Mystery Ranch vs Kifaru

Mystery Ranch vs Kifaru: Which Is the Best Backpack?


When going outdoors for hunting, you need to have a good quality backpack. But there are a lot of hunting backpacks out there. This makes your decision pretty difficult. 

So, what are the differences between mystery ranch vs kifaru?

The price of the two bags is different. Because kifaru is more expensive. However, mystery ranch is heavier than kifaru backpacks. Both packs also have different configurations and frames. Furthermore, mystery ranch has a volume of 80L. But kifaru has a capacity of 94L. 

So many things are still not clearly stated. But don’t worry! We have provided a detailed comparison, which will surely help you. 

So, let’s start reading to reach the right decision! 

Kifaru Vs Mystery Ranch: Short Comparison

Now, before getting into the detailed comparison, let’s start with some basics. This is quite essential. Why you may ask? 

Well, if you don’t have any idea about them. Then you can’t go through a large amount of info regarding the two. This is advised before choosing from decked and truckvault too. 

So, let’s take a look at the main features of these two shortly-

Features  Kifaru  Mystery Ranch
Price  Expensive Cheaper
Frame and suspension Better Good
Weight  Light Heavy
Pocket configuration  Lid pocket but more pockets can be attached More pockets (Fixed)
Space or volume 94L 80L

That was the short intro for both the mystery ranch and kifaru backpacks. Do you already have a favorite? 

If not, let’s go through the next segments. Because we have explained each feature and compared them.

Mystery Ranch and Kifaru: Overall Comparison

Every hunter wants the best backpack for themselves. Just how every archer wants the perfect arrow puller

But to do so, you have to have a better knowledge about the two backpacks. This way the decision-making process will get much easier. 

Price Point 

You can already guess that the price for the two isn’t the same. To buy a mystery ranch backpack it can cost you around $500-$550. 

But in the case of kifaru, you need to increase your budget. Because it costs $100 more than mystery ranch. The total price for kifaru backpacks is around $600-$650. 

Winner: So, in terms of price, mystery ranch takes the win. 

Backpack Configuration & Volume

Mystery ranch has two front pockets. It also has 2 pockets in its lid. Furthermore, it comes with a huge compartment for your sleeping bag. 

Speaking of sleeping bags, do you have one? 

If not, here are some of our suggestions for sleeping bags-

Product 1
Product 2

On the other hand, kifaru doesn’t have many pockets. It has a pocket in the lid only. But pockets and accessories can be added to the backpack later on. You can choose any size and type of pockets you want. 

This makes the volume of the kifaru larger than that of mystery ranch. Kifaru comes with a 94L volume whereas mystery ranch is found with an 80-85L volume. 

Winner: The winner can vary depending on people. But we are crowning kifaru the winner. 

Frame & Suspension

Now, the frame is really important for your hunting backpack. Because not having the right support can hamper your health. For example, an incorrect frame is one of the reasons for severe back pain

Mystery ranch has an external frame. It has a fit that provides comfort and options for customizing. This new and improved frame comes with carbon fiber support stays. 

This eases the pressure and reduces the weight. This also gives flexibility and adjustability to wear over almost all types of torso. The load lifters on your main pack help to counter a heavy pack’s backward tilt. 

Now, kifaru has an internal frame that comes with composite and rigid stays. This frame is known to be flexible. The contoured and cupped waist belts (custom fitted) transfers the weight to your hips. 

Contoured straps help to stabilize the load that’s on your back without ever slipping. All of the weight is carried on the hip platform instead of your lower back or shoulder. This is why you’ll be completely safe. 

Also, this duplex frame is fully modular. Hence, it allows you to pick between your freighter or your pack. 

Winner: Both are great. But The belts on mystery ranch are pretty thick and not that wide. In reverse, belts on kifaru are much thinner and wider. 

Plus most people think it’s safe to carry weight on the hip area. Hence, kifaru wins this round. 

Weight of the Backpack

Now, how much your backpack weighs is super important. Because the weight of your backpack adds to the weight of your load. This way you’ll get a total load. 

If we look at mystery ranch first, it’s quite heavy. It weighs about 6lbs 4 oz. On the other hand, kifaru has a weight of 5 lbs 13 oz. 

Winner: So, it’s clear that mystery ranch weighs 0.4375 pounds more than kifaru. Hence, kifaru wins. 

Mystery Ranch or Kifaru: The Results

Which one should you choose? 

Well, both are good in their own way just like bergara and tikka. But you have to pick one. 

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight hunting backpack with more volume, kifaru is your winner. Plus it comes with more options for pockets and accessories. 

But you might not want to pay too much for a backpack. You also might think the heavyweight won’t ruin your hunting experience. In that case, choose mystery ranch. 


Question: Is a Mystery ranch backpack worth it?

Answer: Well, the answer actually depends. If you compare its price with the service it provides, yes it’s worth it. However, if you look at its weight, you might think it’s better to go for a lightweight bag.

Question: Are Kifaru bags made in the US?

Answer: Yes, kifaru backpacks are made in America. The backpack is made of strong and tough material. Hence, they will last you a long time.

Question: Is mystery ranch backpack made in the US?

Answer: Yup, some of this brand’s backpack is made in the USA. For example, the outdoor, fire, and tactical backpacks are mostly made in America. While some other backpacks are made in countries such as the Philippines.


We have reached our limit regarding the debate between mystery ranch vs kifaru. Hopefully, you have come to a decision already. If not, take some more time and go through the comparison again.

Good luck!

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