Ripcord Vs Qad- Which One To Buy?

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It can be really difficult to choose between two similar products. This is the case when you’re choosing between ripcord and qad. You’ll need to get the full picture before actually deciding on anything. 

So, which is better, ripcord vs qad?

The ripcord has a fall-away system that makes it harder to use. The qad doesn’t have a fall-away system. Ripcord has micro-adjust abilities feature that the qad doesn’t have. However, the qad is both lighter and quieter than the ripcord. 

Still confused about which one to get? Don’t worry we have a detailed comparison in our article. So read along to know more!

Ripcord vs Qad- Basic Differences

Ripcord and qad are two of the most popular drop-away rest on the market. Not only this, they are way similar in style and specifications. Kind of like bowtech and hoyt

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out their basic dissimilarities. 

Aspects  Ripcord  Qad 
Price  $149 $144.37
Easy to use Hard Easy 
Micro-adjust abilities  Has micro-adjust  No micro-adjust 
Weight  and sound  Heavier and somewhat noisy  Lightweight  and quieter 

Well, do you feel like you still don’t have the full information? We thought you might feel that way. That’s why we have a detailed comparison between these two items in our next section.  

Ripcord vs Qad-Detailed Comparison 

If you’re an experienced hunter, you’d know the importance of details when buying hunting gear. That’s why you need every information in detail to make a choice. Just like you need the full picture when looking for bowjax vs limbsaver. 

So, let’s not waste any more of your time. It’s time to get down to business. 


Both ripcord and qad have similar prices. A ripcord drop-away rest costs $149. On the other hand, a qad drop away rest will cost you $144.37. 

So we can see that there is no clear winner here. A difference of five dollars won’t account for much when you’re buying hunting gear. 

Now that you know that price isn’t a big issue for these products, let’s look for other differences. 

Easy to Use 

If you’re an experienced hunter, you know that a split second can make a huge difference. That is why you need an arrow rest that is easy to use. Just like how you look for the category “easy to use” when looking for the best arrow puller


The ripcord has a fall-away system. This means every time you need to put an arrow on, you’ll need to lift the rest. This can be really difficult if you’re not an experienced hunter. This is because there can be times you’ll need to take a second shot. So you might not be able to lift your rest in a short time. 


On the other hand, the qad doesn’t require you to lift up the rest. So you wouldn’t need to lift up the rest every time you take a shot. This can make hunting way easier for you if you’re not a regular hunter. 

However, compared to ordinary launchers, the ripcord launcher provides more than 45 percent vane clearance. This makes it easier than ever to manage the broadheads. It also features a stiff and short vane. 

The qad launcher has a bigger vane. This can make your accuracy slightly off. However, in the case of qad, you won't have to think about the launcher bounce back. An internal locking mechanism is built into the QAD. Whenever you fire an arrow, this function holds the launcher blade down.

The ripcord is easy to install. The qad, however, can be really hard to install. 

So, the qad has a slight advantage over the ripcord here. However, if you’re an experienced hunter, you’ll find the ripcord easy to use. 

Micro-adjust abilities 

Ripcord has a micro-adjust feature that makes life easier for a lot of hunters. These features allow you to fine-tune the arrow to its maximum potential. 

The qad on the other hand doesn’t have micro-adjustment abilities. This will be a huge letdown for you if you want to fine-tune the arrows. 

So in terms of micro-adjust abilities, the ripcord is the winner. 

Weight and Sound 

Metal with a rubber coating is used to create this Ripcord Arrow Rest. The rubber coats keep the loading quiet. However, the metal makes it slightly heavier than the qad. It also makes some slight noises when the arrow is released. 

As long as the QAD Ultra Rest HDX is built correctly, it is incredibly silent. The launcher felt is specially made for quiet hunting scenarios. The sole disadvantage of this felt is that it degrades over time and must be replaced.

So, in terms of weight and sound, the qad is the winner. 

Final Verdict

Now that you know everything, have you made up your mind? Well, we’re here to shed some light so don’t worry

If you’re an experienced hunter, you should go for the ripcord. This is because they can be tuned to your specific liking. 

However, if you’re new to the world of hunting, you should go for the qad. They are really easy to use and they’re a safe choice for a first purchase. 

Whichever one you choose, make sure you know the way to install an arrow rest

That’s all we had regarding ripcord and qad. We hope this guide was helpful.


Question: Is there a lifetime warranty on QAD?

Answer: Only QAD branded rests are covered by the lifetime warranty. So if you don’t buy those you’ll have to pay $24.99 plus shipping costs.  

Question: Why do my arrows go sideways?

Answer: This issue could potentially be caused by the manner in which you release the string. If you use your release aid to provide sideways pressure on the string, this can happen.

Question: Does ripcord come with a lifetime warranty? 

Answer: Yes, ripcord arrow rests come with a lifetime warranty. So you won’t have to pay for repairs but you’ll need to pay shipping costs. 


Now you know the differences between ripcord vs qad. You might already have decided which one you need. 

However, we suggest that you try both of them before purchasing one. 

Good luck with your hunting.

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