Decked vs Truckvault: Which One To Choose?

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Adding a truck bed drawer to your vehicle is never a loss. But it’s normal to get confused over which brands to invest in. It’s even more so when the fight is between two reputational brands.

For example, which one is better between decked vs truckvault?

Both decked and truck vaults have their own pros and cons. But a decked security system will astonish you. It also has a better installation and removal system. Decked is easy to use as well. Truckvault, in reverse, has a vast collection of accessories. It also has more storage organization systems.

That was the preview of the comparison. Still not clear, right? Read our piece to know the detailed comparison between both brands.

What’s the wait for? Let’s get started!

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Decked vs cc: A Short Comparison


Before we move on to a detailed discussion, let’s give you a heads up. These are the topics we’re gonna discuss on-

Aspects Decked Truckvault
Material quality Better  Good 
Security system Better Good
Ease of use Better Good
Storage organization & accessories Good Better
Installation process Better Good
Removal system Better Good

That was the preview. Now, let’s move on to our detailed comparison of both brands. 

Decked vs Truckault: Detailed Comparison

We’ve given you a short comparison between Decked vs Truckvault. Now, we’ll discuss the differences in more detail.

Material Quality

Truckvault is made from a really strong wood material named medium density overlay (MDO). Some confuse it with plywood or MDF. However, if you compare both MDO vs plywood, MDO is more upgraded.

The decked system uses a galvanized steel subframe for reinforcement. They’re also constructed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The features include stainless steel hardware for casing and cast aluminum for handles. 

Winner: Decked wins.

Security System

Truckvault is made with a high-security system for their drawers. The security feature includes a five-button combination lock that has a key override. It also offer an electronic key fob locking system for the drawers.

The Decked drawer system is also packed with heavy security support. They’ve 2 layered solid key-lock systems. First is the drawer system itself and second is the tailgate lock system.

Winner: Comparing both of the brands, we must say decked wins in the security system. This brand's locking system is so advanced that you can relax at any time.

Ease Of Use

Truckvault drawers are quite easy to use. The drawers use an L-track system for sliding out. This makes them glide pretty smoothly. 

Trackvault also has different drawer counts of different sizes. It's even humid resistant just like carbon fiber & g10.


Decked has made great improvements to acquire ease of using their product. Just like truck vaults, the drawer's slide-out system works pretty smoothly. It’s also quite easy to install. 

Winner: Comparing both, decked wins in this aspect.

Storage Organization & Accessories

Truckvault has a vast feature of accessories that outdo any other brand. It has a table extension attached underneath the drawer that can be extended out. 

The brand also offers a cargo bed slide system on the top of the drawer. It even supports a lighting system for the drawers that have 16-20 hours battery life.

There’s a storage compartment called ‘Daybox’ dedicated to alcohol, tobacco, explosives, and firearms. You can even store your best gobble calls with ease. There’s also a map board, technology platform, and many other additional features.

Coming to decked, it focused more on providing high-quality solutions for storage systems. It has a decked D-box where you can store firearms, camping gear, and hunting tools. 

Its custom-made foam inserts protect expensive and fragile tools. There are also decked dividers, drain plugs, a decked toolbox, and many more features.

Winner: Comparing both, truck vault wins in this aspect. Because it offers more options than decked.

Installation Process

Truckvault fits almost every model out there with their custom-made drawer system. The installation process is also easy. 

The hardware tools for installation can be found in the left drawer. Necessary parts can be found in the right drawer.

Decked is also compatible with most pickup trucks and cargo vans. The installation process is kept simple as there’s a no-drill system. So, it’s DIY-easy. 

Winner: Decked wins here.

Removal System

Taking off the drawers is not that hard but it’s time-consuming. The drawers are attached with the turnbuckles and D-rings. 

To access them, you’ve to disassemble the top wings first. After detaching them, you can easily take off the turnbuckles and remove the drawer.

The decked system is much easier to remove compared to the truck vault. Firstly, you need to remove the decked ruler. Then unhook all the j-hooks from the 4 corners of the truck bed. Next, unscrew and remove the wheel, and it’s ready to come out. 

Winner: Decked wins again.

Final Result: Decked vs Truckvault

We’ve reached the end of our discussion about the comparison between Decked and Truckvaults. It’s hard to choose one over the other, just like picking one between bowtech and hoyt

But after evaluating some aspects from both, it’s fair to announce Decked as the winner. 

However, that doesn’t mean the truck vault is a lot behind the decked. People have their own preferences for these products. 

Some prefer truck vaults more than decked. So, it’s not only about comparison but also about your comfort zone.

So, to help you out, here are suggestions for both decked and truckvault-

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Truckvault Check for price on Amazon

Pick the one you liked!


Question: What is the toolbox option in decked?

Answer: Toolbox is an extra accessory that a decked system offers. As the name suggests its purpose is to store tools for your vehicle. It has a complete D-box dedicated to it.

Question: Are truck vaults weatherproof?

Answer: Yes, they’re weatherproof. Truckvault products are made from medium-density overlay boards which makes them fire-resistant. Also, it’s waterproof and doesn’t attract moisture. 

Question: What is the purpose of decked D-bag?

Answer: Decked D-bag is an all-in-one kind of bag. It’s perfect for hiking or adventure trips. It comes with a toolbox as well. You can wear it as a backpack.


That was all from us regarding the comparison between decked vs truckvault. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this discussion and gathered all the information you need.

Hope to see you soon in another discussion. Till then, take care!

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