Best ILF Riser: Archery Tool’s Exploration

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You strike a pose to shoot an arrow and right that moment the whole archer dismantles because of that one faulty riser. Now, won’t that be frustrating?

Well, that is only the worst-case scenario. Sometimes your ILF riser may not even match the ILF limbs or even support the bows that you picked. And that will force you to buy a new one.

Thus, you need the best ILF riser to combat such a tiring problem.

And to your luck, we are here with the top 5 ILF risers there are on the market. Our researchers have gone through all of the products available on the net and selected the top contestant so that you don’t have to take on the pain.

Besides that, we even took the liberty of adding a buying guide. So, if you’re a beginner and don’t know what to look for you can always take up some tips from the buying guide section.

Now, if you’re ready then we can dive into the topic-

Product Overview

Samick 25″ Recurve ILF Riser

Drum rolls: the first and foremost ILF riser on our list is the Samick 25″ Recurve ILF Riser. We know that this was a bit of a grand announcement but what can we do? The best product does need some pampering.

So, what makes this one so great?

Well, there are a number of reasons behind this. But what we admire the most about this product is its ability to host stabilizers, clickers, sight, and plungers. In other words, this product allows you to install all these items for further enhancement.

Apart from that, this particular ILF riser comes in 25 inches. This is a standard size for the ILF risers. That makes it beginner-friendly. So, even if you are a new user or you’re still at the intermediary level this ILF riser will be perfect.

Moreover, the main body of the Samick recurves ILF riser is constructed of die-cast aluminum. Now, this has a lot of advantages. For instance, this makes the riser lightweight.

Thus, the weight of this riser is 2.52 lbs. That makes it easy to use the archer and you can also hold it for a long time. In the end, you won’t get fatigued.

Furthermore, it won’t corrode with time. Hence the life of this ILF riser is quite long. You can use it for quite some time before thinking of getting a replacement. And that makes it worth the purchase.


  • Allows further enhancements
  • Doesn’t corrode
  • Easy to use
  • You won’t get fatigued from using it
  • Comes in standard size


  • Only for right-handed users

Product Overview

As the runner-up, we have the TOPOINTARCHE 25” Recurve ILF Bow. We must say that this one did come very close to being the winner. But it lost by a few points. Besides, the second place ain’t that bad, right?

Well, hear this out. With this ILF riser, you get the liberty of choosing your own color. That is because this riser comes in 11 different shades. From the basics to blue and it even comes in this awesome shade called “ghost”.


Now, we know that color might not be your first choosing aspect. But this ILF riser has more to offer. For instance, a special alignment system. This ensures that it fits all the ILF limbs perfectly.

Thus, you won’t have to worry about your archer not being the proper fit. Besides this, the Topointarche arrow also comes in 25 inches. And this is the standard size for the ILF riser. This makes it user-friendly

Apart from that, this riser is also designed to ensure that none of the screws come off. Hence, your archer won’t dismantle in the middle of your shooting games or intense hunting sessions.

Plus, its design also ensures that this riser could fit the limb’s degree angle perfectly. This protects the limb’s contracting part. Hence it provides better stabilization than a lot of ILF risers out there in the market.


  • Offers a variety of color
  • Fits all ILF limbs
  • It is user-friendly
  • Screws won’t come off easily
  • Protects the limb


  • Tends to fall back onto your head when using a finger 

Product Overview

Samick 25″ ILF Bow Riser

Moving on, we have the Samick 25″ ILF Bow Riser. Now, we are aware that this is the third product on our list but hey maybe three is your lucky number?

Well, there are many things that this ILF riser offers. But we have to mention what we like the best. In our eyes, this is the most aesthetically pleasing ILF riser on the list. They look very top graded and they come in 4 different colors.

So, you have the option of choosing from black, red, blue, or purple. Nonetheless, this ILF riser is also 25 inches in length. Now, this is a standard size so you won’t have an issue working with this particular ILF riser.

Apart from that, the draw weight of this riser is measured against 28 inches of draw length. So, whatever you get will be the standard value that is internationally followed. Hence, you won’t get confused.

Moreover, this riser is made of aluminum. That makes the product quite sturdy in nature. Plus, this product tends to last long because of the quality of the material.

Furthermore, this one too has a special alignment system. This prevents the screw from falling off. At the same time, it also increases the stability of the overall archer.

But that is not all. This ILF riser is quite easy to assemble and disassemble. Plus, it fits all the ILF limbs. Thus, you won’t have any issues with mismatching the limbs and the risers.


  • It is aesthetically pleasing
  • You have a few color options
  • Sturdy in nature
  • It is long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Only for right-handed people

Product Overview

Moving on, we have a smaller riser. And this is the ZSHJG Archery 17 Inch Recurve ILF Bow Riser. Now, if you were looking for a bit of a smaller size for convenience then this might be the one for you.

ZSHJG Archery 17 Inch Recurve ILF Bow Riser

Well, if you went through our comparison table you must have seen that there are only two 7 inches ILF risers on our list. And this is one of them. That is because this one has a higher draw range than the other one.

With this particular riser, you can use 30-60 lbs draw weight. This long-range ensures that even if you don’t apply too much force while shooting the arrow this riser will make up for it.

Moreover, this riser is made of high-density hard maple laminate. That means this riser contains wooden fibers mixed with a resin. This is then subjected to immense pressure. Overall, this makes the riser strong and waterproof. 


  • Allows low range draw weight
  • It is strong
  • It is waterproof
  • Convenient to use


  • Only for right-handed users

Product Overview

Last but not least, we have the SinoArt ILF Bow Riser Recurve Archery Bows. This riser also has a few tricks up its sleeves. So, do give it a chance before you dismiss it as being the bottom of a barrel.

SinoArt ILF Bow Riser 17 inch Recurve Archery Bows

You see, among all the products on our list this is the most budget-friendly one. You can save quite a ton by investing in this riser. And that is not all. This riser is also the most lightweight riser on our list.

Its actual weight is only 2.25 pounds. The lightweight riser makes it suitable for long-term use. This is because it makes the whole archer lightweight and you can easily grasp it till you meet your target. Plus, it’s easy to carry.

Moreover, this is also a 17 inches rise. Well, that does explain the lightweight, doesn’t it?

A smaller riser will weigh less at the end of the day. But then again it weighs less than the previous product so that has to account for something.

And if that wasn’t all, this ILF riser also has an ILF Limb remake alignment system. Yep, just like the other ones in this list. So, this riser also doesn’t allow the screw to become loose and it doesn’t end in a disaster.

However, it doesn’t fit all ILF limbs. It only fits the ones that weigh between 36 to 60 lbs. So, that’s a limitation if you ask us. But if your limp fits right in this range then this one is not a bad choice.

Besides this, the Sinoart ILF riser is made of stainless steel. This makes sure that the riser does not corrode with time.


  • Easy to carry
  • You can use it for a long time
  • It is budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t corrode with time


  • Fits smaller hand better


Buying Guide

Are you still confused about which ILF riser to buy?

Well, that is pretty understandable since not all risers are meant for everyone. In other words, what is the best for person 1 is not necessarily the best for person 2.

But to understand which one suits you, you will need some detailed info. And that is what we are here to provide. In this section of our guide, we’ll walk through some of the basic things you should know about.

So, buckle up because we are about to start exploring.

Size of The Riser

The first thing to consider is the size of the riser. Now, every ILF riser has a varying size. This is to accompany different lengths of arrows. So, you have to choose the size of the riser according to your arrow size.

Otherwise, you might have some difficulty in mounting the arrow and later on shooting with it. As for the risers they can go as low as 13 inches. But the most standard size is 25 inches.

standard size is 25 inches

And the majority of the arrows on our list do fall within that range. But hey, there are varying sizes. Thus, you need to know which one might be the best for you.

Draw Length

Another important factor to know is your draw length. This is the length of the arrow that you can draw when you use your maximum strength. And this varies for different people.

If you want to know your draw length then you should go to an archery shop. They have the right tools to help you take your correct measurements. Now, the draw weight of the riser depends on your draw length.

But, what is the draw weight?

Well, we’ll discuss that in a bit. But you should also note that even a riser has a particular limit to draw length.

As for the arrow, it will vary according to your draw length. And if you want our recommendation then here you go-

Recommended Bow Length Draw length
66 Inches 26.5 Inches or Shorter
68 Inches 26.5 to 29 Inches
70 Inches Above 29 Inches

Draw Weight

The draw weight of the ILF riser is the maximum amount of weight the riser can support for your given draw length. Now, if you notice carefully the riser has its own particular draw weight.

Most of these risers have a standardized draw length of 28 inches. And then they have their assigned draw weight. For instance, some risers have a draw weight of 40 pounds.

That means that for a 28 draw length your draw weight should be 40 pounds. In other words, that is the maximum pressure you have to apply for your own draw length.

Now, things are easy if you have a perfect draw length of 28 inches. In that case, whatever is the draw weight on the riser should be your draw weight. However, for every extra inch of draw length, you need to add 2 extra pounds.

For instance- if your draw length is 29 inches your draw weight should be 42 pounds in that case.

Build Material Quality

One more thing to look into is the build material. Now, the cheaper ones are usually made of wood. These types of materials don’t usually last very long. And they are not that stable.

We recommend buying the ones made of aluminum. They are quite sturdy and can work for ages. In other words, they are quite durable in nature.

Ability To Fit All ILF Limbs

Now the “international” word in ILF may lead you to think that all the ILF risers will match the ILF limbs. Well, it is true in some cases. That is because those manufacturers do follow the standard procedure.

However, not all ILF risers can be a perfect match for all limbs. Some have limitations since they do not follow the standard set by the international rules. So, do ensure that your riser is fit for all ILF limbs.


Question: What is the full form of ILF?

Answer: The full form of ILF is International Limb Fitting. This is an international system that lets archers pair an ILF riser to ILF limbs. It’s a standard followed by every country in the world.

Question: How do you measure an ILF riser?

Answer: The measurements of the ILF riser are usually given in its package but if you want to take the measurements yourself take a measuring tape. Then take the measurements from the center of bolts at bases and add 5 inches. This is for the 2 ILF pockets at 2.5 inches on each side.

Question: Are all ILF limbs interchangeable?

Answer: Well, normally the ILF interchangeability isn’t a sure thing. This is because a few manufacturers use other standards to take measurements. And that results in certain differences among the ILF risers. However, most ILF limbs do fit another manufacturer’s ILF riser.

Question: How do I know my draw weight?

Answer: The standard for determining their draw weight is taken at 28 inches of draw length. The draw weight is marked on the bow's lower limb with the pound sign (#), such as 35# @ 28”. That translates to 35 pounds of draw weight at a 28-inch draw length.

To Sum Up

Well, in short, the best ILF riser is the one that matches your desired bow length, draw length and draw weight. If they can support all of these 3 measurements then it is the one for you.

Nevertheless, do look at the quality too. A good riser will run a long mile. Anyway, with that, we’ll say our goodbyes here. Do take care and best of luck with your purchasing decision!

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