How To Wear A Quiver [A Proper Guidebook For Enthusiasts]

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While hunting, you find it hard to reach your arrows and this slows you down. It gets you thinking of getting a quiver to enhance your experience in archery. But you do not know how to wear it properly.

So, how to wear a quiver?

First, you have to choose between the three options- hip, back, or bow. For the hip quiver, you can wear it around your waist. Tighten accordingly to fit perfectly around your waist. Now, as for the back quiver, you have to strap it around your body. The bow quivers on the other hand are mounted on the bow. 

That's just a snippet. Let's dive into the details then, shall we? 

How To Wear A Quiver

As it is a century-long accessory for archery, quivers come in different styles and types. However, not all are comfortable and easy to hunt with. So, we have listed three quivers that are. Those are:

  • Back Quiver
  • Hip Quiver and
  • Bow Quiver

Well, we now know the types. So, let’s cut the chase and get to the good part!

Back Quiver 

Back quivers are worn like a backpack over your backside.

Back Quiver

These let you carry more arrows at once. Moreover, you can even carry your trusted gobble call in here. But you’ve to wear it properly otherwise, you might have a hard time with it.

So, let's learn how to wear a back quiver properly!

For Right-Handed People

First, you have to put your left arm through the strap.

For Right-Handed People

Then take the strap over your head and drop the quiver strap onto your body. Now, the strap should be lying on your right shoulder. 

After that, adjust the strap until it’s tight and comfortable. And you’re done! 

For Left-Handed People

Here the process is just the opposite.

For Left-Handed People

You need to put your right arm through the strap. Then take it over your body resting it on your left shoulder. After that, fasten the straps until they’re nice and tight. 

Now, in case you don’t have one, we’ve listed some top-quality quivers here. stability for your quiver, wrap the belts a bit tighter. 

Product 1
Product 2

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your quiver, put it on, and let’s go hunting! 

Hip Quiver

You wear this type of quiver, as the name suggests, around your hips. It’s a popular style to wear while hunting or competing in an archery event. 

Moreover, it’s spacious enough that you can fit other accessories along with your bow. Like if you go deer hunting, you can carry your handy deer drag with you. 

Now to wear your quiver, you first have to put it on your hip. Depending on your primary hand, wear the quiver on that side of your hip.

After that, attach the quiver belt around your hip. Adjust the tightness as per your comfort. Then take the thigh belt and wrap it around your thigh. If you need more 

And that's how you wear the hip quiver. 

Bow Quiver

Another type that’s used is the bow quiver. As the name suggests, these can only be used on bows. 

Now there are two types here- one’s bow-mounted and the other one’s detachable. 

Bow-Mounted Quivers

These are permanently mounted on your bow. You can rest your quiver, and arrows on the bow itself. 

Whether you have a bowtech or a limbsaver, this bow quiver can fit it all! Plus, you can’t detach them easily. But with a wrench, you might be able to separate it. Hence you don’t have to worry about it falling off. 

To use the bow quiver, you don’t have to wear it like the back or hip quivers. The quiver is attached to your bow. That’s where you keep the arrows. It’s very simple and easy.

Detachable Quivers

As for the detachable ones, it’s the same as the mounted one. But the difference is that you can take it off your bow whenever you want. 

This is useful for those, who can’t shoot with the added weight that comes with the mounted one.

That's basically how you wear a quiver. Make sure you follow one of these techniques carefully. And, with a little bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Also, it’s not technically necessary that you buy a quiver. Because a DIY expert like you can make yourself one in no time! 


Question: What makes a good quiver?

Answer: A good quiver has to be lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, the material should be comfortable. This is so that you can wear it for a longer period. For a great hunting experience, a good quiver is crucial!

Question: Will any quiver fit any bow?

Answer: In short, no. A quiver is simply made to hold the arrows for your bow. It isn’t tailored according to your bow’s size. You can carry your bow on a strap. Or, you can make yourself a quiver that fits both!

Question: How do you carry an arrow without a quiver?

Answer: You can carry your arrows by attaching them to your bow. Or take them using an arrow stand. But carrying arrows without a quiver on the move can be very difficult and time-consuming.  


Well, you now know how to wear a quiver by yourself! Plus, we’ve listed a number of options. This will come in handy to match the quiver you have. So, waste no time, and wear your quiver!

That’s all from us. We hope you have a great hunting trip, good day!

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