Why Do My Arrows Go Left: 6 Reasons for Missing the Mark

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Have you visited the firing range recently? After firing a few arrows found that most of your shots were off the mark. Confused as to why that’s happening. Fret no more because we can help you figure out why your arrows go left.

Have you been pondering why do my arrows go left?

The most prevalent cause of off-target shots is releasing projectiles with a weak spine. Arrows that are too feeble for your crossbow may twist too much in mid-flight. As a result, they miss the mark. Shooting a bow with the incorrect draw length could also cause issues.

We’ve only provided you with a short intro to the topic. If we’ve kept your attention till now why don’t you read on and learn loads.

6 Reasons Why Your Arrows Go Left

We’ve covered 6 reasons why your arrows might be going left. We suggest you go through them to figure out where you went wrong.

Why Your Arrows Go Left

Reason1: Bow Torque

Torque is a centrifugal force that makes entities spin around on their sides. Bow torque is created organically by bows. As a result, excellent archers learn to fix bow torque with great skill. If you don't manage it properly, it will simply slide your projectiles to the edge. As a result, your shots are continually off.

Inadequate bow holding and out-of-tune gear have always been the most prominent culprits. It's pretty simple to identify if you know what you’re looking for. If you're gripping the bow and it seems like it tries to turn then it's most likely your issue.When you're firing a compound bow, I'd recommend getting your bow examined first. Since working with out-of-tune gear is counterproductive. Recurve bows are far less prone to torque induced by out-of-tuneness.

Reason2: Draw Length

Your marksmanship will suffer if you fire a bow with the incorrect draw length for you. Firing with the incorrect draw length will cause you to lose your hold. It also interferes with your shape.What is the length of your bow's draw? Assuming you're unsure, consult your nearest archery shop if one exists. Then have them take a full draw measurement of your bow. You could do it manually if you don't even have an archery store nearby. Changing bowtech draw length is very simple.

Reason 3: Weak Arrow Spine

Are you a novice to archery and selected your own shafts? Then you might need to visit a competent archery shop. Allow one of the employees there to examine your bow and the projectiles you're now releasing.Most amateurs tend to purchase arrows that they believe are appropriate for their bows. Alas, it turns out to be less than that.

Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of arrows that are perfect for all situations. Here are our recommended arrows.

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Fret not, we aren’t trying to sell you anything defective. These arrows have been used by us before and were well received by our friends too.

Reason: 4 Sight and Bow out of Tune

A good explanation for why your arrows are consistently off the mark is out-of-tune gear. You can't really ignore any of it because it can nearly be any element of the bow. There’s also a chance that the truglo sight needs adjusting. I would certainly recommend having your bow adjusted in any instance. Especially so if you suspect that it's out of balance.

Reason: 5 Improper Anchoring

Anchoring is vital for effective bow striking, and that's one of the first skills archers learn. It's easy to ignore since it's such a major element of the shooting process.Incorrect anchoring can undermine your efficiency and cause your projectiles to always go over to the sides. That typically occurs when you're stabilizing, but yet have a problem with your method.

Tilting your drawing arm too much to one side, your arrows might go the opposite way. The majority of archers utilize their jawline or the bottom of their mouth as a base. But regrettably, they can still be slightly off their mark.

To see if grounding is the problem you need to do a few things. Firstly, try moving your anchor point somewhat to the position you shot it off in. If you constantly fire to the left, try shifting your endpoint to the left. Move it a bit to the side if you're aiming right.

Make minor tweaks because they may have a major impact on the placement of the picture. I'd think of it as a context of attempting to locate the optimal anchor point. Through this you may get acclimated once you understand the gist of it.

It's reasonable to presume you're doing something wrong even if you've done it a thousand times. However, some archers cultivate undesirable routines, whether from the start or with time.

Reason: 6 The Wind

The wind may seem like a simple natural thing to you. But most people are unaware that a modest 10 mph breeze can force projectiles to wander. This happens even if the striking range is around 30 yards. 

If you're not competing or killing, a light breeze may not make that much difference. However, if you're trying to hit an exact place, then every inch counts.

We hope that all the above reasons above solved some of your troubles.


Question: Can I use broadheads to sight in my bow?

Answer: A hunting bow must be calibrated to the projectiles and broadheads you intend to use. Always calibrate the bow with a similar weight is known positions as the broadheads. The arrow rest is an essential component of a properly tuned bow. 

Question: Are broadheads capable of flying like field points?
Answer: Mechanical broadhead manufacturers have assured customers that their device will fly similar to a field point. Certain mechanical broadhead models do provide a similar-looking “practice point.” But this appears to be an acknowledgment that they do not fly like other field points.

Question: Do broadheads have a lower ballistic coefficient than field points?
Answer: Shoot one broadhead followed by two field tips. Your arrow rest is too low if the field tips group is greater than the broadhead. Broadheads may plane deeper than field tips as a result of this.

Final Words

We hope this article answers all your questions as to why do my arrows go left? 

Through reading the article we hope that you’ve learned where your faults lie. With practice and patience, you’ll become a better archer in no time. 

Take care!

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