Bowtech Vs Hoyt: 5 Comparison To Make The Right Decision

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If you are an archer looking for a bow, you might’ve come across Bowtech or Hoyt. However, these are the best of the best. Hence you’re having a hard time choosing between these. 

So, which one’s the right choice for you, Bowtech vs Hoyt?

When comparing Bowtech and Hoyt, we see that Bowtech has better speed. These are also lightweight and easy to use. Moreover, they are on the cheaper side and have more compound options. The Hoyt bows are more sophisticated and detailed. They might be a little too heavy as well!

Well, the feature might suggest the Bowtech to be the better option. However, there is more to it than meets the eye. So, let’s see the details before we come to a decision. 

A Short Comparison Between Bowtech and Hoyt

Now both of these companies make high-quality bows. However, they have significantly different features when compared. 

So, let’s compare them side by side to have a more clear idea!

Features Hoyt


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Weight The bows are heavier. They are lighter in comparison.
Speed Recoil rate slower Recoil rate faster
Price Point Moderate to high. Moderate to high, but comparatively on the expensive side
Look and style Detail-oriented  More practical
Type Both compound and recurve bows available for this Compound bows for hunting and target shooting
Availability of Bows They are not widely available. They are widely available.

Now, let’s compare these features in detail.  

Elaborate Head to Head Between Bowtech & Hoyt Bows

Here we have compared their pride, speed, weight, and many other features here. This will give you a clearer understanding and help you make your choice. But, you’ll need the right kind of bow to shoot more accurately!

Shapes and Styles

The Bowtech tends to keep its bows lightweight and easy to carry. They aren’t very design-focused, rather they are more performance based. So they don’t pay much attention to their designs. However, this doesn’t affect their quality. 

Hoyt on the other hand is more detail-oriented. They’re comparatively heavier and come in pretty uncomfortable shapes. But this doesn’t stop archers from experiencing the superior quality of these bows. 

Speed and Built

Particularly for these bows the speed and bows are interrelated. That is if your bow weighs less, your speed will be more.

Bowtech bows

Hence the Bowtech bows have an upper hand here. Because these bows are very lightweight, hence this results in a faster speed when shot. Moreover, these bows also have a faster recoiling mechanism which makes them more efficient.  

On the other hand, Hoyt bows are more on the heavier side. Hence, they are a bit slower comparatively. But if you use an arrow puller, you can increase the performance significantly.  

Availability of These Bows

If you want a bow that’s widely available, Bowtech is the right one. You can find them at almost every archery shop. Also, since they’re easier to set up, more people prefer these bows.

On the contrary, Hoyt bows are rarely available.

Hoyt bows

So much so, that even their website doesn’t have all their products. Thus you might need to visit a pro archery shop to track down one of these. 

However, make sure they are designated Hoyt Archery dealers. Otherwise, you’ll find it extremely difficult to buy one. 

Moreover, this needs to be set up by a professional because of its complexity. Hence Hoyt bows need to purchase from shops that can set them up!

When hunting, make sure to carry your deer drag with you. Because whether or not you’re hunting down a Hoyt bow, at least you’ll be able to hunt down a deer!

Price Range And Product Selection

Bowtech offers compound bows only. But there are 14 different selections you can choose from. You can use them for hunting, target shooting, or both. Their price range can be anywhere between $200 to $2000.

However, the cheaper bows might not be of better quality. So, for a good quality one, you might need to go as high as $1700. And especially in hunting, a good quality bow is always preferred. 

Now in the case of Hoyt bows, they come in compound and recurve models. This versatility in their products makes them stand out a little more. Their price can range between $200 to $2000 as well.

The Verdict: Bowtech vs Hoyt

Well, what shall be the decision now? So here’s the thing. Both the Bowtech and the Hoyt are excellent bows for archery. 

However, if you’re looking for a lightweight performance-based bow, Bowtech is the way to go. But if quality and detail orientation is what you’re looking for, go with the Hoyt. Moreover, is going to give you the ultimate experience!

Now, for whichever you go with, we have the best-recommended ones listed below:

Product 1
Product 2

However, with either of these, you might run into some problems. But don’t freak out, because these are also faced by the ravin crossbows, Plus these are easily fixable!

Now that’s a wrap for this segment!


Question: Which is Hoyt’s fastest bow now?

Answer: Hoyt bows are one of the highest-ranked items. But, the Hoyt Helix (2019): 340.8 FPS model only made the list. When put to the test they ranked the top 10 on the list.

Question: Is Bowtech better than Mathews?

Answer: Bowtech is better than Mathews when compared by price and efficiency. Although the Mathews models are more accurate, the single cam is the preferred one.  As these are more affordable and have dual cams. 

Question: Which is the fastest Bowtech bow?

Answer: Bowtech bows usually are very fast compared to any other bow. The Bowtech Realm SR6 (2019) is the fastest one among these bows. But if you choose any other bow, that’s fine as well. Because they all are pretty close when their speeds are compared.

Concluding Thoughts

So this was all for the Bowtech vs Hoyt battle. We hope that the features helped you to come to a decision. And you have found yourself a winner. 

Have fun with your new bow, take care!

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