Mystery Ranch vs Kifaru: Which Is the Best Backpack?

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Mystery Ranch Vs Kifaru Backpacks: Gear Update 1751

In today’s world, some people live strenuous lives. They spend long and hard days outside in the elements – wind, sun, rain, hail, snow. Just fortunately you get manufacturers of backpacks who understand this; they have set out to make the right gear for these kinds of people. From the outback, the battlefields, in disastrous weather conditions, the people roughing it out there can be equally equipped with top backpacks. Two top backpack manufacturers come to mind; Mystery Ranch and Kifaru. We are going to compare Mystery Ranch vs Kifaru.

Mystery Ranch

Mystery Ranch has been improving on its famous backpack design since 2000. Based in Montana, their founders are Dana Gleason and Renée Sippel-Baker. Their goal was to make backpacks that were stronger, better, more flexible, durable and comfortable to wear, even when loaded. They achieved that, so much so, that even the Navy SEALS and Green Berets rely on their backpacks. 

If you have a lust for adventure, then you will probably want a new backpack from the one of last year. Whatever the activity you love doing, Mystery Ranch has the backpack for you – Ski backpacks, travel bags, firefighter-specific backpacks, military backpacks, and more. If you are still not sure what specs and features are best for your needs, remember you can always reach out to a hiking and camping expert before filling out an order form.

If you want to buy a Mystery Ranch backpack consider just a couple of things; what your intended use is for the pack, the amount of stuff you need to carry, and what will make your outdoor time easier and more enjoyable. 

When you ask what is the best pack around, the name Mystery Ranch always comes up. They have fine-tuned everything in their design process to ensure their backpacks will last you a lifetime. 

Each backpack of Mystery Ranch has been created specifically for efficiency and usefulness. Whatever type of backpack is required for your activity, particular features will cater to that. Basically, if you want a backpack for backpacking trips, then you can check out their line of backpacking bags. You would want to know how much gear each backpack would carry.   Maybe you just want a small day pack to carry water and a days worth of food, etc. Maybe you want something bigger that can accommodate more stuff like water, food, first aid kits, shoes, etc. 

As backpack volume is measured in liters, usually you will find that a 10-20 L pack will do you well for day hikes. A 20 L pack will be the equivalent of between a 1.5 and 2.5 lb. pack. Then you get backpacks that are in the 55-75 L (a fair amount of weight) for the longer backpacking trips. The Mystery Ranch men’s backpack, which is popular for skiing, has a zipped main compartment for access to the main bag and place for a tuck-a-way helmet carry. For heavy and awkward-shaped objects, Mystery Ranch offers their load sling, the perfect solution for carrying odd-shaped, heavy loads. 

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Each of the Mystery Ranch packs will have features to best suit what activities you plan on doing. Some features that may appeal to you depending on your needs would be:

  • Internal hydration systems
  • High-tech suspension system
  • Advanced weather resistance
  • Extra shoulder and hip padding
  • Waist belts
  • Sternum straps

Another specific feature, for instance, of the Mystery Ranch Marshall backpack is the compartment on the lower portion of the bag that is designed for a sleeping bag.

Remember to also consider what you want to spend on your new pack. Mystery Ranch has different options for different budgets. The more basic models are nice for everyday use. They will be cheaper than the more specialized and durable backpacks.  

About Kifaru

Kifaru was established in 1997. It was Kifaru who pioneered the original idea of USA-made hunting gear. They made their backpacks to handle the needs of the battlefields and the backcountry, but just as much for daily life.

Kifaru International is based in Wyoming. Patrick Smith, who owned Kifaru, said he chose the name Kifaru because it means rhinoceros in Swahili. 

The company buys all American-made materials and employs Americans to do the stitching and assemble the heavy-duty, military-grade packs.  Rhinos are known across the globe for their gentle strength, which is an applicable representation of the company’s products. 

When Patrick retired, he sold the company to the company president, Aeron Snyder in 2014. But Patrick and Aaron continued to develop and expand their line. Today, you could say they have the perfect backpacks – Because not all backpacks are created equal. 

One component of the backpack they have created, and is very important to the design, is the backpack frame. Check out Kifaru’s duplex frame. Like all of Kifaru’s Duplex bags, there is a load shelf sewn on the bottom back of the bag above the tensioner straps. The Duplex Tactical Frame has composite stays that transfer weight to the hips via a custom-fitted waist belt. Kifaru ensures that their backpack frames are interchangeable with a whole heap of good but different packs from a day pack to the most advanced high end packs. 

Kifara believes in one important principle to them and that is to make their backpacks heavy-duty in construction, wear, and performance. They want to ensure that their gear imbues the best characteristics of such a magnificent beast as the Rhino. That means that their backpacks are extremely well-built and tough with enough room for all your needs. It’s not just good luck that brought them where they are today. Their slogan says it all : “Gear for life”.

They believe in top customer service, delivering what their customers want. The users of their backpacks are hardened hunters, outdoors enthusiasts, and hikers. They go to Kifaru because they are tired of poor-fitting packs. Hunters, for instance, need their packs to hold all their gear; they want a good pack with a dry bag, and one that also will allow for the transportation of a harvested animal! For those looking into efficient game transportation solutions, our detailed guide on the best deer drags provides essential information to complement your gear.

Not all outdoor enthusiasts will add additional weight to their packs like hunters do. Often hunters need to retrieve their prey from unforgiving territories where there is wind, snow, and harsh environments. Kifaru takes care of all these requirements. The company is committed to continue the development of their backpacks, continuing to monitor and maintain their high quality. They try to ensure that all of their backpacks are capable of the weight support needed by hunters, by making them interchangeable with their frames. Customers can pair their backpack and frame depending on their specific requirements. Kifaru realizes that when a buyer has a great fit, they can transport loads that are heavier and with less discomfort. Users love the lumbar pad that rests in the small of their backs to help balance the load and prevent the pack from digging into their backs.

IIt’s Kifaru’s commitment to its customers that helps set it apart from the competition. They help to take your adventure to the next level, ensuring every aspect of your gear, from comfort to capacity, enhancing your outdoor experience. For hunters seeking to enhance their equipment further, selecting the right broadhead is crucial for ensuring a successful hunt. Our comprehensive review of ‘The Best Crossbow Broadheads for Hunting: Top 24‘ offers in-depth insights into the top choices available on the market, helping you make an informed decision to match your hunting style and needs. Explore the guide to find the perfect broadhead that combines precision, efficiency, and reliability for your next outdoor adventure.

It's a Good Idea to Compare Mystery Ranch and Kifaru

might not offer buyers the expected comfort levels
 more comfortable
costs less
more expensive
the load capacity of Mystery Ranch isn’t that high because they are lightweight packs designed to bear lower weights
∙has extra load-bearing capacity.  
∙made to bear heavy loads and easily match high-weight loading capacities
not as many likes as Kifaru
seems to get more likes
guarantees everything from shrinkage to animal encounters for the practical lifetime of the product. Check their warranty policies
company states the lifetime warranty is for the normal lifetime of the product. to find out what people are saying about their warranties, check this forum.

Mystery Ranch says you can add add-ons or accessories to your backpack, such as straps, specialized pouches, and external pockets, or you can complete your field kit. 
At Kifaru, you can find backpack accessories. Visit their website to learn more about their hunting packs and accessories.
internal and external
internal and external

Other Good Bag Options

… and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I clean my backpack – Can I put it in the washing machine?

Mystery Ranch backpacks should not be machine-washed.

Look here at how to wash the Kifaru backpack

  • Are backpacks one size fits all – How do I choose the size of my backpack?

The shoulder strap anchor points on your pack are 1-2 inches below the top of your shoulders. They are roughly at the top of your shoulder blades. If it isn’t, then your hip belt is at the wrong level or your backpack's torso length is incorrect. Click here for more info. 

  • How tight should the shoulder straps be?

Make sure they’re not too tight. Place 2-3 fingers between the shoulder strap and your body. Your backpack might be equipped with two small straps that are located at the top of the shoulder straps. These are called load lifters or compression straps. 

  • How much does a Mystery Ranch crew cab weigh?

The crew crab overall weight of the backpack is around 8 pounds or 3.6 kg. This backpack is a do-anything military backpack. It can carry plenty – such as EOD gear, robots, Pelican cases, ammo cans, and plenty more. 

Final Words

While comparing the Mystery Ranch and Kifaru Packs, always consider what you are going to spend. The budget you have will play a big role in backpack products. The nice thing is that if you are prepared to spend a little more money, or much money, you can have extra durability, more weight-bearing capacity, and better customization in the long run. 

The Mystery Ranch and the Kifaru are both great packs. Both make for a good option with good reason to choose it. it’s going to be a hard decision; Good Luck!

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