BowJax vs LimbSaver: Let’s Compare Which Is The Better One!

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When deciding to buy a limb dampener, you come across a choice between the best. In this case, the BowJax and the LimbSaver stand out. Having a hard time deciding between these? We’ll we’ve got you. 

So who shall win this battle: BowJax vs LimbSaver?

Both of these are of great quality but there are some distinct comparisons here. The BowJax helps to reduce vibration significantly. Also, it has the noise cancellation feature which helps to reduce sound. On the other hand, LimbSaver has a noise emission feature that helps to minimize sound. But it doesn’t cancel it fully!

Now, this was just a rundown of their amazing features. Let’s get to a more detailed version of this down below!

A Quick Comparison between BowJax and LimbSaver

BowJax and LimbSaver

Before we get into all the gory details, we made a quick comparison of the features here. Because understanding the differences might help you to make a choice. 

Functions Bowjax Limbsaver
Vibration Reduces at instant Takes a bit longer to reduce
Noise Noise cancelation Noise Emission 
Hit Rate Higher Lower
Pricing Approximately $10 to $30 Approximately $10 to $30

Now, we have an idea of how they can mainly defer. But we need to know more details about these. So, let’s have a look!

Head to Head Comparison Between The BowJax and LimbSaver

From what we’ve seen so far we can say that these two are of top-notch qualities. But they do have some features that set them apart. That’s basically what you can check out to make your decision. 


The BowJax and the LimbSaver both are excellent at reducing vibration. However, in this case, the BowJax takes the lead. As it can be seen that it reduces the vibration in the limbs almost instantly. 

On the other hand, the LimbSaver does its job skillfully. However, it takes a bit longer to reduce the vibration. This also causes the bow to recoil slower. 

However, at times the strings of your bows can be the issue here. So it’s better to choose between the best. The Flemish Twist and Endless Loop are top-of-the-line strings that’ll help to reduce resonance. Thus it’ll also help to minimize the vibration.  

Now, let’s talk about the noise cancellation of these products. 


Now both of these help to reduce the noise. But the question is which one performs the best in this category?

Well, we can say without a doubt that the BowJax crossbow is the best. This helps a lot with noise cancellation while recoiling. 

Plus, when hunting you don’t have to worry about distracting the target. But do make sure you have the right gears on you! This is so that, in case, you get hurt, you’ll have something to help you.

On the other hand, the LimbSaver has a noise emission feature. However, they haven’t fully developed the noise cancellation feature yet!


The Bowjax is more efficient here. This is because they can fully cancel out the noise, reduce vibration, and recoil faster. Hence you can shoot faster. Moreover, because of this, they have a higher hit rate. 

Comparatively, the LimbSaver is a little behind on efficiency. Noise cancellation feature is still in the development process. But they can emit the sound quite a bit. This also causes slower recoiling, which reduces the hit rate.  

However, if you go for the LimbSaver, you can use an arrow pull to help with the vibration

Variety & Availability

BowJax and LimbSaver are widely available. BowJacks have a variation in their products. There are options for using this on the strings, split and solid limbs. 

On the other hand, you can also find various types of LimbSavers. These come in different shapes and sizes as well!


The pricing of the LimbSaver can range from $10 to $30. Whereas, the price of the Bowjax can be between $10 to $35. However, they may vary according to the number of limb dampeners available in the pack.

The Verdict

Now if you’re going for hunting-like situations, the Bowjax will be the ultimate choice. Because its noise cancellation feature and reduced vibration won’t alert your prey. Moreover, these recoils faster and have a higher hit rate. This might help you shoot faster. 

On the other hand, you might use the LimbSaver for target practicing. As, in such cases, the noise, vibration, and hit rate won’t be an issue.

In the case of price points, they both have quite similar prices. So, it doesn’t matter you buy the cheaper one or the most expensive one. Because it’ll work the same for all, even for your Bowtech and Hoyt bows

So, have you decided which one you prefer? Well, keep thinking. And in the meantime, you can check out these amazing limb dampeners from these brands!

Product 1
Product 2

That was all! With this, we wrap our segment on the limb dampeners! 


Question: Do BowJax sell Archery products?

Answer: Yes, BowJax does sell archery products. But they have a very selective range on those. Mainly their focus is on crossbow-related products. However, they do not sell bows. 

Question: Is LimbSaver selling guns or riffles?

Answer: Yes, LimbSaver does sell guns and rifles. They are expanding their brand to a new product line. Moreover, they have a collection of shotguns as well. 

Question: Which one is best for buying bows?

Answer: Only LimbSaver is selling bows out of the two. However, we would recommend buying bows from Bowtech or Hoyt. These two have top-notch quality bows that’ll give you a superior experience when hunting. 

Final Words

Well, this brings us to the very end of this article. So, who won here in the Bowjax vs Limbsaver battle? We hope that you come to an informed decision based on our comparison!

Wishing you the best of luck!

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