Ravin R9 Problems: Everything You Need to Know

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The Ravin R9 Predator is the result of a collaboration. Between a group of dedicated hunters and world-class product designers. A group set out to innovate reverse-draw technology and create the most precise crossbow ever.

Although it lives up to that standard, you may face a few problems with it. So what are these ravin r9 problems

Instability in shots, disorientation in usage, accuracy, and velocity issues are a few examples. This commonly occurs due to deploying the incorrect tools or failing to take proper care of them. It can be due to using the wrong arrows. Improper cocking, improper tuning, irregular maintenance, etc can also affect your Ravin R9. 

Most of the time, you won't even have to deal with these issues. You'll be able to solve them even if you don't.

Read our article for more information. Keep on reading!

Problems You May Face with Your Ravin R9

Problems You May Face with Your Ravin R9

When it comes to hassle-free and accurate hunting, Ravin R9 is your best choice. But there might be times when you may face a few problems with it. This is seen in almost every crossbow. You may face problems with your scorpyd crossbow, venom crossbow problems, or even assassin crossbows. 

Don’t worry, they are all solvable. Today we will tell you how to solve Ravin R9 problems. Check it out.

Problem 1: Using Wrong Arrows

You need to shoot an arrow with the right amount of weight, strength, and penetration power for hunting. Using incompatible arrows with your crossbow will only deteriorate its condition. 


Most crossbow manufacturers propose specific lengths and grain weights. Some even specify the material as well as the length of the fletching.

Ravin recommends only using Ravin®-branded arrows with Ravin® clip-on nocks. These will be the perfect 3d arrows for this model. 

Any other crossbow should not be used with Ravin®-branded arrows. Flat, half-moon, slotted moon, or universal nock arrows should also be avoided.

Here are the ones you should try. – 

Product 1
Product 2

Changing or switching arrows will result in faulty and inaccurate. Lighter arrows may fly faster. However, keep in mind that faster isn't necessarily better.

Problem 2: Improper Cocking Position

When you're hunting in a stationary posture, it's safe to have your crossbow primed. Do not stalk or walk to or from your hunting position while your crossbow is cocked. This is for safely loading your crossbow. Improper positioning can lead to disoriented and unexpected shots. 


Keep your crossbow cocked for no longer than 8 hours. To fire straight, a crossbow must be cocked correctly every time. The serving must be centered on the rail, and both sides must be of equal length. The bow is fully cocked and locked into position at this moment.

The impact point can be many inches off target to the left or right depending on the range. Even if the hit point is off-center by as little as 1/16 inch. The greater the range, the more probable it is to be inaccurate.

Problem 3: Wear And Tear 

With gradual use, there will be wear and tear. You may experience accuracy problems as a result of loose components. But this can be prevented with adequate routine maintenance. 

The string should survive at least 100 rounds with good string and crossbow maintenance. Several hundred shots are also not uncommon.


Except for the server and, in some circumstances, the wires, the most critical tasks are lubricating the flight rail and waxing the string.

Examine the trigger box, axles on compound versions, and any exposed fasteners for frayed strings and limbs, and oil them.

You should always use the best products recommended by the manufacturer including good quality lif risers

Problem 4: Proper Tuning 

Proper tuning is an absolute necessity for every crossbow. It must be properly tuned with a balanced height and tiler. 

You'll notice that the string creeps ahead as it extends. If you draw a line on the side of the flight track where the string crosses. That's normal, however, arrow velocity will alter as the string stretches and settles. Arrow impact sites will be higher or lower than before. 


Simply replace the string if this is the case. And, if necessary, the wires to fix the problem on complex models.  Make sure to use the best materials such as d-loops for your crossbow.

Keep in mind that you must properly care for your crossbow. Otherwise, it won’t survive.

Things To Be Careful About Your Ravin R9

There's no doubt that the Ravin R9 is a strong machine. With its power, there can be dangerous outcomes as well. 

Ravin R9

As a result, there are a few things to keep in mind when using it. By following these factors, you can ensure safety while enjoying its power to the fullest. 

So make sure to follow these basic guidelines. –

  • Your Ravin®safety Crossbow's features, as well as any of its parts or attachments, should not be removed, modified, or disabled.
  • Other than target shooting and hunting, do not use your Ravin® Crossbow.

Follow the safety rules and suggestions in this manual.

  • Wear safety eyewear when handling or operating your Ravin® Crossbow. At all times, keep your fingers behind the finger guard.
  • Before transporting or doing maintenance on your Ravin® Crossbow, unload and uncock it. 
  • Keep your Ravin® Crossbow stored away from children in a cupboard or safe.
  • Carefully handle your Ravin® Crossbow, especially when it's cocked and loaded.
  • Don't rely entirely on the safety mechanism, which can be accidentally shifted into an unsafe position.

When you're utilizing your ravin r9, keep these points in mind. That way you will never face any unprecedented accident or inconvenience. 


Question: Does Ravin R9 have deer killing power?

Answer: The Ravin R9 crossbow delivers rifle-like power, accuracy, and handling. As a result, it has a lethal deer-killing capability.

Question: What is the difference between Ravin R9 and R10?

Answer: The difference between the two is the cocking system. The Raven R10 has a cranking aid that reduces the draw weight to just 12 pounds. The Ravin R9/R15 has a 190-pound draw weight. The Ravin R9 is also speedier than the Ravin R10.

Question: Are Ravin crossbows safe?

Answer: Yes, Ravin crossbows are safe. You must, however, exercise caution. The crossbow may not fire if the nock is not entirely linked to the bowstring when the trigger is pulled. Resulting in the bow discharging while re-nocking the arrow. This may create an injury threat to users. 

Question: How far can a Ravin crossbow shoot?

Answer: The Ravin R9 crossbow is a one-of-a-kind, quirky, and remarkably accurate crossbow. It is lightweight and small. It can go up to 100 yards.

Question: How fast is a Ravin R9?

Answer: It's a high-capacity narrow crossbow. When cocked, the R9 is only six inches axle-to-axle. When it comes to speed, it has a top speed of 390+ feet per second.

Final Words

Now you know all the probable ravin r9 problems. So if you are facing a bad day with your crossbow, you will know what’s going on.

With that done, you can have a smooth hunting experience. You won’t ever feel the frustration of your crossbow not working. 

We tried our best to explain everything as accurately as we can. 

Thank you for your patience and for sticking with us to the end.

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