Best Button Compasses: To Not Get Lost While Hunting!

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To find the best compass for your hunting trip is quite troublesome, we know!

There are so many bad products you can buy if you are not careful enough. Their incapability can lead you to be lost in the woods. And getting lost is the last thing you want in a forest.

So to ensure your safety, you need a good button compass that is accurate and portable.

The efficiency of a button compass is undeniable. To keep your tracks while hunting as well as to pack the lowest weight in your luggage. 

Even the military code is to keep one while doing outdoor activities. So you will need to pack the best button compass you can find.

To make your work easier, we have used 30 button compasses in the market. And we have found the best 5 button compasses. So read along to find out our top picks to buy the best one-

Comparison Table

Product Name Dimension Weight
SUUNTO Clipper Compass

1.43 x 1.94 x 2.18 inches 1.12 Ounces
Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass

4.9 x 2.6 x 0.9 inches 0.32 Ounces
Sun Company GoCompass

5.71 x 3.74 x 0.75 inches 0.35 Ounces
Kissmi Button Compass 5.3 x 3.4 x 0.4 inches 2.89 Ounces
Keenso Button Compass

0.79 x 0.79 x 0.2 inches 0.67 Ounces

Keenso Button Compass

Product Overview

Sometimes mini compasses are often misplaced or they break frequently. It is very frustrating to have one of them close and then find them inoperable. Especially while hunting in a forest.

Keenso Button Compass

Keeping multiple compasses can be a resourceful option. Therefore, Keenso presents you with 12 pieces of oil-filled mini button compasses in a pack. 

 12 pieces of oil-filled mini button compasses in a pack

These compasses are made with high-quality plastic. It is durable and practical. Although some customers have complained about the pointer swinging freely and accurately in oil. As the guide reacts sensitively, you won’t lose direction while going outdoors

These pieces are perfect for mountaineering, orienteering, outdoor riding, camping, and most importantly hunting. It has great precision at navigation.

Keenso’s portable sizes help you carry it easily in the wild. It reduces the weight of your luggage, freeing your hands. So you can engage in various activities rather than handling tools like compasses.

The best thing about this product is you will have plenty of them if some of them break. 

But this product is our last pick because of its price. We have added other compasses that are relatively cheaper like kissmi and bayite company’s products.

Also, these compasses don’t have clip-on or strips to attach with maps or bags or cloths. Meaning you have to put it in the pocket and it can get lost or fall off.

If you don’t feel like this one is for you, you can check out our other 4 recommended products.


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Green Direction Label That Does Not Strain Your eyes


  • Does not have straps or clip
  • Relatively less durable 

Kissmi Button Compass

Product Overview

Kissmi Button compasses are also a great fit for completing your survival kit. Their 20 pieces a pack saves you a lot of trips to the store.

 20 pieces a pack

As an emergency outdoor survival accessory, their multiple mini compasses are perfect. You can attach them to any backpack strap, wristbands, etc.

backpack strap, wristbands

This works great as a replacement for whistle compasses or lost survival bracelets. Their button sizes are perfect for paracord bracelets. And their weight makes it absolutely unnoticeable.

Besides, the Kissmi Button compass’s large surface design makes the dial readable. 

These compasses can be affected by slight magnetic interference. As they are shipped together, it may seem they are not pointing in the right direction. So the manual guide advises strongly to put them separately overnight.

Preferring the number of compasses and moderate durability, Kissmi Button Compasses are recommended.


  • Comes in a pack of 20
  • Ideal for paracord bracelets
  • Large surface design, easy to read
  • More durable than rubber compasses
  • Excellent for kids craft


  • Often Inaccurate in giving direction
  • Too small

Sun Company GoCompass

Product Overview

In our top five list, Sun Company GoCompass will be our third pick. Go Compass’s makes for a great backup compass.  

Sun Company GoCompass

Starting off, the GoCompass is made out of durable plastic. Its molded ABS housing protects its capsule and gives the ease of installation on a watch band. As it’s cushion-mounted, GoCompasses are perfect for camping, hunting, or hiking.

These mini compasses are liquid-filled and luminous. Low-lit places, especially in any forest, you can easily use them. 

The most appealing thing about these button compasses is their compact sizes. You can wear them with your homemade paracord bracelet or attach them with a backpack strap.

You can also attach them with your standard-sized watches (up to 22.5mm wide & 2.5mm thick). For their 0.2 ounces of weight, you won’t even notice its presence on your watchband. They are both great for adults and kids.

Another feature that makes it our top 3rd pick is its rotating bezel. This feature is perfect for scuba diving or hunting.  You can also use it as a watch.

You can also use it as a watch

Although they are very promising at first, some users have complained about their durability. It's also too small for all types of wristbands. 

types of wristbands

Even after being almost the same as the Suunto compasses, they are less compatible.. Depending on your budget and need, we advise you to choose wisely.


  • Easy to read
  • Lightweight
  • Luminous and liquid-filled
  • Fits on most standard-sized watch bands.


  • Doesn’t fit on all types of watches.

Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass

Product Overview

Like the Kissmi Button compass, the Bayite button compass is also perfect for a survival kit. They come in a pack of ten. So even if a few of them get replaced or fractured you can always use another. Their multi-purpose features make these compasses our 2nd top pick.

Bayite Hard Shell Liquid Filled Button Compass

The best thing about this product is its price. You see, this compass is the most affordable one in the list. . 

They are very small with a diameter of 3 or 4 inches and easy to carry. Their compact sizes are ideal for making a paracord bracelet.

Bayite button compass’s hard shell design is durable and great for outdoor emergencies.These liquid filled compasses are great for tinder. You can just crack the cover open and start a fire.

These button compasses have a clear dome top and black flat bottom. That gives the user an easy readable dial. They are also lit enough to use in dark places.

For their small structure, an apparent insignificant difference in the magnetic field around can disrupt the axis. Keep in mind that keeping them all together can create magnetic interference. 

If you prefer quantity over quality then we recommend Bayite hard shell button compass.


  • Cheap and comes in a pack
  • Can be used as tinder
  • Ideal size to wear with a paracord bracelet
  • Hard shell design is durable


  • Inconsistent while kept together.

SUUNTO Clipper Compass

Product Overview

Finally, at our top pick we have Suunto Clipper compass!

If you are looking for a compass you can carry easily, SUUNTO Clipper Compass will be a great choice for you. This compass easily attaches to your sleeve, backpack strap, watch strap, or map edge. 

SUUNTO Clipper Compass

You can free up your hands while hiking or moving. This compass is great for underwater navigation, cycling or hunting. Although you can’t attach it to anything larger than the clip’s surface. It will slip right off.

You can carry it like a penny as it’s light and small. But because of the compass's relatively small structure, it’s often misplaced.

Suunto clipper compass is also well known for its accurate and safe navigation. The letters denoting the directions N, W, E are written on with big fonts. So, it is easy to read.

easy to read

Suunto compass requires no batteries, making it perfect for going on long trips. So, for your time consuming hunting trip, this compass will be perfect. 

The compass is liquid filled. It mostly uses kerosene and is easy to refill. The great thing about kerosene is this liquid doesn’t freeze up.

This compass has luminescent marking, so it’s operable in low light. Making it a resourceful thing to have during camping..

Suunto’s 80 years long reputation is quite big. Their high quality craftsmanship, pioneering innovation and certain accuracy have been praised highly. We recommend this as an essential with your hunting tools.


  • Luminescent markings for low light use.
  • Easy to use and read
  • Easy to carry


  • Relatively fragile 
  • Slip easily off any larger surface

Buying Guide

During hunting, navigation is a fairly important aspect. Especially if you are going in a deep forest or vast place. So a portable button compass is your friend.

deep forest or vast place 

But there is a vast market of button compasses. Finding the right compass for your hunting trip depends on various factors. You need to focus on the things you want on compasses.

We have given you the features of our best pick in button compasses. Now let us give you a summery and thorough comparison to give you a good insight among them.

Durability & Portability

One of the most important factors in buying almost anything is the product’s durability. No exception for button compasses as well. 

Durability & Portability

The button compasses we recommend you are oil filled. Oil filled compasses are quite durable if they don’t get air bubbles inside them. Whereas, Magnetic compasses can lose their durability over time. 

Also oil filled compasses are more accurate as it damps the compass needle. Which helps it to stop faster and swing better.

In terms of durability Bayite Hard shell Button compasses are more reliable. Their hard shell protects them from breaking easily. Sun Company Gocompass is also highly recommended as its molded ABS housing protects the body. Making it much more durable than others.

Suunto is also very durable. But some customers have complained about its portability. Due to its size it often gets misplaced. But they are very easy to carry.

All of the above compasses are small and portable. Bayite, Sun Company and Keenso compasses are very light and tiny. Making them easier to carry.

The kissmi, keenso and bayite come in a pack of multiple compasses. So they last more than one compass.

Straps & Clippers

One of the main reasons for choosing a button compass for hunting trips is that it will take up less place and work. A button compass’s small structure makes it perfect for placing it anywhere small like in pockets.

But the compasses that have straps or clippers are better than others. Their clippers help them to be attached with any surface. So you can attach it to the fabric you are wearing like your sleeves or bag straps.

You can also attach them to your maps so that you can use them to navigate on your map. The straps help you free up your hands during biking or any other activities. 

In our compass list except for the Keenso Button Compasses, other ones have straps and clippers. 

The Sun Company Gocompasses and Kissmi mini compasses are ideal for paracord bracelets..

Although Suunto clipper Compasses fall off heavy surfaces, it still is quite useful on average surfaces. They are great with slim fabrics and maps.

Easy To Read

While roaming outdoors at dark, having a button compass with luminescent markings can come pretty handy. It helps you navigate during night time or in a dark forest. It also helps you read the compasses easily.

The Suunto and Sun compasses have luminescent marking that enhances your navigation experience. On the other hand, Bayite mini compasses are good for tinder.

The dials of Suunto compasses are large enough to read easily.

 enough to read easily

Their large sign makes it a lot comprehensible. Bayite and kissmi have large surfaces and markings for users to navigate smoothly. 

But the Sun company and keenso have relatively smaller dials. Making them harder to read.

In the end we also can not forget that your choice is up to your needs. You have to understand which factor you put more importance on and buy accordingly. But we highly recommend you buy the Suunto Clipper Compasses for its popularity and positive reviews.

Hopefully our comparison can affect your decision. Don’t get overwhelmed. And trust us, you got this!

Why Buy a Button Compass?

Hunting is a great way to explore nature and create experiences with wildlife. Compasses can make your journey pretty smooth. 

It decreases your chances of getting lost while roaming around forests for animals. Getting a good compass is essential for survival in forests.

But for your safety, you need to carry as little equipment as you can. Therefore you should buy button compasses. They are small and portable. Freeing your hands for hunting or moving in the forest.

hunting or moving in the forest

Some people think button compasses are a waste of money. But we can assure you that it’s a very good investment and can help you in the long run.


Question: What to do if compasses have bubbles in them?

Answer: If your compass has bubbles in them, chances are your compass will stop working. To fix it, put it at room temperature. If that doesn’t fix it, place it in a warm place. That will help expand the liquid filling the whole compass. If it still doesn’t work, take it to an expert.

Question: How long does a button compass work?

Answer: A compass can last a long time depending on its durability. But the luminosity of a button compass lasts 8 hours at a stretch. You also have to be careful about it’s liquid so that it lasts longer.

Question: What other compasses can I use for my hunting trip?

Answer: There are so many compasses you can find to take to your hunting trip. If you want magnetic compasses Base plate compasses are the best. There are other magnetic compasses like Card compass, Thumb compass, Prismatic compass etc. Also non magnetic compasses like traditional oil filled ones are also quite good.

Final Verdict

Keeping a button compass in your hunting tools always comes in handy. As we have already discussed their importance, we can not deny that choosing the right compass will save us in emergencies.We hope that our article has helped you choose the best button compasses you can have. Also hopefully, you have understood the importance of your choice. And in the end, Happy Hunting!

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