Ravin Crossbow Problems

Ravin Crossbow Problems: 5 Common Issues


Ravin crossbows are one of the most versatile used crossbows out there. Although it seems picture-perfect, there’s always some criticism about them. It’s important to know them if you’re planning on getting a Ravin crossbow for yourself.

So, what are the common ravin crossbow problems?

Ravin crossbows have problems with cocking handle placement. It has a complex scope position. Other mechanical issues regarding the Ravin crossbow are clip-on knocks and safety lock placement. Another issue is the accessories condition of Ravin crossbows. These accessories are expensive.

That was only a preview of the whole scenario. To learn more about them stick with us till the end.

So what’s the wait for! Let’s start right away.

5 Common Issues With Ravin Crossbow

Ravin crossbows are one of the most preferable crossbow choices among many hunters. Apart from bowtech and hoyt, Ravin crossbows have quite a name for themselves. 

However, there are a few drawbacks to Ravin crossbows. We’ll be taking a short detour over them. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this ride.

Problem 1: Cocking Handle Placement

Ravin crossbows have an issue with the improper placement of the cocking handle. The cocking device seems to hit the place where the scope is mounted. New users of the Ravin crossbow face this problem quite often. 

The cocking unit of Ravin crossbows has a unique functionality than other crossbows. That is, you don’t have to use a cocking rope for loading. 

The process is rather simple for the Ravin crossbow. You just have to insert the cocking handle inside the shaft pins. After that, just rotate the trigger to slide the arrow in.

This is where people make mistakes. They fail to engage the cocking handle properly. As a result, the crossbow doesn’t shoot. If you engage the cocking handle properly, you’ll hear three apparent clicking sounds. 

Regular users of the Ravin crossbow are used to this issue. But still, we hear complaints about this from time to time. For new users, it takes time to adjust to the device system.

Problem 2: Only Ravin Accessories 

Ravin crossbows come with exclusive accessories. According to their rules, these accessories must be used as required. 

It’s an important hunting tip for beginners. Ravins have different accessories for different models to maintain their individuality.

They paid a lot of attention to the accessories in accordance with the models. They even added warranty conditions in their buyer manual. This implies that using accessories that aren’t recommended may void the warranty conditions.

Some users are not happy with this condition and they do complain about it. But to take full advantage of the Ravin crossbow’s utility you’d need compatible accessories. 

Thankfully, most of the newly bought packages contain all necessary accessories. So, you don’t have to pay extra for them.

Problem 3: Safety Lock Issue

The Ravin crossbows’ equipped safety lock system is a bit hard to work with. This issue is directly related to ravin r10 crossbow problems

To engage it, you’ve to turn the lock towards the white dotted position. It is called the safe position. When you’re about to fire, turn the lock towards the red dotted area. It’s called the fire position. 

Turning it to a fire position is a bit hard. However, it’s not that big of a problem. Safety locks are supposed to be like this. It shouldn’t be easy to shift the lock from a safe to unsafe position. 

You may have to check the lock position twice before you shoot. But it’s worth it since it’s a question of your safety.

Problem 4: Clip-On Nocks

Some arrow knocks of the Ravin crossbow don’t fully engage with the bowstring. This results in bow release while the user still tries to re-knock the arrows. This can cause fatal injury to the users also to anyone near the firing area. 

This problem is specifically related to the white plastic molded clip-on knocks. These knocks were sold as a standalone product in the fall of 2018. 

It’s advised that if you have these knocks, call Ravins to replace them immediately. Instead of using faulty knocks choose from renewable plastic clip-on knocks. 

We have recommended some for you so you don’t have to look for any-

Product 1
Product 2

Problem 5: Expensive 

This is another common complaint among most crossbow users. However, Ravin crossbows are costlier than other crossbows out there. 

It’s hard to gain one and also it’s hard to maintain them. Since it has accessory conditions the problem is even more so among users. 

The reason Ravin crossbows are so expensive is that it’s a high-quality product. Also, they deliver exactly what they promise to the customers. 

Although the accessories are costly, they come in a package when buying the product. So, you don’t have to pay extra for them later.

Furthermore, they are ready to shoot from right out of the box. There’s no complex installing process. You can just take your new crossbow and test it because it comes mounted. 

They have one of the best arrow puller units. All these factors do justify its high price.

Hopefully, this discussion was informative for you. 


Question: Where to find the serial number located in the crossbow?

Answer: The serial number is placed in the center of the guide. This is where the bowstring stays in a resting position. The bow has to be cocked to see the number for Trac-trigger-firing system crossbows.

Question: How long can I keep my Ravin crossbow cocked?

Answer: It’s safe to keep your crossbow cocked when you’re hunting in a stale position. For safety reasons, don’t walk in hunting locations with your crossbow cocked. Also, don’t keep the bow cocked for more than 8 hours.

Question: How long does the string last?

Answer: The life expectancy of the Ravin crossbow depends on many issues. Such as care & maintenance, weather condition, number of shots, etc. It’s recommended to change the string every 2 years or after 400 shots.


That was all from us about the ravin crossbow problems. Hopefully, this discussion was informative enough for you.

Until next time stay safe.

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