Truglo Bow Sight Adjustment: Here’s How You Get it Done

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After hearing a lot of good things about the truglo bow sight, get one for yourself? But confused as to how to adjust it. Fret not, we’ll help you remove all the confusion.

How is the truglo bow sight adjustment done?

After shooting three arrows, release the bolt that allows you to shift the sights assembly. Adjust the scope assembly in the direction of the prey. Then, move your pin-up or down until your target falls where you wanted it to. The top pin must be kept in the upper portion of the sight enclosure.

Have you been pleased with everything you’ve read till now? So continue to read on and learn how to properly adjust the scope on your bow.

Why You Should Adjust the Sight on Your Truglo Bow?

Why You Should Adjust the Sight on Your Truglo Bow

Are used to firing guns and dealing with their scopes? Then my friend you’re in for quite the surprise. You’ll find that the scope on a bow is poles apart from that on a rifle. You probably know that the scope on a gun will employ magnification to help the shooter. 

But the scope on an archery bow will not do the same. An archery bow scope has a  round encampment holding pins that correlate with a certain range.  

If you tag the pin on the target the archer will make a precise shot. Your scope is a fundamental element, so make sure that you pick one you’re comfortable shooting. If your sights aren’t adjusted it’s highly likely that you’ll discover your arrows flying left.

By adjusting the sights you can effectively make great shots. If you’ve anyone counting for you, you can go from expecting a 60-foot shot to making an 80-foot shot. This shouldn’t take too much time with practice and a proper bow and sight.

Here’s How You Adjust the Sight on a Truglo Bow?

Adjusting the sight on a Truglo Bow might seem like a lot of work. Especially if you haven’t done this before. Well, now we’ll help and guide you through the process.

Necessary Components

  • Truglo Sight
  • Shooting Discs

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The steps go into detail and cover how you can adjust the truglo bow sight. It should help with everything.

Step 1: Take Your Stance

Configure your mark at a range of 45 yards. Arrange your physique in the firing posture you like. Pull your bow firmly.

Step 2: Place the Peep Sight

If you've got a peep sight fitted on the thread, check through that. Place the peep sight on the TruGlo sight's 45-yard point. While you gaze down your peep sight, move your bow to orient the 45-yard point.  

Step 3: Shoot the Arrow

Mount the 45-yard needle on the center if you don't have a peep sight. Then shoot the arrow. Remain aware of how the arrow is positioned with respect to the center mark.

Step 4: Adjust the Scope and Altitude

If your arrowhead strikes below that target, raise the altitude. Raise the scope by loosening the elevation lever. Move the scope downwards if the shot lands overhead. This is referred to as pursuing the arrow.

Step 5: Make Some Final Adjustments

Unscrew the windage ring. To adjust your arrow to the appropriate place, rotate the sight left or right. Recall, if you want the arrow to move the left, move the sight left. The same can be said about the right.

After following the above steps you shouldn’t have any more problems with adjusting the truglo bow sight. Now that we’ve got that dealt with you might think about adjusting the draw length on your bow. This is another important part of archery that you should probably know how to do.


Question: What are the second and third bearings of a bow scope?

Answer: The first axis denotes the position of the support frame in reference to the bow. The position of the visual range head and pins is shown by the second axis. The third axis relates to the tilt of the visual range head. This could be either outward from or towards you, much like a window frame.

Question: How do Truglo bow optics function?

Answer: The optics use fiber-optic cabling to boost luminance in low-light or dark environments. LED lights are used in certain vision types to improve fiber optics. These scopes have increased optical sight pin vitality. This makes it simpler to detect your target in low-light situations.

Question: Which bows are frequently adjustable?

Answer: Most compound bows have draw length and draw weight adjustments. A bow that can be modified for increased draw weight as you gain strength through repetition might be a great option.

Final Words

We tried to answer everything related to truglo bow sight adjustment. Hope we covered everything you wanted to know. 

The information we provided can also be used for adjusting a 3 pin bow sight. Since the mechanism of the two are pretty similar and can be interchanged.

We wish you luck with archery. May Apollo’s light shine upon you!

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