Treewalker Treestand Problems [All You Need to Know]

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We all know the importance of a treestand in terms of hunting. It's especially important if you're a newbie. But unclear reviews about tree walker treestands can be confusing. We have all been there. But don’t panic as we have the perfect article to clear your confusion.

So, what are the treewalker treestand problems?

The major problems are its carrying straps and loud noise. Although it is easy to carry, the straps are not that good. And sometimes the cables make loud noises which can be annoying. In cold weather, however, it cannot be left placed on a tree. It can cause damage to the treestand.

So, these are the main problems of a tree walker treestand. But it is just a brief answer. To know more, keep reading!

What is the Purpose of a Treestand? 

If you are a learner, you must first understand what a treestand is. It will help you to understand better.


A treestand is open or closed seating. It is mostly used by hunters. A treestand is firmly set into a tree. Also, it helps the hunter to go up and get his/her perfect vantage point. 

It can be used in many ways. The biggest advantage it gives to the hunters is, it carries them up in a tree. From where they can see and analyze hunting situations. But, you cannot hunt efficiently if you have Ravin R15 crossbow problems

Now you know what a treestand is, and its purposes. Therefore, let us get into our next segment!

What Makes a Treewalker Treestand So Beneficial?

A tree walker treestand has numerous advantages. The biggest benefit is its lightweight. It's really light, and you can easily transport it.

If you want to switch hunting locations or trees, this treestand is the best option. Also, it can be packed very easily . And you can carry it around anytime. Also, it can save you time. 

Another benefit of this is, this treestand is very comfortable. You can easily move upward or downward in a tree. It is really comfy and simple to sit in this treestand seat. People of any size can fit into it without question. 

Also, it can give you a backrest and has a gun holder. So that you do not have to carry them yourself. 

On the other hand, the treestand permits the hunter to see through bushes and vegetation. That can hamper his view of approaching prey. 

Furthermore, safety is one of the main advantages of a tree walker treestand. It is famous for its lightweight yet rock-solid texture. And, the way it bites into the tree, there is no chance anyone could fall from it. 

Also, you can easily hunt from up in the tree. But sometimes hunters have problems in the flight of arrows. 

The tree walker treestand has gained popularity among hunters for all its benefits. So what went wrong? Let's find out in our next segment!

What are the Main Issues with the Treewalker Treestands? 

Till now we have learned all the advantages of a tree walker treestand. But, it also has some disadvantages. Not everything is perfect, right? 

It has a few flaws, despite being extremely popular for decades. Such as the carrying straps. As we have said earlier, it is best for its weight and portability. But when you carry it around, the straps are not very good. They often go loose or even come out. 

But, in very rare cases, it’s seen that the teeth bite the tree too tightly. By which it gets hard to dislodge the stand from the tree and climb up.

Also, if it's left in a tree overnight in freezing rain, it can burst. Here, the water will freeze in the stand and it can burst the frame. Another one is, the cable inside of the lex pipe sleeve can cause noise. And, it will happen in very cold weather only. 

However, the cables can also make noise without the cold weather. Finally, there is no additional net seat where you can store your water bottles. With another net seat, you can put your water bottle or binoculars in place. 

So, although it is hard to believe, these are the main problems of the treestand. 

However, this article cannot be finished without suggesting to you the best treestand.

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Question: What is the hang on treestands?

Answer: These modest platforms have a total area of four square feet. They must be pulled into place and attached with belts or chains to the tree. These stands require their own climbing aids, such as segmented ladders or climbing sticks.

Question: What causes the majority of tree stand-related accidents?

Answer: Climbing up/down, installing, or uninstalling a stand were responsible for 74% of the incidents. In the last ten years, 7% of tree stand hunters questioned had an accident. Poor judgment and recklessness were blamed by 73 percent. And, 80 percent took safety measures but were unsure of their fall. 

Question: What are the types of treestands that should be avoided without further questions? 

Answer: Ones that are made of wood such as homemade or permanent treestands. With time, these treestands weaken and become dangerous. Rain, snow, or moss that collects on the platform might make it slippery. A permanent stand may endanger the tree to which it is attached. Furthermore, nails have the potential to cause serious injury.


Finally, we have come to the end of the article.We hope you now have a better understanding of the treewalker treestand problems. This is mostly regarding carrying straps and you cannot leave it outside hooked in cold weather. 

Good luck with your hunting, and farewell mate!

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