Elite Vs Hoyt: The Best Bow for You

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Both Elite and Hoyt are one of the most accurate compound bows in the market. But putting them in comparison, one is sure to outstand the other.

So, Elite vs Hoyt, which one should you pick?

Elite and Hoyt are both made from very strong materials. But the manufacture leads Elite bows to be stronger, quicker, and more durable. Correspondingly, Elite bows are also more expensive. They have more accessories available and also are easier to handle. 

Does this seem alright? Then we’ll be discussing all the core facts about these two bows in this article. So be ready to blend in. 

Elite Vs Hoyt: Quick Comparison

Before you go into the main discussion, let us tell you about them in short. This will give you a heads-up before you decide to choose one.

Factor Elite Hoyt
Efficiency More accurate Less accurate
Build Material plastic, aluminum, metal, and copper. plastic, aluminum, metal, and copper.
Handling Lighter and easier to carry Comparatively havier
Strength Comparatively stronger Comparatively weaker
Accessories More accessories Fewer accessories available
Durability Comparatively more durable Comparatively less durable
Cost Comparatively expensive Comparatively cheap

These facts should give you somewhat of an idea about the two. It is slightly similar to the comparison between  hoyt and pse. However, to make a decision, you should learn about the details about these factors.

Hoyt Vs Elite: Head-to-Head Discussion

Let's find out the differences between Elite and Hoyt. We will be discussing the efficiency, cost, ease of use, etc.

Elite vs Hoyt


Another difference between these two brands of arrows is in their respective levels of efficiency. Elite arrows can shoot farther, faster, and be quicker on target than Hoyt arrows. Because they have fiberglass shafts and inserts. It allows greater accuracy. 

An archer shooting with a bow that is poorly balanced will soon find themselves outmatched. And they will be beaten by a competitor who shoots with an efficiently balanced bow. 

This advantage translates into an advantage during competitions as well.

Build Material

Hoyt inserts are made from resin. And they come in four types: plastic, aluminum, metal, and copper. Plastic inserts are the most common type used by archers. 


They are light and cheap but they don't offer much in the way of accuracy. PSE bows also use the same type of materials. 

Aluminum inserts can be extremely accurate because they have a higher density than plastic. However, they can become bent if not handled with care. 

Metal inserts are very durable but can break easily if mishandled (i.e. dropped). Copper inserts have high densities that rival aluminum's density. 

It also stays on target very well because it is heavier than other types of inserts. So it doesn't get knocked off target as easily when shot from a high-powered bow.

Both of these bows use the same build materials. So it’s a tie in this criteria.


Elite has more accessories. Hoyt is lighter and easier to carry. Though Elite bow has grip issues, it is better for more seasoned archers. 

Hoyt has a bigger range of draw weights and heights. There are cheaper alternatives to Elite and Hoyt in the market but they lack quality and durability.

Strength and Durability

One other difference between these brands of arrows is in their respective levels of durability. Elite arrows are more durable than Hoyt arrows, on average.

Elite arrows

The durability differences come in two forms: the shafts and the inserts. Elite arrow shafts are made from fiberglass which makes them strong and difficult to break. 

Especially when compared with Hoyt's aluminum shafts that can easily be bent if mishandled. 

Both sets of arrow shafts are equally strong. Especially when it comes down to surviving shots from a high-powered bow. 

The main difference between the two is fiberglass. It allows more consistent shooting accuracy than aluminum. Because fiberglass keeps its shape better than aluminum when released with force.

Proper bow maintenance can make your bows last for a very long time. You might need to wax the strings to keep them sharp in performance. If you want to find a good wax for that, here are some of our picks-

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These are top in their line and surely will please you too. Now, let’s move on to the verdict.


Elite arrows are more expensive than Hoyt arrows, on average. The cost difference is usually around $100 to $150 per dozen. Or it can be said that Elite arrows are about 30-33% more expensive per arrow.

Final Verdict

At this point there should be no doubt about which one is better. That’s right, it’s the Elite ones. They outperform Hoyt bows in most criteria. They are stronger, quicker, more durable, and easy to handle. 

But the only thing it asks from you is a little more price. We’ll you shouldn’t mind paying a few more bucks to get such a performance, right? 

So in our opinion, you should go for the Elite bows instead of the Hoyt ones. Everything about it is more expensive. The arrows will also cost you about 30% more. 

But considering all the factors, you should not choose a couple of bucks over the performance. 


Question: Is fiberglass good for bows?

Answer: When making a laminated bow, fiberglass is the most common and stable backing material. So, certainly, they're suitable for bows.

Question: What is the average lifespan of a compound bow?

Answer: A compound bow should last 25-30 years if properly cared for and maintained. However, technological advancements may cause you to want to retire your bow sooner.

Question: Do compound bows lose their effectiveness with time?

Answer: No, your bow's potency does not wane. Your bow will be fine if you twist the strings up or acquire some new ones.

Summing Up

We hope that now you can decide from Elite vs Hoyt. Although it’s completely your choice to make, we recommend you to go for Elite. 

Wish you all the best!

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