Grim Reaper Broadheads Vs Rage: Head To Head Battle

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Strong and good broadheads are always required for crossbow accuracy and aim. A good broadhead will also help your crossbow last longer. However, making a decision might be difficult which broadhead is best. And that’s why we are here to help.

Which is better, grim reaper broadheads vs rage?

Grim Reaper Broadheads and Rage Broadheads both are highly performed. But Grim Reaper broadheads came in the market long before t rage. And Rage broadheads are the latest technical broadheads. The speed and power are quite similar though Rage broadheads are a little more expensive than grim reapers.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth examination of the contrast. We have all of the information you require!

Grim Reaper Broadheads vs Rage: Basic Differences

Grim Reaper Broadheads and Rage are top-quality and widely used broadheads.

Grim Reaper Broadheads

Though they are similar in most of the qualities, still there are some differences you can consider while purchasing one. And hunting always demands the best, whether it’s about broadheads or boots like dryshod vs muck.

Let’s have a discussion on some of their essential characteristics in the table-

Differences Grim Reaper Broadheads Rage
Size Available different sizes Available different sizes
Price Budget-friendly Comparatively costly
Speed 400fps 400fps
Power More powerful Powerful but not as higher as the grim reaper

Grim Reaper Broadheads vs Rage: Detailed Comparison

After we've covered the fundamentals, we'll go into the nitty-gritty of material factors. By comparing these variables, you will be able to pick the better one for you.

So, let’s get started!

Size and Weight

Both grim reaper and rage come in a very concise size. Mechanical Grim Reaper broadheads were created specifically for hunting elk. The broadhead has 0.35-inch thick blades that are likely to pierce the target. And knock it down within sight of the strike. 

Generally, grim reaper breadboards are recommended which are 1 3/8” cut diameter heads.

On the other hand, Rage broadheads produce massive entrance holes, gaping wound channels.


They also produce remarkable penetration and superior blood trails with a broad variety of goods for both vertical and crossbows. These are attainable in 2, 3, and 4-blade designs. Also, it has cutting diameters up to two to three inches. 

A 2-inch diameter is an ideal size for most professional hunters. The rage broadhead has a 100-grain weight and revolutionary technology.


The speed of both broadheads is quite similar. When it is used with a high-speed crossbow, Rage and other manufacturers' conventional mechanical broadheads may open before impact. 

As speeds exceed 400 fps, the risk of blades opening prematurely rises. The speed of grim reaper broadheads is 400 fps as well with the best archery sight. So, in the matter of speed, they both perform similarly. 


The Grim Reaper broadheads' inner elastic system allows the blades to return as they open. This creates a strong entry hole while using very little energy.

That’s why Grim Reapers are the customer’s one of the most penetrating mechanical Broadheads. Thus offering you the best chance for entrance and exit holes.

On the other hand, Rage Broadheads, with award-winning models and the best-selling expandable broadhead of all time. These factors are propelling the growth of deadly technologies. They have SlipCam techniques as well as unique rear-deploying blades that fires like field points. But completely expand at impact without considerable kinetic energy loss.


Grim Reaper broadheads are stronger and more powerful in comparison with rage broadheads. They are the older ones. And grim reaper broadheads can do a lot more damage while hunting to the animal. And they can kill it more humanely and quickly. 

Also, you can use the best deer drags to drag it after hunting. 


Grim reaper broadheads are comparatively budget-friendly. It can cost you around 45-50$. On the contrary, Rage broadheads are a little costly. It will cost you around 70$ while purchasing good quality broadheads. 

Though this information is not valid for a long period, since it keeps changing with time. 

Final Verdict 

After considering all of the variables, we may conclude that Grim reaper broadheads and wrath are not dissimilar. However, let’s figure out which one to go for!

If you want a budget-friendly, well-performed broadhead, you should go for grim reaper broadheads.

If you want the precise, best quality, along with excellent designs and the latest technology choose Rage. But in this case, be prepared for the budget as well, since rage broadheads are quite expensive. Though both of the broadheads are similar in speed, you can choose one according to your requirements.

Before you start hunting, ensure sure the bow is in good working order. Check to see whether you have everything that you need!


Question: Why are Grim Reaper broadheads the best on the market?

Answer: This is why Grim Reapers are the industry's most penetrating mechanical Broadheads, offering you the best chance for inlet and outlet holes. Because 2 holes are always better than 1!

Question: Which Broadhead is the greatest on the market?

Answer: Made in the United States, does not rattle in the quiver, trocar tip, large wound channels Grim Reaper produces some of the greatest mechanical broadheads with three blades on the market. They feature a front-deploying blade technology with a spring-style retainer, so no o-rings or rubber bands are required.

Question: What causes a Grim Reaper to have a hole in its chest?

Answer: We disagree, having observed thousands of entry holes over the last 11 years! The internal spring mechanism of Grim Reaper mechanical heads allows the blades to come back as they open, providing you a solid entrance hole while consuming very little energy in the process.

Question: The Grim Reaper wields what sort of blade?

Answer: Grim Reaper Broadheads invented Razortip Technology, which is a patented mini-tip blade(s) that substantially improves penetration. These new practice heads and crossbow broadheads for 400 fps and faster crossbows are now available.


We hope that we could help you to clear all the confusion about the Grim reaper broadheads vs rage. The requirements differ from one person to the next. Select the best one for your purposes by understanding the differences between these two broadheads.

All the best with the hunting experiment!

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