Can Deer Smell Thermacell? Know If It Can Bother Hunting

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Thermacell emits chemical radiation that keeps pests away. But the radiation might also send the animals away. That’s where you might think of this question-

Can deer smell Thermacell?

The scientific explanation is that yes, deers can smell Thermacell. Thermacell has a 15-meter radius. A lot of hunters say that the radiation does not bother their hunting. That the smell is very mild. But a lot of hunters also complain that they think Thermacell radiation chases the animals away. 

Is this what you’re looking for? Then carry on till the end of this article to know everything about Thermacell regarding hunting. Also, we’ll tell you how to use Thermacell.

So let’s get started!

General Overview – Can Deer Smell Thermacell?

Thermacell is a mosquito repellent device which is used to keep the bugs away. The all-natural repellent is made from a blend of EPA-approved chemicals.

Can deer smell Thermacell

Check if your treestand has any problem. If not, then turn on your Thermacell. After that you can be relieved from annoying bugs and mosquitoes. But does deer smell it?

The answer is yes, and more. Deer do not just smell the Thermacell device when you light it up. The chemicals in the repellent are also very enticing for deer. Because it mimics a natural scent that deer feed on in their native habitat of forests. 

For this reason, deer are attracted to areas that have Thermacells lit up. This has led to many people being caught unaware of a surprise encounter with these creatures!

How Thermacell Works

Thermacell's patented technology offers a welcome relief from mosquitoes

and other insects. Thermacells don't fly Unlike sprays, aerosols, or lotions, Thermacells don't fly to offer protection. They create a 15-foot zone of protection. All you have to do is set the device in a mosquito-infested area. Flip the power switch and enjoy up to 12 hours of relief without those irritating bites.

In all Thermacell products a butane cartridge is used to heat a small mat. Mosquito repellant is absorbed into the mat. There are no open flames, so don't be concerned. As a result, it is completely secure and safe to use near textiles and children. The repellant is released into the air when the mat heats.

One butane cartridge and three mats are included with each appliance. Only the butane cartridges and repellant mats need to be refilled. Here are some product suggestions for you.

Product 1
Product 2

These are the best packs that work with Thermacell. And so we recommend them. Now, let’s get back to the explanation again.

Thermacell devices are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Instead of DEET, they employ allethrin. It's a man-made replica of a chemical found in Chrysanthemums.

When your ThermaCELL gadget is turned on, the chemical activates. The bugs will die within minutes of coming into touch with the allethrin chemical. That's the way things operate!

Can Thermacell Bother Your Hunting?

A lot of hunters use Thermacell at the time of hunting. So it's easy to think if deer can smell Thermacell and run away. Thermacell is well-known as one of the most popular mosquito repellents on the market. It is also an effective deer deterrent.

Can Thermacell Bother Your Hunting

So as said before, deer can smell Thermacell. They can smell Thermacell from miles away. And you won’t wish to make that mistake especially since you are planning to hunt them. So you better make sure your Thermacell is working for deer control.

Thermacell has two modes of operation. One is used in conjunction with a camouflage suit, a piece of clothing, or a backpack. It allows you to blend into your surroundings as if invisible while hunting. This will work even though you will still be seen by wildlife.

So Thermacell might or might not interrupt your hunting. The deers can smell Thermacell. But it’s not certain that they’ll be chased away by it. Sometimes the unfamiliar smell might frighten them and so they might move on to some other place. 

Also, the human scent is not hidden because of Thermacell. So deers might also be scared away from that human scent.

3 Tips to Use Thermacell When Hunting

Here we will be explaining some tips that might help you with using Thermacell while hunting. So have a look.

Positioning Thermacell Upwind

Even though Thermacell is not toxic for humans, inhaling it directly isn’t a good choice. So place it in a place where the fume doesn’t get into your nose directly. 

Keep It Charged

Thermacell batteries can lose their functionality if you don’t charge them properly. Wait for it to be fully charged and then unplug it. Otherwise, it might cause problems like the thermacell light not turning on

Pick a Good Hunting Spot

Remember that the Thermacell smell does not hide the human scent. Also, there is a chance that the deers will be afraid of the unfamiliar smell of the fumes. So pick a good hunting spot. As a result, both your and the Thermacell’s scent are not exposed to your prey.

That’s all you have to keep in mind. Thermacell is great to use. And if you can keep these tips in mind, you can surely benefit.


Question: Can it be a problem if I breathe Thermacell?

Answer: Despite the fact that the Thermacell is EPA certified, there are certain precautions to take. Such as keeping the lantern away from open food. You should also avoid breathing the vapor directly.

Question: How frequently should I replace my Thermacell repelling mats?

Answer: When a repellent mat goes white, it must be replaced. You can use a mat continuously for up to 4 hours. Also you may, however, find mats that last an extra 1 or 2 hours.

Question: How often should I replace Thermacell cartridges?

Answer: A cartridge can last up to 12 hours of continuous usage before needing to be replaced. It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Winding Up

We hope now you know can deer smell Thermacell or not. You should always set up at a place where neither your, nor the Thermacells’ smell can reach the deer directly.

Wish you all the best. Good hunting!

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