Complete Guide to Bowtech Carbon Icon Problems And Solutions

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Switching to a new brand of crossbow can feel exciting. But it’s not as exciting when you face some problems with it. It becomes even more difficult when you cannot find a solution to the problems. Nobody wants to take the stress of surfing for hours on the net for these kinds of issues. 

So, what kind of Bowtech Carbon Icon problems can you encounter? 

It may not be completely noiseless in operation. It is short in length for some tall shooters. The grip over the crossbow can get poor in cold weather. And the poor customer service of the company may make your blood boil.

Now, we can assure you of a good solution to all the problems stated. So, wait no more and dive right in! 

Possible Problems With Bowtech Carbon Icon- Solved

Bowtech Carbon Icon and Killer Instinct Ripper 415 are two very affordable crossbows. Some of the problems faced with KI Ripper 415 have similarities with those of Bowtech. If you are into hunting a lot, this is the best budget-friendly crossbow you can consider. 

However, since the price is low, you cannot expect top-notch qualities in it. 

Are the type of problems stated above giving you a very hard time making a decision? In that case, there are two things you can consider. Either switch to a different product. Or find solutions to the problems and work with them. 

Most users opt for the latter one. This is because the good features make it worth the effort.

If you belong to such a crowd, then let us dive into the main discussion! 

Bowtech Carbon Icon Is Not Completely Noiseless

Bowtech Carbon Icon

When you go hunting, you want your crossbow to be as silent as possible. Any vibration or a little bit of noise amidst the silent woods may make you miss your prey. Especially when you are hunting deers. Gosh, they can be so fast! 

So, this is what Bowtech Carbon Icon slightly lacks. However, the noise and vibration produced by it are not too much to take in.  


Now, Bowtech is made of soft string stops. This helps to eliminate most of the sound as well as vibration. There are of course better quality stops available in the market. 

You can easily replace the soft stop with one of the top-quality stops in the market. If you couple that with a good quality dampener, that’s even better! All the noise and vibration will be completely eliminated. You cannot be more noiseless than that! 

Length Of The Crossbow Being Too Short For The Tall Shooters

Bowtech Carbon Icon is a very lightweight crossbow. The feature makes this crossbow a very comfortable pick. To compensate for the lightweight, the limbs and axles are designed to be short in length. 

Yes, it is a very good match for most types of hunters because of its weight. But for tall shooters over 6 feet tall, the situation is different. 

The draw length range is within 26.5 inches to 30 inches. Nobody needs a draw length of fewer than 26.5 inches. But some people may prefer a draw length of 2-3 inches greater than 30 inches.


The axel measurement of this crossbow is 31 inches. And the combination of the riser and the limb produces a brace height of 7 inches. Replacing the riser with one of 2-3 inches longer length can help. 

You can also buy a better quality riser in this case. That way, the risk of getting broken limbs or risers is reduced. The durability of the crossbow is increased by a year or two. You also would not have to run to customer service for fixing the broken limbs anytime soon.  

Grip Over The Crossbow

But, the grip of this crossbow basically has carbon-printed plates on the sides of the risers only. This one also has a glossy finish. That makes it look very attractive indeed. 

But the problem arises when you go shooting in chilly wintry weather. This kind of grip makes the hands feel even more chilly and stiff. And so, you may not get a good enough grip over the crossbow.

Did you know that even 3d shooters go along pretty well with this crossbow? Especially when hunters are paired up with some of the best quality 3d arrows.


In this scenario, the best solution would be to get a good pair of gloves. The gloves should be insulating. It should also provide a good grip. That way, this problem can be easily dodged when you go shooting in cold weather. 

To help you choose a good glove to get over the grip problem, here is a list:

Product 1
Product 2

These are some of the best quality gloves. They will surely not disappoint you both in terms of style and comfort. 

Poor Customer Service

The company provides very poor customer service. They do not value the importance of customer service at all. They are unresponsive and irresponsible in their work. But, the dealers are pretty good at providing customer service. 


The company is so bad at customer service but fortunately, the dealers are better at their work. Instead of buying directly from the company, purchase the product from a good dealer. Hence, you can go to the dealer you bought from for any repair or for any issues faced. 

To be honest, the problems of Bowtech Carbon Icon are very hard to find. Also, some people may unluckily get a bad piece. That can give them a bad experience. 

So, that particular experience cannot be concluded as a problem. We collected the most common problems faced by the majority for you. So if you face any of these problems, you know how to solve them. 


Question: How do I change the draw length on my Bowtech carbon icon?

Answer: This is quite simple. You just have to rotate the module. This can be done either clockwise or anticlockwise. The draw length can be changed by increments of half inches. 

Question: How do you change the draw weight on a Bowtech carbon icon?

Answer:  You have to tighten or loosen the limb bolts with the wrench. With the help of the manual, do the adjustments according to the peak weight tolerance that the crossbow can take. To increase the draw weight, simply tighten the limb bolts. To decrease the draw weight, simply loosen the limb bolt. 

Question: What years did they make the Bowtech carbon icon? 

Answer: Bowtech came out with their Carbon Icon in 2015. And it has been in existence with great popularity ever since. 

Question: How good is the Bowtech Carbon Icon?

Answer: It is a very good piece at a very decent price. It produces a satisfactory arrow speed. The speed is enough to take down big animals running at a decent pace. It is also very lightweight. That makes it a preferable one for long trips through the woods. 

Wrapping Up

So, these were all the Bowtech Carbon Icon problems that people generally face. We hope that the solutions we provided would do you good if you face any of these problems. 

You can buy this piece without much worry. It would be completely worth the money. 

Let us know how it goes for you and if you faced similar problems or not. Best of luck!

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