Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Problems And How to Solve Them

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It can be troublesome to have your Killer Instinct Ripper malfunctioning.  It’s an essential tool for your hunts. Ignoring these issues may later result in a mishap that you don’t want. 

So, what are the Killer Instinct Ripper 415 problems?

The common problems in KI Ripper are it causes a little too much vibration. It is also a bit heavy which bothers many hunters. The hard stopper makes it uncomfortable to operate sometimes. The plastic parts make it less durable than it could be. Also, the poor customer service of the company is a big problem for many. 

However, all these problems can be solved. You must be intrigued to know more. 

So, wait no more and dive right into the topic!

Main Downsides Of Killer Instinct Ripper 415

Killer Instinct Ripper 415

The most important thing needed for hunting is a crossbow. So, getting a good one is very crucial. Are you a beginner at hunting and all? If yes, then after extensive research you will find that this brand is one of the best. 

But, you probably don’t know about the problems you may face with this brand. 

Before you get all worked up on fixing this as your go-to crossbows, we got you some info! 

Without further adieu, let us indulge ourselves in it! 

Little Too Much Vibration

The beautifully designed crossbow works pretty well. But, the vibrations are a little too much than other crossbows. The vibrations are so much that they may make your fasteners become loose. This happens after you have been using it for a few weeks or a month. 


However, there is a solution to this! You can choose from some of the best adhesives for arrow inserts. Then you can glue that to your fasteners. These glues are so strong that the fasteners may nicely sit in their place for a lifetime. 

Heavy Weight of The KI Ripper 415

The KI Ripper 415 has a magnificent outlook. But, it weighs 200 pounds. This might be a comfortable and doable weight for most hunters. 

There are many who may find this weight to be a little too much to carry. It is true that this weight of 200 pounds is a heavy one for small hunters. 


To reduce the weight, you may consider replacing some of the metal parts with the lighter parts in the market. This may, however, decrease the originality of the crossbow. 

Although the weight may seem a little extra, the dimensions of the crossbow are well calculated. That is why it’s very well balanced and holds well to your shoulders. 

It would take some time to get used to the weight. After some time, the weight becomes bearable. That is when you will start enjoying this piece of the beast the most! 

Hard As Rock Stopper Causing Unwanted Air Cushioning

The stopper is made as hard as a rock. Hard stoppers can cause air cushioning that is unwanted. The unwanted air cushioning can increase friction as you pull the limb. This would make the experience less smooth. But this rock-hard stopper makes the crossbow so silent in its action. 


Does the stopper seem too hard for you? Would you be okay with a little bit of noise? Then we got a solution for you! You can simply replace the stopper with one from some of the most efficient bowstring stops in the market! 

Also, some good crossbow lubes help in getting a smooth shooting experience. Here are some of the best crossbow rail lube to help you choose: 

Product 1
Product 2

These are some of the best crossbow lubes out there. Hence, you can be sure about its performance.

Plastic Parts Decreasing The Durability of The Product

The cam spacers and y-cable yokes are made of plastic. This bothers many as it gives out somewhat of an unsophisticated outlook. It also reduces the durability of the product as plastics get broken more easily. However, there are some plastic counterparts that are durable.

The KI Ripper 415 is a very good deal for its price. But, a few flaws in its features makes many question its durability. The crossbow getting broken limbs is quite common news among many users. It happens after a few months of use among some. While for many, this happens after years of use. 


This problem can be easily solved. All you have to do is replace these plastic parts with appropriate metal hardware ones. You would be all good to go!

Broken limbs can be easily repaired which is good news. And this issue occurs in almost all brands of crossbows. You can get it repaired easily from the company. If you do not like their customer service then you can also opt for local repairers. 

It is also advised to buy a deer hanger. If you want to save money, you can even make one deer hanger for yourself

Poor Customer Service

This company has quite a bad report of providing poor customer service. They are highly unresponsive. But once you can get in touch with them, they do solve the problem. However, they often take a lot of time while solving the problem as well. This is pretty frustrating given that they declared a lifetime warranty on this product. 


Are you in a hurry to fix your crossbow? Or you just don’t want to go through the hassle of continuously emailing them for a response? 

In that case, you can go to your local crossbow menders to get the issue solved. Yes, you would have to spend a few extra bucks like 4-5 dollars. But at least you would get the work done fast. 

There are some accidental or unexpected problems that some people face as well. But that is just in the case of unfortunate scenarios.


Question: Is Killer Instinct a good brand? 

Answer: It is a fairly new company founded in 2013. However, they rapidly grew in popularity for making accurate, affordable, and powerful crossbows. But sadly, one thing which they lack is customer service. 

Question: How many fps does a crossbow need to kill a deer?

Answer: There are different categories of deers for which different fps may be required. While hunting elks, a minimum of 300 fps works well. While for whitetail deer, you wouldn’t need as much. 250 fps does the work in this case. 

Question: How long can I leave crossbow cocked? 

Answer: Never leave your crossbow cocked for more than 24 hours. This reduces the performance of your crossbow if you do otherwise. It causes premature stretching of the cables and string. 

Wrapping Up

These are pretty much all the problems that you may face with this piece. The good news is, all of these problems have a solution! 

Now you know about all the possible problems and their solutions. So, do you think you can easily opt for KI Ripper 415? 

Make sure to hunt safely. Let us know if you encounter these Killer Instinct Ripper 415 problems as well. Comment below if the solutions worked for you or not. 

Good luck!

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