Best Crossbow Rail Lube: Easiest Crossbow Maintenance

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Are you facing problems with lubricating the rail of your bowstring? If yes, then yeah we can very much understand your frustration. 

To make matters worse, improper lubricating can reduce your target accuracy and the smoothness of your flight. Moreover, the maximized friction affects your efficiency.   

Yeah, yeah, we know the list of consequences that you need to face at those moments is too long. And they make you frustrated obviously. This is why every archer or hunter looks for the best crossbow rail lube.

We’ve spent weeks in the research and analyzed more than 50 products to pick up the best ones for you.  So, stick with us to know about the products that we’ve chosen. 

Also, other necessary information and buying guides will also help you to broaden your knowledge. Hence, don’t miss the chance to know our insights and thoughts on this product. 

Without any further delay, let’s start then- 

Product Overview

Time to introduce our favorite product on the list that is the .30-06 Snot Lube 3 Pack for Crossbows. As you can see from the name, this product comes in a combo. And this combo is just perfect for the best maintenance of your crossbow. 

30-06 Snot Lube 3 Pack for Crossbows

Moreover, this rail lube is made of 100% odorless formula and completely non-toxic. Hence, using it on a regular basis won’t affect you or make you nauseous with its odor. Definitely a plus point, as you can see. 

Another thing that we must have to add is its weather resistance capability. This is an incredible feature because you can carry it around with you during your hunting. And the temperature and weather won’t affect the blends. This blend can work well at -25 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Now time to elaborate on why this is the first product on our list. What’s so special about this product? 

Well, let us explain one by one. So, this is a combo pack that comes with all the essentials you need to maintain your bow. It includes crossbow rail lubricant, bowstring wax, and precision bow oiler. This can keep your crossbow in its best condition. 

Besides, this lubricant has no freeze and non-flammable formula. Hence, it suits any situation or any temperature. This lubrication is smooth and makes your targets more accurate. It also increases the arrow speed and most importantly prolongs the bow lifespan.  


  • Maximizes bow functionality 
  • Increases arrow speed and accuracy
  • Ensures top-notch performance
  • The size is perfect for carrying
  • Very slick to makes the arrow movement smooth


  • The packaging can be improved 

Product Overview 

Moving on to our next product on the list. Scorpion Venom crossbow rail lube stands second on our list. This product is also odorless and makes the rail area smooth and slick. 

We must give this product some extra points. But why? Well, because you need a very small amount of this lube to properly lubricate your bow rail. It works completely okay with a small amount and enhances the arrow accuracy. 

Another thing that makes this product stand out from all the other ones is its applying technique. It has an applicator attached with it that makes the application easy. 

Scorpion Venom Crossbow Rail Lube

The chance of wasting the lube or spilling it out of the rail area decreases. Because you can apply it specifically around the rail area without any mishap. Definitely, this is a plus point for this product. 

As we have talked about all the bright sides of this product. Now is the time to focus on some of the drawbacks that we think you must know before purchasing. 

The first thing that you must know about this product is the chemicals. For instance, the chemicals used to make this product have a high risk of causing cancer. Moreover, they can cause birth defects and harm reproductive health as well. 

Also, the quick evaporation leads to frequent rail oiling. This can annoy you at times. So, think about the product thoroughly before purchasing. 


  • Odorless
  • Works very well in minimizing friction
  • Requires a little amount to smoothen the rail
  • Easy to use because of the applicator 


  • Made of harmful chemicals that can cause cancer 
  • Evaporates quickly 

Product Overview

Let’s explore the third product on our list that is from the brand Barnett outdoors. This is a lip-balm style wax-based lubricant that can make your bow rail perfectly smooth. 

And not to mention the wax quality is soft and satisfying. Hence applying the wax to the rail area isn’t much of a hassle. But one thing that might bother you from time to time is its thermal instability. 

Wondering what’s this? 

Well, this indicates the product’s shortcoming of getting stable in the change of temperature. Yeah, quite like the weather intolerance. So, how’s that can hamper your hunting? 

So, if you’re carrying it with you to some cold weather. Then you have a higher chance of getting a gummed-up lube. Hence, you’ll face trouble with applying it. But under normal circumstances, the application style is very simple and easy. 

Barnett Outdoors Crossbow Lube Wax

Then again, if we want to talk about the performance of the product. We must say that it does its job perfectly. It makes the rail area smooth so the arrow throwing becomes more consistent. Moreover, it even increases the accuracy and the bow life as well.  

One last thing about this product that must be kept in mind seriously. That is the toxic chemicals being used to make it. As these chemicals are carcinogenic and harm reproductive health. Therefore, you must take precautions before using them. 


  • Improves consistency 
  • Enhances bolt accuracy 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Harmful for reproductive health and carcinogenic 
  • Thermally unstable 

Product Overview

So the fourth product on our list is from the brand LimbSaver. Yes, another combo pack on our list comes with bowstring and rail maintenance blends. This product has a chapstick application style and does its job very nicely. 

LimbSaver Crossbow Rail Lube and Bow String Conditioner

What makes this product stand out from all the others is its moisture-locking technique. As it doesn’t get affected by water, hence the chance of getting rusted decreases. 

Another thing that makes this product a top pick for a lot of hunters is its affordable size. The lube is so small yet effective that you can carry it around with you during your outside hunting missions easily. 

But while picking this keep in mind that the applicator might not be the perfect one for you. Because a lot of people faced problems during the application time. So, try to keep this in your mind before purchasing. 


  • Reduces friction efficiently
  • Prevents rust by moisture-locking 
  • Increases the bow lifespan
  • Small in size so easy to carry around 


  • The applicator needs to be well mechanized 

Product Overview 

TenPoint Crossbow Flight Rail and Trigger Lubricant

We are halfway through our product list and the next product on our list is the TenPoint Crossbow Flight Rail and Trigger Lubricant. Heads up! This super-slick and thin lubricant is very easy to apply. 

There’s another thing about this product that attracts them. But what’s that? 

This product increases the longevity of the crossbow. So, using it will maintain your bow condition and make it last longer. Therefore, professional crossbow users prefer using it over their crossbow rail. 

That’s not the end. This product can be used for other purposes as well. You can use it to lubricant your gun trigger as well. So, if you’re a user of both crossbows and guns. Then this might be your pick. 

Do you think that’s all about this product? Then you’re not right, buddy. We’ve got more about this. This product is completely weather friendly, so don’t get affected by temperature change. 

Besides, it’s dirt and grit resistant. So using this product won’t make you clean your rail every now and then. You can also apply this lube and use the crossbow without worrying about the rail getting dirty. 

But one thing that many have complained about is its smell. It kind of smells like shortening. And a lot of people don’t like this smell. So, know your smell preference before choosing. 


  • Thin and runny hence easy to apply
  • Super-slick hence increases arrow speed
  • Has weather resistance 
  • Doesn’t attract grit and dirt 


  • The smell must be improved 
  • The price might seem a bit higher

Product Overview 

October Mountain Products Crossbow Rail Lube

Time to say hi to our last product from the October Mountain. This is another combo pack that comes with a crossbow rail lubricant and string wax. So, this product will definitely take good care of your bow’s condition. 

Even though this rail lube stands last on our list, this product is a good buy considering the price. This is the most budget-friendly product that we’ve picked. Besides, the scent-free formula has been added to its scoreboard. 

This product can make the rail lube perfectly slippery. Just as much you need for accurate arrow throwing. It can even ensure minimization of friction that allows the arrow to slide smoothly. This also nicely controls the arrow speed. 

But lastly, one thing that you must give a thought to before picking this lube. That is using it during different weathers. During cold or low temperatures, getting it out of the pack is tough at times as it’s wax-type. 

Hence, if you’re planning to travel to some cold areas and want to carry a lube with you. Consider before purchasing as this might give you a hard time. 


  • Creates a slippery surface for the arrow
  • Scent-free formula
  • Budget-friendly


  • Getting the wax out becomes tough as times


Buying Guide

We had enough discussion about each product and its pros and cons. But still, there’s something left that you must know before picking your rail lube. 

What’s that?

Well, you must know how to pick the right rail lube. Hence, we provided this buying guide just to make it easier for you. 

So, check it out to know about the details you must notice before buying-


While choosing your crossbow rail lube, be careful about what substance it’s made of. Because the base substance is really important and has a lot of consequences. 

If you choose a petroleum-based lubricant that’ll attract dirt and grit. Therefore, you’ll get into the huge hassle of cleaning it regularly. That’s why professionals suggest choosing a lubricant that’s made of oil-based materials. 

Also, toxic chemicals and substances will risk your health. So, logically you must avoid them. But at times when you need a particular type of lubricant, you might need to compromise here. 

In such cases, prepare proper safety measures to save yourself from health hazards. Thus, knowing about the substance will help you in many regards. 

Weather Resistance & Thermal Stability

Another important thing about rail lube is thermal stability. It’s important to check the lube’s formulation of working with temperature change. 

Some lubes aren’t weather resistant and temperature change affects them hugely. Some get solid during the cold and some become too runny in high temperatures. And both can cause you serious trouble if it doesn’t match your needs. 

So, try to focus on it and choose one that suits your weather requirements. 

Odor & Scent

Last but not least is the odor and scent issue. The lubricant odor can make anyone nauseous. Hence one should go for odor-less rail lubes. 

On the other hand, some scents might make certain people feel uncomfortable. So, it’s better to choose the scent carefully and pick the one that suits him/her. 

How To Lubricate The Rail Properly?

As we already know the importance of lubricating your crossbow rail. It’s time to know the proper way of doing it. 

As much as you need to oil the rail regularly, it’s also important to not lube it excessively. Using lube after every 75 to 100 shots should be enough under normal conditions. But the number might vary for different types and designs. 

Here arises an important question, how much lube should you use on the lube? Well, you shouldn’t use more than 2 drops. Because excessive lube can ruin your target accuracy and arrow speed. 

So now let’s focus on the proper lubrication process, make sure the entire rail is evenly lubricated. Besides, when lubricating a wet crossbow rail, dry the whole rail area first. Also, if possible lubricate the trigger area as well.

What Can be Used as a Substitute for Rail Lube? 

Used as a Substitute for Rail Lube

As you might run out of your rail lube any moment, and this thing is utterly important. Hence, you must know about the possible substitutes for your urgent needs. 

So, got any idea about what you can use as a rail lube substitute? 

Okay, to make it easier for you, here we’ve made a list of substitutes. Not that they can be just as perfect as lube finishing. But they will be good enough for you to run the rest of your mission. 

Let’s see the list then-

  • Vaseline 
  • The spray of Silicone Penetrating Oil
  • Ballistol (Mineral oil-based chemical)
  • Bowstring wax 

Even though all the above-mentioned products can help you in need. But always remember that they’re never a replacement for rail lube. 

They are mainly oil-type and vaseline-like materials. Hence, they can get the rail dirty very easily. Therefore, you must clean the rail very carefully. 

So, try to have backup rail lubes so that you don’t need to get into the trouble of substitution. Still, in the case of extreme need, you can definitely use these products as a temporary solution.  


Question: Do you wax the rail on a crossbow?

Answer: No, you don’t wax the rail on a crossbow. You wax the string which is just as important as lubricating your crossbow rail. Also, this process is very cheap and easy as well. 

Question: Does a crossbow need rail lube?

Answer: Lubricating the crossbow rail is one of the major ways of maintaining your crossbow. It’s affordable and amazing at minimizing and reducing the wear and tear on your crossbow.  

Question: Can you use gun oil on a crossbow?

Answer: No, you can’t. As gun oil is petroleum-based. And petroleum-based oils or lubricating agents can harm the string. Hence, you should avoid gun oil for cross rail. 

To Sum Up

So, time to sum up as we’ve reached the end of the post. Hope this read will help you to choose the best crossbow rail lube

While saying bye, just want to remind you again to notice the main substance of your rail lube. And make sure to avoid petroleum-based lubes. 

That was all from our side. Wishing you a very good experience with your crossbow. Have some smooth and accurate hit bussy! Until next time, happy hunting.

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