Best Glue For Carbon Arrow Inserts: Detail Inspection

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Isn’t it frustrating when the carbon arrow inserts don’t stick in their place? Things can get more frustrating when the arrow falls apart when it’s in mid-flight. However, with the right glue, all these will be sorted.

But only the right one won’t do, you do want the best glue for carbon arrow inserts, now don’t you?

Our list of glues will give the option but you won’t have to go through thousands of products so it saves some hassles.

Plus, we’ve attached a buying guide that will help you in your journey of determining the right glue for yourself. Trust us when we say this, the buying guide is quite helpful. It provides you with some inside info.

So, come join us as we set sail into the journey of discovering the perfect glue for you-

Product Overview

Gorilla 4200130 2 Part Epoxy Glue

First and foremost, we have Gorilla 4200130 2 Part Epoxy Glue.  This one is the king in our eye but wait, why is it the winner? Well, the most unique feature about this product is that it comes in a syringe container.

Thus, you can accurately place the glue in the arrow inserts and you won’t miss a spot. In other words, the glue will not go right or left. They will always reach the target if you aim carefully. Plus, the syringes have better control.

But we like it because it looks cool. You can act like a boss in front of your friends and we’re pretty sure that they will be impressed as well.

Jokes apart! All of this syringe does help out in one scenario. And, that is the ease of application. Now, you don’t need extra time and hassle behind this process. All you have to do is use the syringe in the box to do the work for you.

However, if you still have a problem aiming for the arrow inserts then the setting time helps. You see, this glue has a setting time of 6 minutes. That is a bit of a long time to wait. But it will give you ample amount of time to fix your mistakes.

Moreover, it has a low melting point. The actual melting point is 180 F. Now, this is crucial when you’re buying glue for carbon arrow inserts. That is because for them you have to melt the glue.

And this is usually done by heating the arrow inserts. So, if you have glue with a high melting point then you will have to apply more heat to the arrow insert. That will be harmful to your arrow. Hence, this arrow is a decent choice.

Furthermore, the Gorilla 4200130 glue dries to a clear color. Thus your arrow won’t look damaged after you’re done gluing the arrow inserts. To top it off, you get a dry and clean finishing.

But that is not all, this glue is also pretty strong, permanent in nature, and fills up gaps in-between spaces. Thus, you can use it for other purposes.

However, the material has to be within wood, glass, ceramic, and metal. That is because this product is only compatible with these materials.


  • You can a good control
  • Gives you an ample amount of time to fix a mistake
  • Strong in nature
  • Clear in color
  • Serves multiple purposes


  • It is a bit messy to work with

Product Overview

Loctite ‎1363589-6 Ultra Gel Super Glue

As the runner-up, we have the Loctite ‎1363589-6 Ultra Gel Super Glue. Now, this one did come in second but the main reason was that it doesn’t come in a cool syringe container. However, you can save a few bucks with this glue.

That is because this is the least expensive glue on our little list. But don’t fret, the glue is not detrimental to your use or bad in any way. It still has amazing features that we do appreciate about this product.

For instance, this one has much less setting time compared to the first product. It is less than 5 minutes so the setting time for this one is only 1 minute. Hence, you know for a fact that this glue will dry faster.

However, it still gives you plenty of time to fix your mistakes if you do end up making one. Thus your arrow inserts won’t look all messy when you use this glue.

On top of all these, this glue comes in a patented, side-squeeze-designed container. Because of this feature, you get a decent amount of control over your work. And this also allows airtight storage of the glue for further use.

Moreover, this product is also compatible with a lot of materials. For instance, it works fine with metal, rubber, ceramics, wood, leather, paper, and plastics.

works fine with metal, rubber, ceramics, wood, leather, paper, and plastics

To top it off, this glue also dries to clear. And when it does dry it does not clamp. Hence, the arrow insert will not look terrible after you’re done gluing the carbon arrow inserts.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • Mistakes can be fixed if made
  • It dries to clear
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • You get precise control


  • It is a bit runny in nature

Product Overview

Bohning 1308 Ferry-L-Tite Cool Flex

Another product on our list is the Bohning 1308 Ferry-L-Tite Cool Flex. Now, remember this is one of the top 3 glue so it must have some sort of specialty. So, let’s check them out.

Well, to begin with, let’s talk about the most unique thing about this product. And that has to be the fact that this is not an ordinary glue that comes in a container. You see, this is more like a gel.

It was specially designed for carbon shafts. So, it has a very low melting point. Hence, it melts easily and attaches the carbon arrow inserts. Plus, this property enables the glue to be super easy to use.

Hence, you get a quite light and smooth coating on the arrow. But there can be a few cases of a minimal overflow of glue coming off when sliding the point into the shaft. However, it is still manageable if used properly.

One more unique thing is that this one has a setting time of 15 to 30 seconds. Now, if you have seen the comparison table then you know that this one has the lowest setting time.

Hence, you won’t have to wait for a very long time when you’re gluing the carbon arrow inserts. Instead, it will be done pretty fast and you can go hunting or target practicing with your arrow.

However, there is a bit of a drawback. And that is that it won’t pardon your mistake that easily. It will only work if you have a good reflex and know exactly when to fix your mistake. 

Other than that, you might face some messy situations. Plus, it is tough, elastic, and waterproof. Hence, even if you make the glue go through a round situation it will still fix itself and be on its ground.


  • It is easy to use
  • Melts quickly
  • You won’t have to wait for hours to let it dry
  • It is waterproof
  • It is tough in nature


  • Can result in minimal overflow

Product Overview

Moving on, we have the Arizona Archery 30521 Bond Glue. The “agent bond” glue is the most premium glue on our list But hey, there’s a reason behindMoreover, the glue dries to a clear color. That means it won’t leave everything. So, let’s take a look at why this glue is so worth its price or not.

Well, the container is designed in such a way that the tip has a sharp edge. Hence, you can apply the glue pretty precisely. Thus, the arrow inserts will be the glue in their place and the arrow will be perfect for use.

Arizona Archery 30521 Bond Glue

Moreover, the glue dries to a clear color. That means it won’t leave behind yellow trails that make the arrow look unpleasant. So, that is a win.

On top of all these, the setting time is also pretty low. It is the second-lowest setting time in our list, in fact. But we think that this setting time is the best of all.

That is because due to 30 to 60 seconds of buffering you get to fix any mistake that you make. But at the same time, you won’t have to wait for long for the glue to dry. Hence, that is an extra bonus for you.


  • It dries pretty quickly
  • It is reasonably strong
  • It dries to a clear color
  • Give you enough time to fix your mistake


  • A bit pricey

Product Overview

Devcon Epoxy GLUE-735.90 2 Ton Epoxy Glue

Last but not least we have Devcon Epoxy GLUE-735.90 2 Ton Epoxy Glue. This product is also a good choice but there’s not only one reason. In fact, there are many.

For instance, this glue has a strength of up to 2,500 psi. That is a lot of strength hence you can be sure that even if you hit your arrow a lot of times the carbon inserts won’t come off.

Moreover, it dries to clear so your arrow won’t look unpleasant. You will be able to use the arrow without feeling the need to hide it from your friends.

Plus, it is water-resistant. So, even if your arrow drenches in the rain the inserts will not come off. They will be in their place.

But the setting time is quite high. The highest on our list in fact. You have to wait for 30 minutes. That is a long time in fact. So, you have to have some patience if you wanna work with this glue.


  • It is strong
  • Dries to clear
  • Won’t be affected by water
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • Requires a long time to dry


Buying Guide

Woah, let’s take a breather. That was a lot of info to read in just a few minutes. You need time to process the info and make a final decision. However, you might still be confused about what to go with.

And it is quite normal if you don’t know the bare minimum qualities to look for. Thus we have compiled a list of basic qualities that glue for carbon arrow inserts should have. Have a read and see if it helps you out or not.

Besides, what do you have to lose, right?

Low Melting Temperature of The Glue

One of the first things to know about glue for arrow inserts is the benefit of the low melting temperature. You see, whenever you buy glue for this purpose you should always try to look for the ones with the lower melting temperature.

This is because the arrow inserts are not like your daily art projects. Having a glue that is super strong won’t be enough in this scenario. Thus, you have to melt the glue and use the hot melt on your arrow inserts.

That way they will stick properly and won’t come off even if you continuously hit the arrow. However, the process of melting glue is done by first heating the arrow inserts.

Now, the arrow inserts are mostly made of aluminum or carbon/graphite composite materials. So, they do have quite a high melting point. Thus you won’t have to worry about melting the arrow inserts altogether.

However, high temperatures can affect the shape of the arrow insert. Because of that, you may not be able to hit your desired target.

But if you have glue that melts at low temperatures then you won’t have to heat up the inserts too much. Ultimately, your arrow will be in good condition for you to use.

Adhesive Strength

Another important factor is the strength of the glue. You see, the glue has to be quite strong to hold the arrow inserts in their place. The feeble ones that you use to stick paper won’t obviously work on your carbon arrow inserts.

Thus, to serve your purpose try to go for industrial superglues that are known for sticking heavy machinery. Remember, you will be constantly hitting a hard target using your arrow.

So, you want them to stick as hard as possible and if possible never come out. Yep, that is the goal.

Setting Time

Next up, pay heed to the setting time. Now, this is not the same as curing time. With setting time it only states that the arrow inserts will be glued to such a point that you can touch the inserts softly.

However, if you apply too much force or poke the inserts a bit too much they do have a chance of coming off. Nevertheless, you want this set time to be as low as possible.

Well, the only benefit is that you will be saving some of your precious time. But you have to ensure one thing. You see, once the glue is set it will be hard to take it off.

Moreover, if you do try to take it off the glue might leave behind some of its trails. Hence, try to go with glue that gives you a generous amount of setting time so that you can fix any mistake you make while gluing.

Finishing Look

We all want our arrows to shine, right? It is another kind of pleasure. But if you use the wrong glue it might leave behind some yellow or unsatisfying marks.

So, you should try to go for glues that give a clear finishing after you are done. The transparent layer ensures that the arrow looks shiny and ready to be used for hunting or target practice.


Question: Can you attach the glue to arrow insets without melting it?

Answer: It will not be a wise idea to glue the arrow inserts in their place without melting the glue first. This is because it can lead to improper adhesion. Meaning the glue will not stick properly to the arrow inserts.

Question: How do you hot melt arrow inserts?

Answer: To melt your arrow inserts heat the hot-melt glue stick. Ensure that you use a small flame. Then apply a ring of hot adhesive to the inside parts of the shaft. Later hold each end of your point with your fingers and heat the exposed portion of the point or insert until you feel it getting warm.

Question: Can you use super glue on arrows?

Answer: This allows the ability to customize your arrows, as well as repair a damaged set of fletching. Though you can buy fletching glue, also called archery glue, you can also use superglue. Super glue can be particularly useful if you are in an area where archery supplies are difficult to acquire.

Question: Should arrow inserts be glued?

Answer: Do not handle inserts by gluing surfaces as doing so may lead to improper adhesion. Disposable gloves are recommended. Use only TIP GRIP adhesive to install inserts. Do not use hot melt glue on carbon arrows.

To Sum Up

In short, glues with low temperatures and high adhesive strengths are the best glue for carbon arrow inserts. Now, all the 5 products on our list do comply with these two factors.

However, It is still your decision. So, you get to call the final shots. Pick wisely. Otherwise, the arrow might not be assembled properly. Anyway, you have all the info you need. Hence, best of luck!

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