right place for you to know about what you’re looking for! So, keep on reading for the details!

2 Problems Of Bowtech Carbon Knight Problems With Solutions

Bowtech Carbon Knight can be quite useful and durable for hurting or other purposes. Moreover, it’s pretty smooth. However, like all other products, it does come along with problems. 

We’ve mentioned 2 such common problems faced by Bowtech Carbon Knight users. Check these out along with their solutions! 

Problem 1: Bow Not Tuned Properly

With a balanced brace height and balanced tiller, a crossbow must be correctly adjusted. The distance between the belly side and the bowstring of the riser is measured in brace height. 

Bow Not Tuned Properly

If you fail to tune the bow properly, you would certainly face issues. First, you would not be able to get enough tension. As a result, you fail to get accuracy in your shots. Moreover, the shots would also get distracted. 

You may face more kinds of miscellaneous problems as well. This problem basically arises for a simple reason. That is, tuning the bow with an inexperienced person is the start of this problem.

Make a note of where the string crosses the flight track on one side. You'll observe the thread creep ahead as it extends over time. That's typical, but arrow velocity fluctuates as the string stretches and settles. 

The impact points of the arrows will be higher or lower than in the past. On compound models, simply replace the string and, if necessary, the cables to remedy the problem. 

Tiller refers to the balance of the limbs, which should have the same full length and weight.


If the arrow impact points are strewn to the left or right, the tiller is out of balance. The marks will be thick, especially at the shaft's nock end. Measure from where each limb meets the prod back to the string to remedy the problem. 

A good arrow puller is a must for tuning the bow perfectly.

The limbs need to be identical. Each limb on most compound types has an adjustable screw or bolt. And that can be adjusted until both limbs, or the tiller, are the same. The only option on recurve models is to replace the limbs. 

In either scenario, check an archery store or call the manufacturer if you're unsure.

Now, you might be confused about the limb that you need to replace. But no worries! Because we’ve got you a couple of suggestions below of our choice.

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products that you can count on!

Problem 2: Shooting Inaccuracy

Shooting Inaccuracy

Shooters face a number of challenges when it comes to maintaining consistent accuracy. The first is not being able to keep the crossbow steady. Weight reduction has gone a long way for manufacturers. 

They also make crossbows less unwieldy and inconvenient. 

However, crossbows are still difficult to keep on target, especially over long periods of time. This is a similar problem to Ravin r10 crossbows.


It's critical to tune your bow and its components for precision. When sighting in, always shoot from a bench to improve accuracy. It will greatly simplify the process and the resolution of any accuracy issues.

Use the safety rail to your advantage when hunting from elevated tree stands. Shooting sticks or some other form of support equipment will come in handy if that isn't possible. The trigger on a crossbow should be pressed rather than pulled. 

When you pull the trigger, you increase the possibility of the bow moving during the firing process. And you would most likely miss the shot. And it’s an issue like the Horton storm RDX.

A crossbow arrow can be sent off target with relatively little movement. For accuracy, employing a shooting assist and squeezing the trigger is essential.

So, these are the problems that you might be experiencing in Bowtech carbon knight. Note that these are very serious issues and you can fix these easily.


Question: When did the Bowtech carbon knight come out?

Answer: When the Bowtech Carbon Knight was released in 2013, it generated quite a stir. The bow's IBO speed is 335 fps, despite its small weight (just 3.2 lbs!!). It has been transforming it into a formidable hunting bow.

Question: What is the cost of a Bowtech carbon knight?

Answer: The Carbon Knight, which has a frame rate of 330 frames per second and a mass of under 3.2 pounds. It has a suggested retail price of $849 and is available in BlackOps. The bow also has a Knight Riser and BowTech's binary cam design. This is made of carbon that was created specifically for durability and lightness.

Question: How fast does a carbon knight go?

Answer: This carbon bow is touted to be the lightest on the market right now. To be exact, the carbon knight is only 3.2 pounds when unloaded. With speeds of up to 335 feet per second and a 31-inch axel-to-axel dimension. The Carbon Knight will undoubtedly win over some new shooters.

Question: How to adjust the draw weight of the carbon knight?

Answer: Simply rotate the module clockwise or counterclockwise to make the necessary adjustments. You can vary the length of your pull in 1/2-inch increments. In some circumstances, you'll need to push your bow to alter the draw length.

The Final Words

Bowtech carbon knight problems aren’t that serious. So even if you face these issues, following our guide will help you through it all. 

Make sure to follow them as per the instructions given above!

Best wishes!

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