Fun And Easy DIY Camping Signs

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Camping has always been a mix of fun, adventure, and excitement, whether it’s a month-long backpacking journey or a weekend escape; there's a world to explore and so much to anticipate. One activity I'm eager to try on my next trip is creating DIY camping signs. They've become increasingly popular, offering a unique way to personalize the camping experience. 

I have to admit,I've always leaned towards convenience, opting for store-bought items from Amazon or Etsy, but there’s something special about DIY projects. They add a unique touch to any camping setup, especially for those who enjoy adorning their glamping space or RV. These signs not only decorate the site but when they RV travel away from the campsite, their rv camping signs also travel with them, adding a personal touch wherever they go. I can't say I'm that enthusiastic about it yet, but who knows? After my first sign, maybe that will be me. I am quite invested at this point, doing my research, to make sure my sign is made properly, can't have the rain wash my hard work away.

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Now let's get to the reason you're here: If you want to start making your own DIY signs? Here are some great tips I've come across:

Chalkboard or Whiteboard Creations

DIY Camping Signs Chalkboard

Using a chalkboard or whiteboard for your camp signs seems to be an ingenious way to switch it up and keep your messages fresh. These boards are readily available at craft stores and Amazon , or you can embrace the DIY spirit and make one yourself. Arm yourself with colorful chalks and a bundle of great ideas, and you're all set to captivate your fellow campers strolling by your site.

Wooden Signs

DIY Camping Signs Wood

A wooden camping sign is not as hard to make as I assumed it would be. If you have access to a laser engraver you can do some awesome stuff. You can even make custom camping signs. You can either carve or paint your message onto the wooden sign and then just seal it to protect it from the elements.  Wood glue would seal more than one piece of wood together. Or just take a single piece of wood, sand it to create a smooth surface, and then paint or carve your message. For people with a sense of humor, funny camping signs are great during special festivities and fun events. 

Many people love mountain silhouettes or mountain tops for their camping signs. Here's the guide I'm using to get me through these mountain silhouette signs

A DIY wood triangle banner shape camping sign is also a technique that DIY campers like to know about. You might end up being so professional you will want to sell your goods on a seller portal from your travel trailer or your office depot!


Tin Or Metal Signs

DIY Camping Signs Metal Tin

Tin or metal signs seem ideal to make because they are weather-resistant and durable. To make a tin sign, get a piece of tin, a stencil and some paint. You can write by freehand or use a stencil. When it’s complete, a good idea would be to seal the tin sign so that you protect it from the weather. Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear is a good one.

Painted Stones

DIY Camping Signs Rock

This is such a simple but highly effective way to get a message across. And to be honest, this will most likely be my first DIY camp sign i try out. Using white paint or other reflective paints, will help the stones show more at night. What you do is find some smooth type stones or rocks; not too big unless you don’t intend to lug them around – and then just give them a paint job. You can also use stencils on the rocks or stones to create something more detailed. Just wait for the paint to dry, and then you can seal the stones with the Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear we mentioned above.

Wood Burning

DIY Camping Signs Wood Burning

Wood burning is not a special art that only some people can do. You can do it too. But in case you're like me and want to fine-tune your wood-burning skills, this wood-burning beginner’s kits can help you out. I've seen some signs displayed on an RV that were so attractive and beautifully made, that I initially thought they were a new window or front door.

Slat Camping Sign

DIY Camping Signs Slat

A slat sign is easy to make. All you will need is wood slats, which you can get from your home improvement store. They will cut it to the size you want. You'll also need a printed image on a card, some white craft glue and string or rope for easy hanging. You can use one slat at the top and one at the bottom. Paint or stain the wood as you please. Just remember to let the paint dry before you start gluing anything. See the pic below to see how the end result will look. If the glue is insufficient to hold the string or twine, perhaps a staple gun would be better to make sure it stays.  It's all explained here.

Other Tools To Use For Your DIY Camping Signs

  • Permanent markers can be used on wood after you prime it. Then write and seal it later.
  • Metallic paint markers or chalk markers. You can do painting with acrylics. Buy yourself a basic acrylic set with some low price brushes. I just happen to have some that I caught a good black Friday deal on for a different project. 
  • Then there are always recycled materials, which make wonderful and fun camping signs. Maybe you love the thought of pinecones, or flowers made from paper towel, animal bones, personal use items, or a piece of vinyl. All you do is glue them to the sign using super glue or wood glue. To use vinyl on the sign, when stenciling, apply your stencil with transfer tape, and be sure to use a smoothing tool to adhere the vinyl to the slat sign.
  • Stenciling and spraying is still probably the easiest way to DIY wood camp signs. If you spray paint your sign, remember the sealant!

Want To Take It To The Next Level? 

You can store your projects in the cloud, using Cricut Design Space.  Cricut Design Space may be used on your Android mobile devices as an app. 

Camping In Style

Creating a campsite sign can be pretty inspiring, fun, and creative. They're perfect additions for the campsite. Whether you make your own sign, or buy one, adding it to your campsite is a great way to show your personality and make your space feel more like home. After all, your campsite should reflect your unique style and personality. If my sign can add great value around the campsite; peacefulness, happiness, and good vibes, I'll be one happy camper. 

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