Best String Stop for Compound Bow: To Reduce Vibration

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“Ugh! I just missed another definite target because my bow vibrates excessively.”

We can feel the frustration in this scenario .

This happened to many hunters for quite a time. And missing a target within the range can displease a hunter to the utmost level.

Therefore, the solution to this problem becomes a burning concern for hunters. Yeah, obviously there’s a solution to this problem. What’s it then? 

Using a string stop can save the hunter’s day by reducing the oscillation. Hence, every professional hunter looks for the best string stop for compound bow.

But it’s really tough to find the one that suits your needs. So, we dissected the string stop market for you. Spent more than a week and examined 50 products. After a thorough analysis, we enlisted our handpicked products. 

You can put your trust in us and read. Sticking with us till the end will help you to find your desired product. 

Product Overview 

LimbSaver String Decelerator Kit

So, let’s start with the first product on our list which is from the brand LimbSaver. You must be wondering why our lens finds it the best of all. 

Okay, time to talk in detail about this product. 

Firstly, the material and its quality. This product is made of vibration-dampening NAVCOM material. Time to raise another question. 

What’s NAVCOM material? 

It’s a short form of Noise And Vibration Control Material. So, you can easily understand from the name it’s good at controlling noise. It’s mainly generated from vibration. 

This material helps the string stop to control the vibration as well as the sound. So, the hunting experience becomes smooth. Well, sound is bad for hunting, as it can scare your target. 

Therefore, this material is absolutely top-notch for making hunting products. After the discussion on the material, let’s move to the other features. 

Next up, we’ll talk about the progressive resistance pillar. What does it do? 

It works in two of the most important sectors- speed and noise. Firstly, it slows down the bow and secondly, it reduces the sound. The slapping noise gets minimized which really helps in hunting. 

Hence, you understand why we preferred this product so much. But it’s not done yet. We’ve more on our page to justify our choice. This product has a very good quality which is universal. 

How’s that? 

So, it fits in most bows because it has a universal mounting system. This quality makes it really a good choice for professional hunters who use a number of bows. 

Moreover, this is very easy to use and it comes with a complete kit. Hence using it isn’t much of an extra hassle. So you can take it on your cart if it suits you. 

The last thing is the prevention of hand slapping. So when you release an arrow, it’s natural that due to the immense force your hands will slap behind. This project helps you right there. 

You can use it to stop your hand from getting slapped. So, from tackling the huge range of vibration and energy frequency to durability. This product is definitely the best of all the products we researched. 

But that’s just our opinion. You might have other criteria that this one might not fulfill. Therefore, stick with us till the end for more products with unique and necessary features. 


  • The material prevents noise and vibration 
  • Progressive resistance pillar ensures better noise control
  • Prevents hand slapping 
  • Easy to install and can be used universally 
  • Satisfying durability 


  •  The weight might seem a bit heavier for some people 

Product Overview 

Time to get introduced to the second product on our list. It’s the PA Archery Compound Bow String Stop. This product is also very good and has similarities with the previous one. 

PA Archery Compound Bow String Stop

Just like our first product, it also has a progressive resistance pillar. It helps to remove the noise the most. Just to remind you again, noise reduction is significantly important for hunting. 

Now moving on to the most important part, the design engineering. This product is lightweight and has an efficient compact design. It’s especially good for vibration reduction. 

Besides, it has a universal mounting system. So it fits almost perfectly in most compound bows. The universal design facilitates it to mount in the front or rear accessory holes.  

Not even being partial, but this universal design makes this product a top pick for anyone. It’ll give you the opportunity to use the same string stop for several of your compound bows. 

Certainly, this makes the investment a worthy one for professional hunters. Hence, this product gets the hype. There are other two things about this product that match with the previous one. Wanna know what are they?

So, this product also efficiently prevents wrist-slapping. After releasing the shoot, your wrist is supposed to get slapped due to the speed reaction. So, this feature works in this regard. 

However, there are some cons of this product as well. You might consider them very carefully before picking them. 

So, what are the dark sides to consider about this particular product? 

Well, this product doesn’t contain any instructions. So it might be tough for newbies to utilize this. Moreover, at times it’s hard to adjust on the compound bow. 

So, if you wanna go for this, consider these things as well. Then if you think it suits you, pick it up. 


  • Progressive resistance pillar lessens noise 
  • The compact lightweight design makes it easy to carry around 
  • The universal mounting design ensures bow compatibility 
  • Prevents wrist-slapping 


  •  It doesn’t come with an instruction book so tough to utilize 

Product Overview 

MILAEM String Stop Bracket

Another compact-designed product on our list. This time it’s from the brand MILEAM. 

It’s lightweight and the design is just perfect for both compound bow and recurve bow. Yeah, it’s compatible with both types. So, if you’re a professional hunter who has multiple types of bows. Trust us, this can be a very good pick for you.

Moving on to the design and its bright sides. Firstly, the compact type of design makes the bow very efficient. It’ll efficiently remove the noises and control the speed. 

Moreover, this feature also helps to prevent hand slapping. As we already know about this, we can easily understand the necessity of this. 

Another important feature that we must not miss out on. The lightweight of this string stops. This particular type of string stop is really easy to carry around. 

So, you can pick it up to be your companion in long hunting missions. The weight will be minimum so carrying it won’t bother you much. 

Lastly, the most important thing – oscillation reduction. This is exactly why the string stop is necessary. And this product is excellent in this regard. So overall the product is quite good. 

Even though it comes without any instruction manual which creates a problem at times. But if you are already familiar with the usage of this type of string stop, it won’t be a huge issue. 


  • A budget-friendly product 
  • Excellent in vibration reduction 
  • Easy to carry because of the lightweight
  • Compatible with multiple types of bow 


  • Doesn’t comes with an instruction manual so tough to operate  

Product Overview

Saunders String Dampener

Say hello to the second last product on our list. So what’s the product? It’s the Saunders String Dampener. It’s a fine-quality string stop that can efficiently reduce sound and oscillation.    

The most impressive feature of this product is its best quality noise reduction. Some even say it’s deadly quiet. So, you can understand the sound reduction quality, right? 

You won’t even need an additional sound reducer. Yes, it sounds really budget-friendly. 

Generally, no string stop can absorb all the string energy. Obviously, this product isn’t any different from that. 

But it’s quite impressive that it can effectively lessen the vibration. So, the quality of this product is satisfying that we can say for sure. 

Now, let’s move on to the other features. So, this product is really easy to use. Let’s elaborate on this. 

It is easy to install. You can mount this on your bow with minimal effort. Moreover, it’s easy to carry as well. Besides, this product is really good at absorbing residual string energy. 

Didn’t understand what this meant? 

Well, it means this product can efficiently ingest the excessive string energy. Hence it prevents wrist-slapping as well. So, the design is very exclusive which can claim to be the most absorbent of residual energy. 

But one thing we must have to mention is the product packaging. It’s not very good in quality. Some improvements will make this product even better. 


  • Fine quality noise and vibration reduction 
  • Easy to install 
  • Efficiently designed to absorb string energy 


  • The packaging could be improved 

Product Overview

Yes, we’ve reached the last product. Our last pick on the list is the Bowjax Macdaddy Stopper. 

This is also a very good quality product. Its user-friendliness is satisfying. There are other good features as well. So let’s take a deeper look at this product, what say? 

Well, this product is made of a stiffer polymer. This means the polymer bonding is very well designed. So the material is durable and long-lasting. 

This type of polymer bonding is good for load-bearing applications. Hence, this material is quite suitable for the string stop purpose. It’ll efficiently reduce the noise and absorb the vibration.  

 Bowjax Macdaddy Stopper

Moreover, this is the most lightweight product on our list. Do you know what this means? 

It means it’s the easiest one to carry around. So the handiness makes it user-friendly. Hunters can carry it with them on long hunting missions. And changing it during the ongoing session will be less of a hassle.

But it’s not universally designed. So, this product is very compound bow dependent. It fits all 3/8in rod string suppression systems. Therefore, this can be a good choice if they fit. So time to check the measurements I guess. 

There’s another thing about this product to consider. So, this product isn’t top-notch at reducing sound. So, you might need to add an extra silencer with it for the best outcome. 


  • The material is suitable for vibration absorption 
  • Good at load-bearing as well
  • Lightweight so easy to carry around 


  • Not universally designed 
  • At times an additional sound reducer is needed 


Buying Guide

So, we are done with the product part. By this time, we already have got enough ideas about the products. Now is the time to gather some ideas about the buying factors.

So, let’s just dive straight into the points without wasting time- 

Design Compatibility

This is one of the major facts about string stops. The design compatibility is quite literally the first thing you must check. 

If your string stop doesn’t fit on your compound bow the investment will become a loss project. Hence, it’s necessary that you take the measurements carefully and check them before buying. 

It’s like fitting Cinderella's shoe. It might sound hilarious but actually, it’s like that. You’ve to make sure the bow and the string stop design are compatible enough to fit perfectly. 

Otherwise, it’ll backfire and you’ll suffer during the hunting session. 

Noise Reduction 

Another important thing about hunting is noise reduction. Noises can make you lose your target. Hence it’s a universal hunter’s desire to choose products that lessen noise. 

So, products that have noise reduction formulated material in it, decrease noise more efficiently. Try choosing one with this reduction formula. It’ll help you. 


As the string stop is an additional part of your bow. Hence weight is an extremely necessary precondition. 

The extra weight will make your compound bow heavy. Therefore, you should check the weight of the products and choose one that is lightweight. 

It’ll also make the product easier to carry around. Handiness makes any product much more alluring to hunters as they roam around with them. So, weight must be considered before choosing. 


Last but not least, we must consider the durability of the product before finalizing it. 

Wanna know why? 

Well, obviously it’s not wise to invest in a good which won’t serve you for long. You must choose one that has good durability. Therefore, it’ll make the investment worthwhile. 

So, don’t forget to check the durability of the product before picking it up. 


Question: What is a string stop on a compound bow?

Answer: So, the string stop is made of rubber. It’s a dampening device set on the compound bow to reduce vibration. Yeah, it’s a quite good mechanism to prevent excessive string oscillation after release. 

Question: Can you shoot a compound bow without a string stop?

Answer: Yeah, obviously you can shoot without it. It’ll have a twang after releasing so the feeling would be different. Some strings might get damaged due to the lack of a string stop. But this is not common for every compound bow. 

Question: Should a string stop touch the string?

Answer: There’s this ideal measurement about this. A credit card should be fitted between the string and the stopper. Therefore, the string stopper must make sure the rubber stop isn’t contacting the string. 

Question: How often should I change my bowstring?

Answer: For a properly maintained bowstring, replacement is needed after every 3 years. But unmaintained strings might need to be changed more frequently. 

Question: How do I know if my bowstring needs replacing?

Answer: Even though fuzzy or dry bowstrings can be solved easily by waxing. But excessive fuzzy look or frayed looking string indicates that you need replacement. Tuning or performance issues can also indicate bowstring replacement. 

Parting Words 

Yeah, buddy. Our time to part our ways. We really hope that this read helps you and lead you to the best string stop for compound bow

If it can lead you to your desired product, only then our research will be successful. No missing the target due to imbalanced and excessive vibration. 

Have safe hunting full of thrill, chill, and adventures. Our good wishes to you.

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