Dryshod vs Muck Boots Review : Which is Better?

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Which Should You Pick? : Dryshod Vs Muck Boots

You might boast stunning leather boots in your cupboard and you adore wearing them in dry cold weather in the city and out and about – But what of the outdoor enthusiasts? What happens if it’s wet, icy weather and rainy weather, and your favorite sport is ice fishing or stomping around adventurously in the wild, in all kinds of weather? That’s when you will want a new pair of boots; Mucks or perhaps your first pair of Dryshods. 

Muck vs Dryshod

When it comes to Dryshod Arctic Storms vs Mucks Arctic Ice model might just be what you need. Read these reviews and chats on this Ice Fishing Forum – it might be 4 years old but it gives you an idea of people discussing and giving their opinions about last year boots; the Dryshod brand as well as the Muck brand. 

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People are always confused about which pair to get. They want to know what is the better choice; the better option. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you a bit about both so you can make up your own mind.

Here’s a brief comparison table of Muck vs Dryshod boots so you have a rough idea of what you’re working with: (and by the way, they’re both very attractive!)

Dry Shod vs Muck Boots

Excellent. Look at their Arctic Pro boot
Hydrokote water repellent is featured on all Dryshod footwear products
100% waterproof – no wet feet for  you
The Dryshod boots are constructed with a hydrophobic layer of nano-coating
The neoprene uppers are both waterproofare both waterproof and self-insulating. 
Their boots are designed to be durable and withstand wear and tear. Check out their warranty  
Most people find they get a year wear and tear and some last 3-5 years for some people

OK, let’s look at Muck boots vs Dryshod boots in a bit more detail:

Performance in icy cold weather

The Dryshod boots have been designed with a hydrophobic layer of nano-coating. That makes them completely water repellent. Wearing the Dryshod boot, you can rest assured that ice won’t be able to penetrate, even if you walk through cold icy, slushy water for extended hours.

The Muck boots have been designed from solid polycarbonate plastic. This makes them perfectly resistant to heat conduction. When you have your Muck boots on, you will be able to endure hot and icy cold temperatures. If you like boots that bend and are more pliable, the Dryshod boots might be a good choice here, as the Muck boots can become a bit rigid in extreme cold. Check out the best options to suit your needs best when it comes to choosing between Muck and Dryshod.


Dryshod boots comprise 2 layers of materials consisting of neoprene and polycarbonate plastic. Neoprene material is breathable, allowing the outflow of heat. No heat from the outside will enter into the boots and cause your legs to feel uncomfortably hot. With the Dryshod boots, you will always feel comfortable in rainy weather too.

Muck boots don’t allow for any breathability. There is no chance of heat or airflow being transferred through the walls of your Muck boots. This might be an issue for you and finding them suitable for a lot of walking in humid and wet conditions.

Durability and Lifetime


Because Dryshod boots are made from neoprene material, they won’t crack or tear easily, nor do they suffer any wear on them after you have used them. Rest assured, Dryshod boots vs Muck will be highly durable and totally worthy of their price. 

Muck boots are only manufactured from solid polycarbonate plastic, so they can experience tears and cracks when coming under extreme physical pressure. It might mean that the Muck boots won’t last beyond 2-3 years of purchase.

Quality of fit

Dryshod boots have extreme flexibility in the boot walls. It offers the wearer a very comfortable fit. For instance, if you were to buy a pair of wrong-sized Dryshod boots, you probably wouldn’t feel too much discomfort (that’s thanks to their flexible nature).

The Muck boots, on the other hand, aren’t flexible and don’t offer much adjustment in terms of fit. When buying the Muck boots, if you didn’t buy the correct size of boots for your feet, you would have to return them to get the right fit.

Appearance and Design

The Dryshod boots look very modern and stylish for those who still love to look fashionable. 

The Muck boots have a more rigid look, because as we mentioned above, they have been constructed from solid polycarbonate plastic. They look more like practical working boots, ready to do the job. They come in different designs and colors so suit your personality and usage.


The best feature of the Dryshod boots is that they’re 100% waterproof – and they are breathable. They have also been very well thermally insulated. Your feet will never get cold even if you are in the snow for a very long time. Being fitted out with nano-hydrophobic particle coating means all water molecules are repelled in both wet and cold conditions. 

The manufacturing company of Muck boots is a very old one, with heaps of experience in boot making. With Muck, you know you are getting the quality of the boots; plus years of experience. Not only are a pair of Mucks suitable to wear in extreme temperatures and environments, they will keep you feeling comfy for plenty of activities such as everyday chores on the farm, for hunting, gardening, and more. Have you tried the Muck Wetlands? These are knee-high workhorse boots. They have heaps of traction and shaft height and yet weight such a little. 

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Range and Availability

Both the Muck and Dryshod boots are widely available.  Most shoe stores stock these amazing boots, but they are also available on the two websites. While you’re at it, check out their wide range of boots for other outdoor activities. Late season hunters love the Muck wetlands mentioned above, but the Dryshod boots will work here too.

Beyond selecting the right boots for your outdoor activities, preparing effectively for your adventures is crucial. Packing the right gear can make a significant difference in your comfort and success, whether you're hunting, camping, or ice fishing. For comprehensive insights into packing smartly for any outdoor scenario, explore our guide on How to Pack for Camping.

Price Range

Check out the prices of the Dryshod boots online, as well as the Muck boots. They will have different prices depending on the type of boot you settle on. If you are looking for comfort, you will find it in both of these boots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Which out of the two boots mentioned, is the warmer one to wear?

Answer: Dryshod boots are warmer because they are made from Neoprene material. They are further enhanced with a hydrophobic coating. Heat can’t escape because of these materials.

Question: Who founded Muck Boots?

Answer: The founder of the Muck Boot Company is Jim Donohue. Jim created a new company from the basement of his home in Danbury, CT.

Question: Are lacrosse boots good?

Answer: Yes, their boots have received wide acclaim. Check out some customer reviews of Lacrosse. 

Question: Do Dryshod boots stretch out?

Answer: Yes your Dryshod boots might stretch out. Regular usage of the boots can wear off the elasticity of the rubber that has been used. Hence they start to stretch.

Final Words

Choosing between these two top-rated boots will be a tough decision. People often choose the Muck in snow and ice and the Dryshods for camping and hunting, etc. Your decision will be made according to price too. Whichever boots you choose, they can be a great investment for anyone deciding to buy their 1st pair. But whether it’s a pair of Muck boots or a pair of Dry shod boots, you can’t go wrong with any of them. As you can see from our discussion, each boot comes with good things – They are the best of the best boots! Good luck with your choice!

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