PSE vs Hoyt: Which One Is The Better Choice?

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Owning a high-quality compound bow is the dream of every hunting hobbyist. The Hoyt and the PSE are two renowned names in the compound bow market. They both offer excellent features. And that makes it difficult for a new hobbyist to finalize his decision.

So which one should you pick, PSE vs Hoyt?

Both PSE and Hoyt perform really well. If we consider generally, the PSEs give a smoother draw cycle, good tunability, and accuracy. They are also lightweight. Contrarily, the Hoyts provide more speed, manage aftershock and noise issues very well.

This was just the gist of the difference between them. Our article will give you a lot better clarity. So go through the article if you don’t want to miss out.

PSE vs Hoyt- Quick Overview

Archery is fun, and the science behind it is even more fascinating. Unfortunately, it’s quite impossible to mention all the Hoyts and PSEs specifications. So we picked some differing key points between them to make your choice easy. 

These parameters below will give you a quick general overview for now.




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Draw Cycle A relatively smoother drawing experience Not as smooth as the PSE bows
Stability & Accuracy Holds the arrow backward very well. No accidental slip. Quite stable. But the arrow may slip occasionally.
Grip The newer models have improved grips. Grips of Hoyt bows are good enough as well.
Weight Very lightweight. Usually weighs more than the PSE bows.
Speed & Sound A bit slower than the Hoyt ones. Relatively faster speed. Produces less noise.
Tunability Offers somewhat better turnability. The Hoyts lag behind a bit in this section.
Aftershock PSE bows don’t let you feel any heavy aftershock. Hoyt bows also do well managing the aftershock.
Finishing & Design Recent designs have improved a lot. Hoyt bows have cool designs as well.
Price Varies from model to model. Varies from model to model.


PSE vs Hoyt- Detailed Preview

Now that you’ve seen the quick overview, let’s talk about every point separately in detail. This will give you a better idea of the parameters. Thus you’ll be able to narrow down your choices. 

Draw Cycle

Because of their lightweight nature, the PSE bows provide a better draw cycle experience. However, the Hoyt bows draw cycles don’t lag behind that much. They give a pretty smooth experience too.

Stability & Accuracy

When it comes to stability, we usually consider whether the bow stays still while shooting. In this category, the winner is once again the PSE bows. They are easy to hold back, and there’s hardly any accidental slip. 

The Hoyt bows are pretty stable as well.


The older PSE bows had some minor issues with the grip. The grips used to be boxy in shape. However, some people liked it that way. But they addressed the problem and fixed it in the latest models. 

On the other hand, the Hoyts provide fantastic grips almost in all of their models.


PSE offers some of the most lightweight bows in the market. The Hoyt bows are not the heaviest but heavier than the PSEs. So if you’re concerned about your shoulder’s comfort, you must go for PSE.

Speed & Sound

Speed varies depending on the models, and there are so many of them. For example, the average speed of a Hoyt Carbon RX4 is around 340 fps. And the average velocity of the PSE-Carbon-Air-Stealth-Mach 1 and PSE-Evolve-NXT 31 are 265 and 263 fps, respectively. The extra pace helps the bow to shoot a heavier arrow. 

However, the Hoyts produce less noise which is vital for hunting especially, while hunting a deer. And it’s also essential to know about dragging deers correctly after hunting.


In terms of tunability, the PSEs get a slight edge. Cause some Hoyt models are a bit troublesome to tune. However, you can still tune the Hyte bows on your own with basic tools easily. 

Nonetheless, your bow is worthless without the arrows. So here are some of our recommended hunting arrows for you-

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Aftershock has a significant role in your comfort while using the bow. If the aftershock is massive, it just ruins the experience. The PSEs stand out a bit when it comes to managing the aftershock considering their lightweight. 

And as Hoyts are heavier, they’re automatically good at handling any aftershock issues. Nevertheless, make sure you can wear a quiver to store your arrows.


The price of Hoyts and PSEs ranges a lot as there are a lot of models. Let us give you an idea by mentioning the price of a few popular models. 

The cost of the Hoyt Torrex series is between $600-$700. If we look at PSE, their Drive NXT and Stinger Max models cost around $700 and $400. 

You see, the price fluctuates so much depending on different models.

Final Verdict

The PSEs offer you lightweight models, easy tunability, and a better draw cycle. If these are your requirements, go for the PSEs. But if you want more speed, less noise, and better stability, you must choose the Hoyts.

So that was all about the differences between the PSEs and Hoyts. Hope it cleared out most of your confusion. To make everything more transparent, it’s better to know about the Hoyts and Bowtech as well.


Question: What are the specifications of the PSE Full Throttle?

Answer: The height and weight of a PSE Full Throttle are 5.25″ and 4.1 lb. Its draw weight, IBO speed, and let-off are 40-70 lbs, 365 fps, and 70%, respectively.

Question: Does the draw length affect the arrow speed?

Answer: The Powerstroke of the bow increases by the increase of the draw length. It helps the arrow to be shot faster. One inch of arrow length increases 10 fps of velocity.

Question: Why my wooden bow is losing weight?

Answer: The wooden bows are susceptible to heat and humidity. Humidity and heat soften the bow. Thus it loses weight and becomes very weak.


Hope you got a nice idea about the differences between PSE vs Hoyt. Please be careful about not hunting any endangered species. Follow the correct guidelines of hunting according to your area.

Wish you the best of luck with hunting. Adios!

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