Easy Fixes To Most Common Mathews Creed Problems

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You’re in the archery range, having a good time with your Mathews Creed crossbow. Suddenly, you see that the bow is exhibiting some flaws. That can make anyone panic a little.

However, not knowing what the problems are can really make things worse. But don’t fret, we’ll walk you through the process today! 

So, what are the most common Mathews Creed problems?

For starters, you might see the crossbow is not cocking. Or, it isn’t firing at all. There might also be tuning issues. The arrows may not be grouping well and you may face issues with their flight. Finally, a common problem is accuracy issues with the bow. 

This was just a preview of the whole discussion. To know more about them, stick with us until the very end.

Let’s get started!

Mathews Creed Problems: 4 Simple Solutions

Mathews Creed problems

Mathews Creed crossbows have recently been making a huge name for themselves. However, this doesn’t imply that they are impervious to problems. Just like you may face issues with Ravin crossbows, the same applies to Mathews Creed. 

The following are some of the most common issues you're likely to encounter- 

Problem 1: Crossbow Isn’t Cocking

When you’re about to fire your crossbow, you’ll notice it isn’t cocking at all. If it isn't, it's possible that the safety mechanism is set to “fire’’. This is one of the most common issues you might face. 

Let’s see what can be done to fix this.


To begin, lay your uncocked crossbow across your knees, stock flat. This way, you'll be able to clearly see the trigger, claw, and safety. 

Next, position a small screwdriver in front of the claw. Then, slide the safety backward to the rear of the stock. And go forward as you gently push the claw back.

After that, take out the screwdriver. Squeeze the trigger gently while keeping an eye on the claw. You should see the claw is moving forward slightly from the vertical. Additionally, they should also latch in the proper place.

You’ll now see the safety is switched from ‘’fire’’ to ‘’safe’’ position. Go ahead and can squeeze the trigger. If you find no resistance, you’ll know your bow is now properly cocked.

Problem 2: Bow Isn’t Firing

You've cocked and loaded your bow, and you draw the trigger, but nothing happens. If you’re an inexperienced user, you’re like to face this issue at least once. 


To fix this, first, make sure you are cocking the string all the way back. This may appear obvious, yet it has been seen on occasion. Then, see if the arrows are seated properly. The bow won’t fire otherwise. 

Another reason your bow isn't firing is that the arrow isn't correctly nocked. If that’s the case, you’ll need to learn how to nock arrows properly

Problem 3: Accuracy Issues

One of the things that drive users crazy is accuracy issues. You can fire the crossbow, but it won't go where you want it to. The most prevalent cause of this is wrong arrow selection. 


Only use arrows specified by the manufacturer of your crossbow to ensure the best accuracy. Furthermore, you should always utilize the same arrows for sighting in and hunting. And, changing or switching arrows will cause confusion and inconsistency, and inaccuracy. 

Mathews Creed uses Creed XS and 500-grain arrows. Be sure to use these only. You’ll also be able to solve accuracy issues if you use a high-quality arrow puller

Problem 4: Tuning Issues

A crossbow has to be correctly tuned, with a balanced brace height and tiller. Otherwise, it’ll not function properly. Here's what you can do if either of those two becomes unbalanced-


Measure from the point at which each limb meets the prod. And go all the way back to the string. Ensure that their lengths are the same.

Each limb on the majority of Mathews Creeds models features an adjustable screw. Tune the screws until both limbs are on the same length. You may require a screwdriver for this job. Here are some of our recommendations-

Product 1 Product 2

These are quite durable and flexible, so you won’t be disappointed with them!

Also, ensure that you do the same for the tiller as well. The problem should be fixed after they're both tuned.

These are the most common problems you’re likely to encounter. Most often, you’ll see Bowtech and Hoyt have similar problems as well. 


Question: Why isn’t my arrow flighting properly?

Answer: First, verify that you're using an arrow with the correct spine for your bow. The stiffness of the arrow is represented by its “spine.” The higher the draw weight of your bow, the stiffer the spine of your arrow. If the weight is a lot, the arrow won’t flight properly. 

Question: How long will Mathews Creed crossbow last?
Answer: Longevity comes down to how you maintain the crossbow. If properly cared for and lubricated on a regular basis, they should last 5-6 years. Moreover, it also depends on what model of Mathews Creed you are buying. Models like Chill X Pro might even last you 10 years. 

Question: Why isn’t the arrow grouping well?

Answer: First, check that the bolts and screws that hold your optics are securely fastened. Additionally, you should certify that you're using the correct cocking device for your crossbow. And, when you cock the crossbow, see if the string is properly notched. If you verify all of these, you’ll no longer have grouping issues.


And’s that’s all we’ve for you today on Mathews Creed problems.

Were you satisfied with the guide? We hope the discussion was informative enough for you to fix all your problems. Also, please maintain proper safety protocols while you’re shooting with your crossbow.

See you again. Bye!

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