Xop Vs Lone Wolf- Your Hunting Stands Sorted!

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When going hunting, you’d want the best hunting kit and stand. This can get tricky with the variety of options retailing at different price points. Thus, we can understand if you’re hesitant about deciding on the right kit to get. 

So, which kit is the best to get between xop vs lone wolf

We’d vouch for the lone wolf. Their gear lasts longer and you can choose to customize it to your preference. However, lone wolf tends to be pricier than xop. Therefore, you can always pick xop if you’re a beginner in hunting or hunt occasionally. 

We understand that this is insufficient information to make a decision. If you could read along with us, that would be great. This way, we can discuss all the necessary information before you decide on the hunting stand to get. 

So, let’s aim and shoot right on the mark! 

Similarities Between Xop And Lone Wolf

Now, before the differences, let’s see the similarities xop and lone wolf have-

There’s no doubt that these top-rated brands are praised for good reasons. They have high quality gears along with some similar features. These features include being compact, and quiet. 

Let’s look at them in detail to learn a little more-

Easy To Pack And Compact

A hunting stand should be easy to pack. It should also take up as little space as possible after packing.

This is where both xop and lone wolf are similar. Both of these stands are small enough to fit in your car's trunk when packed. This makes them compact, easy to store, and easy to carry. 

Quiet And Make Little Noise

While hunting the hunter must remain as quiet as possible. Now, this is where these two stands are great. The equipment is reinforced with sound-reducing materials. The bows also have reliable string stops that reduce the sound of cords and strings. 

So, you can run effortlessly without worrying about the equipment rattling. This gives you a better chase at securing your prey. 

Now that we’ve seen their similarities, let’s venture into their differences now. 

Xop Vs Lone Wolf- How Are They Different?

It’s the differences between xop and lone wolf that set them apart. We’ve summarized all the dissimilarities in a table. You can get an idea of them before we get into details. 

Feature  Xop  Lone Wolf 
Price  Medium can go up to $200 Medium to high can go up to $500
Weight Less than 15 pounds  Less than 20 pounds 
Customization Fewer options  Greater options 
Durability/shelf life Can last up to 8 years Can last as much as 15 years

We recognize that this information is insufficient to assist you in selecting a stand. This is why a detailed version of the differences is always best to go through-

The Cost Of The Two Stands

This is where the biggest difference lies. It’s also the deciding factor for many before choosing a stand. 

Xop is priced mid-range. You can buy an entire setup for a little over $200. This price mainly comes from lower production costs as their products are made overseas.


In the case of lone wolf, the price is higher. You’ll need to consider $500 before considering buying a stand. Lone wolf products have that price as they’re made in the United States.

 Lone Wolf

There is an interesting reason regarding their prices and these two brands. It’s said that the owner of the lone wolf is the son of the owner of xop. 

So, the owner of lone wolf took the patents of the products of xop once they expired. After that, lone wolf started manufacturing slightly modified versions of xop products. 

However, these modifications also come with a hefty price tag. That and local production of lone wolf products make them expensive.

Lightweight Equipment

Both of these brands provide stands and equipment that are lightweight. This way you easily carry the stand or equipment on your shoulders for longer hunting hours.  

Xop stands weigh less than 15 pounds. When combined with the arrows and sticks, it’ll weigh less than 30 pounds. 

The lone wolf stands weigh less than 20 pounds. With the total setup, the maximum it will weigh is 35 pounds.

The Option To Customise

Sometimes you may want to customize some things here and there. This can be changing the standard arrows to get foolproof 3d arrows. Or even changing the size of items.  

You can do so easily with the lone wolf. Since they’re manufactured in the States, customer care and customization are simple. In that case, the price will increase.

The same isn’t the case for xop. They don’t have much scope for customization. This is again due to their overseas production. 

Durability Of The Stands

When it comes to durability, lone wolf takes the cake. Their products last fairly long. With proper care, they can last up to 15 years. 

Xop doesn't last as long as lone wolf. With the right care, they can last up to 8 years. 

Maintenance is key. Regular maintenance will add up to 1 year to either of the kits. 

Moreover, you also need to consider how often you go hunting. If you hunt once a month, your gear will generally last longer. For regular hunting habits, no matter which you get, it’ll wear out faster. 

Final Verdict 

Have you decided which you will choose between xop and lone wolf? If you’re still lost, allow us to help you some more. 

In our opinion, you should invest in lone wolf. It lasts longer and you can customize it however you like. But if you’re new to hunting or have a budget, the xop will serve you better. 

Sometimes, the prey you hunt is a bigger issue than the stand you use. So, it won’t matter if you use xop or lone wolf.

Some animals like deer can be super tricky to hunt depending on climate and terrain. For that, it’s wise to build a deer hanger for better handling. 

We hope all that we’ve discussed can now help you decide on the best stand to get. To make things easier, we’ve put our top xop and lone wolf stands below. 

Product 1
Product 2

Once you’ve taken a look and decided on the stand, we can now move to the end. 


Question: Is lone wolf custom gear worth it?

Answer: This is entirely based on your personal preference. The standard kits from Lone Wolf are of high standards and quality. However, if there is any particular customization for stands or sicks, then you can go for it. Given their quality, it’s meant to last longer. 

Question: Are xop Treestands good?

Answer: Yes, very much so. They provide the stability and the security needed. They come with extra braces which help secure the stand even for uneven surfaces. Lastly, for the best results, make sure you use a harness with the treestand. 

Question: Are xop and lone wolf the same?

Answer: They are similar but they are not the same. They have slight differences in design as well as quality. Normally, the lone wolf is pricier than xop. However, their products are also rated much higher than xop. Therefore, they’re not the same. 


That wraps up our part on summarizing xop vs lone wolf. We hope this helps you decide on the best hunting kit for the price.  

If our advice helped you hunt better, then leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear your personal experiences and thoughts. 

Till then, happy hunting!

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