Flemish Twist vs Endless Loop – The Ultimate Comparison!

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Confused and conflicted about which bowstrings to use? Well, you’re not the only one thinking about it. There have always been mixed opinions about the Flemish twist and the endless loop bowstring.

Now, the question arises, which one’s the best: flemish twist vs endless loop?

Well, this is a tough choice. The Flemish twist string makes less noise and is stronger. Wheres, the endless loop maintains incredible speed and accuracy. However, compared to the Flemish Twist, the endless loop makes more noise. Flemish twist is used for hunting and endless loop is for competitive archers.

Are you still having a tough time deciding? 

Here are some key differences explained in detail for your convenience. Let’s check them out.

A Quick Comparison Between Flemish Twist &Endless Loop 

These two strings have quite distinctive features. Hence we’ve prepared a table to give you a brief about their differences. 

Features Flemish Twist Endless Loop
Application Used for hunting  Used for target practicing
Strength Strings are strong  Comparatively less strong
Speed Comparatively slower Comparatively faster
Vibration & Noise Makes subdued noise and less vibration Makes loud noise and more vibration
Flexibility Stretchy A bit stiff
Durability Lasts for a long time Lasts for a short time

Now that you’ve had an idea of the differences, let’s have a closer look!

Flemish Twist vs Endless Loop: In-depth Differences

For a clearer understanding, we’ve pitted their features against one another. This will help you to decide which one you might prefer. 

So, let’s look at their features!

Strength & Durability

Now when it comes to bowstrings, you want yours to be strong and durable. That’s the exact thing you’ll find in a flemish twisted string.

flemish twist 

They have two times more strands comparatively and are much thicker. Moreover, this makes them less vulnerable to string tear and resistant to abrasion

However, this doesn’t mean that the endless loop isn’t good enough. These are used by many archers all over. 

Since they are made of a single strand they are prone to tear. Plus they are comparatively thinner as well. But these have protective coverings that protect them.

Lifespan Of The Strings

Now, both of these strings are going to last you at least 5000 shots. However, the flemish twists are known to last longer. They have a lifespan of 1-5 years and can extend up to 10. However, that’s quite rare. 

The endless loop on the other hand might last you 6 months to a year. 

However, you can increase their lifespan by using string wax and maintaining them. Here is some great wax that you can use on your strings:

Product 1
Product 2

You can choose from here without a doubt because these are the best!


A balance between noise and vibration is quite important. Here’s an example of why. 

Suppose you called a prey using your gobble call and you’re ready to shoot. But your string made so much noise that it alerted your prey. Now, this isn’t something that should happen. So, we’re here to tell you which is the quieter one. 

The Flemish Twist is quieter compared to the endless loop string. The materials in these strings make them flexible which helps to reduce the noise. Moreover, it also helps to reduce vibration. 

On the other hand, endless loop strings are stiff. This makes adjusting difficult. Hence when you try to flex it, the sound it makes is loud. 

Moreover, this stiffness also causes more vibration when you shoot. But, you can use Bowjax or the Limbsaver to reduce the vibration significantly. 


Now, an arrow shot by the Flemish string is going to fly a little bit slower. The speed difference here is negligible, however, it exists. According to tests, it’s about 2 FPS to 5 FPS. 

Comparatively, they are slower due to the thickness of the strings. As this makes them heavier. The endless loop is much faster due to their slim body. 

Endless Loop 


Now, the price of flemish twists is higher in comparison. They might range anywhere between $10 to $25. But if you’re looking for a higher-end one, the price might be over $30.

But if you really want the flemish string, you can make one by yourself. In this way, it won’t be so expensive for you. 

However, endless loops are much cheaper than the flemish twist. They might be between $10 to $18. However, the price might vary depending on the material used.

Final Verdict

For hunting, the Flemish strings are going to work the best. This is because they are substantially quieter and the animals won’t be peeved. 

Also, these strings as it stretches absorbs the vibrations. Hence, you won’t need to balance it with extra effort. Although they are a bit on the expensive side, they last a long time. 

On the other hand, competitive target archers prefer the precise make of endless-loop. These are lightweight, faster, and price competitive.  Plus if you have a Bowtech or a Hoyt, these strings will be great for those. 

Now that you have all the facts, and our opinion, you can come to a decision. 


Question: What materials are used in the making of Flemish Twist and Endless loop?

Answer: In Fleming Twist generally, synthetic polyester material Dacron or B50 is used. These are very resistant to abrasion. Fastflight is used in Endless loop. This one is less stretchy but is durable.

Question: Should I repair my Flemish Twist bowstrings?

Answer: Certainly. If the string starts to fray, then it's time for a new one. But in case they start to unravel, you can remake it using a string jig. 

Question: How long can bowstrings last?

Answer: Typically, bowstrings lasts for about a year. It could last for 2,000 shots with proper maintenance. If you keep it waxed it’ll last for more than 5000 shots.

Final Words

Now you know all about Flemish Twist vs Endless Loop. Hope you got all the information you were looking for. Well, you can now buy the one that best suits your need. 

Good luck with your bow!

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