Little Buddy Heater Problems

Little Buddy Heater Problems: Explained


Imagine you’re on a fishing trip. Suddenly you’re facing problems with your little buddy heater. You don’t know what to do because you never knew this could happen. 

So, what are little buddy heater problems?

The most common problem for a buddy heater is the burner won’t fire up. Faulty valves and sensors can be a reason for this. Another problem is the pilot light won’t stay lit. The last problem you might face is, the heater won’t turn on in cold temperatures. Not cleaning your little buddy heater can be the cause of this problem. 

Are you still confused? Don’t worry. Spare a few minutes and read our article. We promise it’ll clear your confusion. 

So, let’s get started!

Little Buddy Heater Problems

Suppose you want to buy a Horton Storm RDX. Before you buy it you’d want to know about horton storm RDX problems. Same way you would want to know about your little buddy heater problems. 

This is why we suggest you know about these problems. So, let’s see the most common problems that a little buddy heater can cause-

Problem 1: Burner Won’t Fire Up 

If you own a little buddy heater, you might already know about this problem. But if you don’t, it’s good to have a little heads up. 

A very common problem for the little buddy heater is that the burner won’t heat up. If you see your pilot light turn on but the heater won’t, you have this issue. 

One reason why this could be happening is, the valve plugged in there has gone bad. Keeping your buddy heater on for 6-7 hours can be another reason. Because of this the valve would then deteriorate and get damaged. 

The last reason can be, the sensor not heating enough. If your thermocouple is not closer to the flame, the burner won’t light up.


Unlike ravin crossbow issues, you can fix this little buddy heater problem. To fix it, you might need to try multiple methods. So, let’s see the solutions we have- 

Solution 1: Fixing The Thermocouple

Just take apart your little buddy heater. Then take your thermocouple and move it a little closer to the flame. This way it will heat the sensor properly. 

Solution 2: Clean The Orifice

If the first solution didn’t fix your problem, try to remove the orifice. To remove it, you’ll need 11 & 12 mm wrenches. 

First, you need to get to the back of the unit and remove the gas line nut. Then safely remove the office and soak it in isopropyl for 15 minutes. Let it dry for some time afterward. 

Remember to never poke anything into the orifice. If you do, you will ruin the thin film that’s inside there.  Lastly, put everything back to where it belongs. 

Problem 2: Main Flame Stops Working in Cold Temperature

If you have used your little buddy heater for several years, you’ll face this problem. You will see your pilot work but not your main flame. If your little buddy heater is not clean enough, you might go through an issue. 

The dirt and dust will damage its burner in the long run. Because of this, the burner won’t work in cold temperatures.


The most common problem you’ll face is that the burner won’t start in freezing temperature. There are a few convenient solutions to this problem- 

Solution 1: Reinstall the Thermocouple 

Take the heater all apart. Then remove and reinstall the push on thermocouple connection to the tip over switch. 

Tighten the nut where the thermocouple signal enters the regulator afterward. It will work fine afterwards. You can check if the problem is solved. 

Solution 2: Replace the Solenoid Valve

On the second unit, disassemble the main control valve. Change the solenoid valve between the replacement and the original unit.

The remaining unit will run under full manual control if the main control valve is gutted. There will be no safeguards on it as a result of this. 

But before you go hunting with this, check if the little buddy propane heater works. To do that, try heating your garage with the propane heater. If not, we recommend you don’t  try this unless you have no other options. 

Problem 3: Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

Another very typical problem for little buddy heaters is that the pilot won’t stay lit. The machine will start to show problems after a few years in this case. One sign is the burner will go out after a few minutes and won’t light up.

What is the reason behind this issue? 

Well, your sensor not working can properly be a reason for this. 


There is a simple solution for this problem. That is to hold down the red start button for 30-60 seconds. After that, your pilot light is supposed to work just fine. If it doesn’t, you can try cleaning the pilot orifice. 

If you’re an archer you would want to know about the best arrow puller and if it has problems. Likewise you now know about the problems you might face with your little buddy heater. But you also have the solutions for your problem as well. 


Question: How to clean a thermocouple?

Answer:  Remove some cotton from the q-end, tip’s. Make sure it’s slightly smaller in diameter than the pilot tube. In the isopropyl rubbing alcohol, dip the q-tip.

Question: Is the little buddy heater safe?

Answer: Yes, the little buddy heater is safe. A low oxygen sensor on this heater instantly turns it off. This is a safety feature that prevents the production of carbon monoxide.

Question: How long does a little buddy heater run?

Answer: It runs roughly about 4-6 hours. Running it at maximum capacity for 3 hours will deplete the two propane tanks. Running it on medium will last 4 to 5 hours. But running it on low will last about 6 hours.

Final Word

Now you know about little buddy heater problems. You also know how to fix these problems. We hope our solutions help you every way you want it to.

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