Ravin Crossbow Problems: 5 Common Issues

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Ravin Crossbow Problems

Ravin Crossbow Hyper Realistic

Did you know that Ravin Crossbows are among the most versatile crossbows out there? With their innovative Versa-Draw Cocking System, you can quickly and comfortably cock and un-cock your Ravin crossbow with either hand. And the best part? The Helicoil's fully integrated and user-friendly cocking mechanism makes it stand out from other crossbows on the market.

Ravin Crossbows are a top choice for hunters, and they are held in high regard alongside other reputable brands such as Ten Point, Wicked Ridge, Bowtech and Hoyt. All of these companies are known for their user-friendly features, and being some of the fastest crossbows on the market; Ravin Crossbows have a well-deserved reputation in the archery community.

Yet, like any product, Ravin crossbows aren't without their considerations. Let's take a brief detour to explore some of the drawbacks associated with these crossbows.

So, what are the common Ravin crossbow problems?

In a nutshell, some users have concerns with the placement of the cocking handle, while others find the position of the scope to be quite complex. Mechanical problems may also arise with clip-on nocks and the placement of the safety lock. Another drawback is that you can only use Ravin accessories, which, coupled with the expense of getting started with a Ravin crossbow, causes financial concerns for some potential customers.

“Whether you are an experienced hunter or a first-time user of a crossbow, it's important to overcome the challenges of your equipment. Read on to learn about five of the most common problems with Ravin crossbows. Don't worry; I've got you covered! Check out the following common issues to make sure you're well-prepared. Keep reading to learn more.

I'll discuss possible solutions, offering some problem-solving tips and techniques; Everything from taking the necessary steps to ensuring components on your crossbow are kept clean and in working order, to various reasons why regular use is just as important to help avoid poor accuracy issues and mechanical failures.

5 Common Issues With Ravin Crossbow

Problem 1: Cocking Handle Placement

Ravin crossbows face a common challenge related to the improper placement of the cocking handle. The cocking device often collides with the area where the scope is mounted, creating complications for new users of the Ravin crossbow. 

Ravin crossbows distinguish themselves with a unique cocking unit functionality, eliminating the need for a traditional cocking rope. The loading process is streamlined: users only need to insert the cocking handle into the shaft pins and rotate the trigger to slide the arrow into position. 

The source of the problem lies in the user's failure to engage the cocking handle properly. This is where people make mistakes.  As a result, the crossbow doesn't shoot, resulting in missed game and frustrated hunters. 

I suggest you visit your local archery shop, look at the crossbow, and even ask if you can test drive it to get a feel for it. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of the Ravin crossbow. If you're already a proud owner, read your manufacturer's instructions and owner's manual. It's like pulling teeth; you've probably been hunting for a long time, But here's the thing, you likely went with this product because of its non-traditional cocking process. So, take your time, watch some detailed online videos, and learn from some fellow experienced archers the correct cocking process; trust me, you don't want to see that trophy walk on by.

Problem 2: Safety Lock Issue

The safety lock system on Ravin crossbows, particularly the Ravin R10 model, has been noted for its robust design. However, some users find it a bit challenging to manipulate its safety mechanism. To engage the safety lock, users must rotate it towards the white dotted position, aptly named the “safe position.” This configuration ensures the crossbow is secured, decreasing the risk of dry firing. On the other hand, when preparing to fire, the lock should be turned towards the red dotted area, known as the “fire position.” The difficulty in transitioning the lock to the fire position has been identified as a common concern among Ravin crossbow users but the intricacies of this system are necessary for the overall safety of the crossbow and its operator. 

While it may seem challenging, it's important to understand that safety locks are intentionally designed to resist easy manipulation. The philosophy behind the design is that shifting the lock from a safe to an unsafe position should require deliberate effort, reducing the likelihood of a dry fire… 

If you find the transition overly difficult with regular use or if there are persistent concerns, here are a few steps to address the issue. 

Start with regular maintenance on the trac-trigger firing system, crank mechanism, and rails. Using a can of compressed air is recommended to blow out any dust and dirt in the railing, trac-trigger firing system, crank mechanism ( crank handle), and other tight spots. However, be careful not to use too much air pressure on the moving parts of the trigger assembly. Inspect the rail for any nicks or scratches. Do not apply rail lube on the rail; don't use oil or grease on the trigger mechanism or trac-trigger firing system when performing maintenance on your Ravin crossbow. This is because oil and grease can accumulate dust or dirt and cause the anti-dry fire system to malfunction, causing trigger issues.

Lastly,   leave it to the professionals. If the issue persists or if there are concerns about the safety lock's performance, it's advisable to seek assistance from a qualified technician (take it to an archery shop) or contact Ravin's customer service for guidance.

Problem 3: Clip-On Nocks

Some arrow nocks of the Ravin crossbow don't fully engage with the bowstring, resulting in a bow release while the user tries to re-nock the arrows. This can cause fatal injury to the users and to anyone near the firing area. This problem is specifically related to the white plastic molded clip-on nocks. These nocks were sold as a standalone product.

Ravin white nocks were first reported not fully engaging with the bowstring around 2018. The crossbow can fail to discharge when the trigger is pulled resulting in the bow discharging while re-nocking the arrow, posing a threat of serious injuries and more reports of finger injuries. It's noted that some consumers complained last year that the updated orange nocks also had the issue. This has nothing to do with the Ravin bolts/ Ravin arrows, only the clip-on nocks, and has been identified as a manufacturing defect. Ravin has taken measures to address this safety issue and recognizes the seriousness of the matter. 

If you own a Ravin x crossbow, I strongly recommend that you check for any recalls, updates, or safety notices issued by the manufacturer to determine if your specific model and accessories are affected by this issue. Contact Ravin directly through their consumer products support line and inquire about the issue's current status and whether any replacements have been implemented and ask what necessary steps or possible solutions they advise. If you have purchased a used Ravin crossbow, make sure you know its history.   Ensure the string serving is in good shape on the crossbow so that your nocks will seat/connect well to the string.

Problem 4: Only Ravin Accessories

Ravin Crossbows have “street cred” for their accuracy and new technology design. To enhance your archery experience, the brand offers a wide range of accessories, integral to the Ravin Crossbow system and designed for optimal performance. The brand's emphasis on exclusive accessories is not just a marketing strategy but a practical consideration for providing a complete and cohesive archery solution. 

For beginners using Ravin Crossbows, following the maintenance guidelines and manufacturer's recommendations regarding accessories is essential because improper assembly will result in accuracy issues. Each Ravin model comes equipped with unique accessories that maximize its potential. You need to read Ravin's manufacturing guide to understand why they emphasize using designated accessories and include warranty conditions related to their usage. The warranty conditions demonstrate the manufacturer's confidence in the compatibility and reliability of their accessories. It's important to note that not following these recommendations will result in voiding the warranty,  which has led to user complaints and will lead to safety issues. It's your responsibility to use compatible accessories. 

When purchasing a Ravin crossbow, it can be overwhelming to determine which accessories are required for a successful hunting trip. However, the good news is that most newly purchased packages already include all the necessary accessories you will need. This means you won't have to pay extra for them and get it all in a one-stop shopping experience. 

Problem 5: Expensive

Ravin crossbows are often positioned at a higher price point than other brands, and this premium pricing is due to several factors that contribute to their performance and overall value. The comprehensive package deal with your Ravin crossbow purchase is a significant aspect that justifies the higher cost. Unlike other brands that sell bows and accessories separately, Ravin offers a complete package that includes the crossbow itself and a range of high-quality accessories designed to enhance user experiences. 

The package typically consists of Ravin bolts, clip-on nocks, mounted scope, and 100gr. field points, ensuring that users receive a well-matched set of components right out of the box. This integrated approach eliminates the need to purchase and assemble their accessories separately, providing convenience and peace of mind. The Included field tips further add versatility to the package, allowing users to customize their shooting experience. 

One notable feature contributing to the premium pricing is the speed at which Ravin crossbows can propel arrows. Ravin is known for manufacturing some of the fastest crossbows in the market, delivering exceptional arrow velocity and accuracy. In addition to the accessories and arrow speed, the packages are versatile. Some include soft crossbow cases, adding an extra layer of protection for the investment, down to an arrow puller.

While the upfront cost may be higher, you get what you pay for. The overall value of a Ravin crossbow, with its premium features and package deal, positions it as a top choice for archers seeking top-tier performance and convenience, even if it comes with a higher price tag than some other brands.


Question: Where do you find the serial number located in the crossbow?

Answer:    The serial number is placed in the center of the guide. This is where the bowstring stays in a resting position. The bow has to be cocked to see the number of the trac-trigger-firing system crossbows.

Question: How long can I keep my Ravin crossbow cocked?

Answer:    Don't keep the bow cocked for more than 8 hours. It's safe to keep your crossbow cocked when you're hunting in a stale position. For safety reasons, don't walk in hunting locations with your crossbow cocked. 

Question: How long does the string last?

Answer: The life expectancy of the Ravin bows depends on many issues, such as care & proper maintenance, weather conditions, the number of shots, etc. Changing the string every 2 years or after 400 shots is recommended.


Investing in a Ravin crossbow promises a superior archery experience that justifies that top dollar price you'll pay. You'll be getting high-quality accessories such as Ravin's mechanical crossbow broad-head, Ravin bolts, carbon arrow, clip-on knocks, and a mounted scope that has a speed dial. The speed dial lets you easily adjust the magnification setting after your bow is sighted and calibrated. This ensures a hassle-free, convenient setup for you in the long run. It's important to note that different models come with various accessories in the package kit. 

The exceptional speed of all Ravin crossbows further enhances their performance, providing you with unparalleled accuracy and power. To get the most bang for your buck(literally) and ensure a safe and efficient hunting experience, I encourage you to prioritize everyday, normal maintenance routines, including necessary repairs and proper care to combat common issues with Ravin Crossbows. 

Due to the Ravin's high speed, as mentioned above, it's essential to inspect your crossbow regularly for signs of wear. Things like loose screws, the string of the crossbow (string wear), string serving, string slippage, the cocking mechanism, and signs of repair to ensure you're adhering to manufacturer guidelines. This contributes to the crossbow's life and enhances its reliability during crucial moments in the field. 

You'll be able to rely on your Ravin crossbow if you integrate these maintenance practices into your archery routine, allowing for a more enjoyable, successful hunting experience. So good luck when you hit your hunting grounds.

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