Best D Loop Material: Improves Shooting Consistency

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Ain’t it a major issue when you fail to keep consistency with your arrow while shooting your prey? But did you ever give it a proper thought that can enhance the consistency? 

Well, d loop is one of those things that can create a difference in this regard. Yeah, a d loop seems like a very minor component but it creates a huge difference. But, you might wonder how it does that? 

Basically, the D loop creates a release point that you can use to shoot your arrow. This external point will make your arrow shooting more accurate and boost your hunting experience. 

Plus, it even prevents the serving from getting damaged. That’s why compound hunters always look for the best d loop material. It helps them to target and throw the arrow accurately which makes their hunting experience better. 

Therefore, we tried to go through the market and analyzed the best products. We handpicked 5 top products that we found suitable for compound hunters. 

Besides the product picking, we’ve also added a buying guide to make the whole thing easier for you. So, stick with us till the end to grab the necessary insights. 

Product Overview

Let’s get started with our most favorite product which is the 60X Custom Strings Flo. So if you’re thinking about making your own d loops, this string should be your must-have. 

First off, a professional hunter always prefers having an extra string in hand for urgent situations. Here, the product is 2 mm in diameter and 10 feet long. 

As you can understand, with a 10 feet long string you can make an ample amount of d loops. So, the string will last for quite a long time. And you can even replace your loops anytime you need.

60X Custom Strings Flo

Moving on, let’s focus on another thing which is the string material. The 60X custom string is made of stiff braided polyester. So, this one isn’t very elastic but very stiff. As a result, it can be very rigid. 

Also, this property makes it more durable. Hence, you can easily understand that you can use these 10 feet strings for a long time. This speaks for its budget-friendliness.

Lastly, the material has a very nice characteristic of consistent burns. This one helps you to make a very smooth and safe mushroom-looking edge of the d loop. 

But let me be honest about something, the string is very thin compared to other strings on our list. So, if you’re looking for something thick, this might not be your favorite pick. 


  • The string material quality is excellent 
  • Ties the loop nicely and holds the shape
  • Burns consistently
  • Durability is satisfying 


  • The thickness might disappoint some users 

Product Overview

Superloop Cir-Cut Archery Bowstring Release

Wondering which product we have in our list as the second good d loop material? Well, we have this cir-cut archery bowstring release from a tosuper loop in second. 

Starting off, this product is 2.4 mm in diameter and creates an amazing super loop for your bow release. On top of that, the string is 5 feet long. So, you can use it for quite a time and replace the d loop whenever you need to. 

That said, the best part is the string’s stiffness. While you’re making a d loop, the string has to keep hold of the bowstring. If they don’t stick together tightly, your d loop will come loose after some releases. Hence, this one is a perfect pick for any pro compound hunter. 

Most importantly, when someone is making a d loop by themselves, burning the edge of the knot is a challenging step. However, not all strings get burnt easily. This is an important factor while choosing your loop string. 

So, this string is immensely good at getting burnt parts. Surely, it can bag some extra points for this. Moreover, it’s too good at holding its shape and knots very nicely. 

Hence, you can clearly understand why this product is our second best pick among all the products we researched. 


  • The product quality is outstanding 
  • Works better than individual string loops 
  • Good at holding up the shape
  • Lasts for quite a while  


  • Needs some work so it doesn’t wear off easily 

Product Overview

We have already learned about two of our top picks. This is time to jump into a different type of product. So the third product on our list is a metal d loop from HRCHCG. 

As we have seen earlier, making the d loop by yourself is very easy. Moreover, you can adjust the size according to your needs. But when you need an urgent replacement while your is ongoing, making your own d loop can be tough. 

Then what should be your choice for those times? 

Yeah, you guessed it right. You must keep a metal d loop as well. Besides, some people don’t prefer the hassle of binding the d loop. Rather they like to install the metal d loop that comes with all the necessary stuff. 

HRCHCG Archery Compound Bow D Loop

As a plus point, the installation process requires a little time. Therefore, in our eyes, this product is the best one from the metal d loop category. They’re small and lightweight, so it increases the arrow speed. 

Also, it’s designed with trimmed standard nocks that provide balanced and even release points. Therefore, the failing of shoots due to inaccurate angling gets decreased. And the consistency gets improved. 


  • The easy installation saves time
  • Creates a balanced release point
  • Makes the shoots safe due to the positive peephole alignment 


  • Sometimes they might slip down through the string 

Product Overview

G Archery D Loop Metal Buckle Rope

As our fourth product, we have another metal d loop. This one is from G-Archery and great for wrist strap releases. In this style, the string goes around your wrist and the index finger taps the trigger. 

So, you must have a certain balance on your wrist and finger while following this style. This d loop will make the process easier for you. 

But wanna know the best feature about this loop? This loop can hold the knock tightly. Thus the release becomes smooth and doesn’t make you struggle a lot with it. 

Another important thing is the easy installation. It doesn’t require much work or time. So, you can even replace it in between your hunting sessions. 

Lastly, the durability makes this product stand out from the others. This metal d loop is more durable than the others of the same type. Besides, this is much stiffer than a nylon loop. So, this product can really be a good pick for any compound hunter. 


  • Has better durability 
  • Has more accuracy 
  • Very easy to install and adjust 


  • At times they might come off even after adjusting
  • The string might get affected in some cases

Product Overview

Mudder Store D Loop Compound Bow Metal

So, we are almost done with our product list. As our last pick, we have a compact d loop that comes with a total package. This one is from the brand Mudder store and this package comes with 3 sets of archery d loops and screwdrivers. 

But what makes this d loop a good pick is its design that ensures an effortless user experience. Here, the 4 screws keep it in its place and create a balanced release point. Moreover, the given screwdrivers make the installation and adjustment process much easier for you. 

On the other hand, the nocking loops create a protective effect. It prevents the string from getting damaged. Thus the durability of the bowstring increases. Besides, the accuracy of the shoots is also ensured by this product. 

The small and compact size makes it very easy to carry around. Hence a lot of hunters choose it for their instant replacement option. 


  • Comes with the necessary screws and screwdriver
  • Ensures an effortless experience 
  • Great for the sustainability of the bowstring 
  • Has topnotch accuracy 


  • The product quality needs some improvement
  • Might loosen up after a couple of shots 


Buying Guide

So there are two types of d loop materials available. One is the string type and the other is the metal type. 

Therefore, it’s obvious that you need to look for different types of factors for these two types of d loops. Hence, we made two different buying guides to make the whole thing clear for you. 

So, check this out-


So, pro hunters who have expertise in binding the d loop prefer making their own. They buy string and make d loops out of it anytime they need it. 

Therefore the question arises, what do they consider before choosing their strings? 

These are what anyone willing to buy d loop strings should check-


Obviously, the string material is something that you have to be concerned about. The stiffness which is utterly important in hunting greatly depends on this. 

Moreover, your string material must vary according to the type of your hunting. For instance, a polyester string is more stiff and rigid. Therefore, learn about the material types and choose yours wisely. 

The String Length

When you’re buying string to create d loops, you must consider the string length. This gives you an estimation of how many d loops you will be able to make with this string roll. 

The Diameter of the String

It’s kind of tough to bend a thicker string. Therefore, a thinner string can be transformed into a d loop quite easily. 

But wait a second before you conclude something like this- the thinner the string the better it is. Because it’s not. 

An extremely thin string has a lesser grip. Thus it can’t hold on to the bowstring tightly. Therefore, slipping off the bow or displacing is quite common.

So, you must choose a string with the optimum diameter that suits your needs. 


Basically, metal d loops are largely used by newbies who haven’t had enough expertise to make their d loop by themselves. So, it’s easier to attach one without rushing to the archery shop. 

But obviously, that’s not possible all the time. Even during the hunting session if you need urgent replacement, creating one can be time-consuming. This is where metal d loops come in handy. 

So, let’s see how you should pick the best metal d loops for you-

Weight & Size 

When we attach a metal loop with our bowstring, the extra weight is an actual thing to worry about. As hunting is all about releasing the arrow perfectly at the right time and hitting the target. Hence, the timing and the calculations must be perfectly done. 

So, extra weights can slow the arrow speed. That’s why checking the added weight of the d loop. And knowing how that will affect your arrow speed is very important. 

Installation Process & Necessary Equipment

The metal loop is an additional part that we attach with the bowstring. Hence, we must keep in mind the installation process and the things we’ll need for it. 

Therefore, some hunters prefer buying metal loops that come with a complete package including the screws and screwdrivers. If you choose the single loops then make sure you can arrange the other necessary stuff by yourself. 

The Stiffness of the D loop

We have already seen how important it is to ensure the stiffness of any kind of metal loop. If the d loop can’t hold the bowstring tightly, the release might get hampered even. 

The Stiffness of the D loop

So, make sure your metal d loop gets attached to the bowstring tightly. Otherwise, it can slip off and ruin the consistency of the throw. Here, consistency is one of the most important things about a d loop. 

So, keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a d loop to enhance your shooting or hunting experience. 

Why Is D Loop So Important? 

If we go through 30 years old hunting pictures, we won’t find any d loop in the arrow strings. So, the d loop is a new addition to hunting.

But nowadays, almost every compound hunter uses it. And, why is that?

To tell you the truth, yes it is. It might seem like a very tiny thing that holds no importance at all. But attaching one will give you quite a number of advantages. 

Let’s see what are those-

Prevents Arrow Pinching 

From the attaching point of your release, the string will cause a steep angle. This angle can cause your nocking points to rub the arrow. This thing is known as arrow pinching that hampers accuracy. 

But as a hunter, accuracy is literally the most important thing. If you miss your prey due to inaccurate angling, nothing can be more frustrating than this. 

Hence, by using a d loop, the problem of inaccurate angling gets decreased. 

Keeps Consistency

Using a d loop on the string ensures the consistency of the shoots. As the slightest amount of displacement of the arrow can cause you to lose your game. Thus, placing the d loop can secure the place for your shooting. 

You can also change the location quite easily. It means the d loop offers you the consistency as well as the quick replacement of your releasing place. 

Prevents String Damage 

Releasing the arrow directly from the string can easily make the string wear off. Due to the central force over a small area, the abrasion rate gets higher. Hence, the string gets damaged. 

So, what are the disadvantages of worn-off strings? 

Hunting is a game of speed and instant shooting. So, suddenly getting the string worn off. This will lead to replacing it in the middle of your hunting. Therefore, it will kill your valuable time and you might even miss some important calls. 


Question: What material is a d loop made out of?

Answer: Stiff braided polyester rope is considered to be the best material for a D loop. The ropes are durable and grip the string really well. 

Question: Are metal D loops any good?

Answer: Metal D loops are the best option for emergency replacement during outside camping. 

Question: Should you wax your D loop?

Answer: Waxing is good for your d loop. Waxing your loop makes the knot hold your stick like mud. 

Parting Word 

Alright, this is all we had to share about the best d loop material. Hope this helps you to choose the perfect one for you. 

The wilderness is full of uncertainties and missing a single shot makes a huge difference. Hence, choose your shooting materials wisely. 

Wishing you all the best for your upcoming hunting missions. Until next time, happy hunting.

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