About Us

The Story Behind I Like Outdoor

Jack Dillon, the founder of I Like Outdoor is a professional camping guide as well as an outdoor enthusiast. He loves to lose himself across the woods and green, whenever he gets a chance to. And that alone has got himself tons of experiences, stories and knowledge and any form of outdoor excursion. 

I Like Outdoor is the place where Jack and his fellow teammates put together all of that knowledge and guides. The purpose is to let any beginner get as much help as he needs to start with camping, hiking, survival, offshore living, etc. 

Who’s Behind The Curtain?

Jack Dillon is the founder and I Like Outdoor is practically his brainchild. But there is an entire team who’s making the wonderful content happen on a daily basis. Have a look at the team we have here-  

  • Writers and Editors: 3
  • Product analysts: 2
  • Outdoor Specialist: 3
  • Research and Development: 4
  • Web Developer and Publisher: 1
  • SEO and Marketing Executive: 3
  • Data analyst: 3

How We’re Keeping Our Content Values Intact?

Hiking, camping, and getting lost might be hard, but writing quality content on those subjects is not easy as well. 

Hence, we follow strict editorial guidelines across all of our contents and make sure they’re technically solid as well. We have a panel of Outdoor Specialists who oversee all of the content and the information presented across them. 

We publish how-to guides, stories, tips, general knowledge breakdowns, and product reviews. And we maintain the same quality standards across all of the forms of content. 

Get In Touch

We will love to hear your thoughts about our platform and the contents within. Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.

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