Bushnell Trophy Cam Problems: Solved!

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Bushnell trophy cams are pretty tough and durable. But even these trial cams can have their bad days. If you have used trail cams for a long duration, you know what I am talking about.

But fortunately, most of the problems you may face are solvable. But what are the Bushnell trophy cam problems

Your Bushnell trophy cam may experience a variety of technical issues. Like- having camera issues, battery life issues, storage problems, etc. With the proper methods and procedures, all of these issues can be fixed.

However, you need to follow the steps accurately to properly fix your trail cam problems. So we noted down all the procedures in detail down below. 

Let’s get started. 

Probable Problems With Bushnell Trophy Cam

Bushnell Trophy Cam

Here are a few of the most common Bushnell trophy cam problems. Along with their solution down below. So even if you are facing problems with your scorpyd crossbow, your visuals will be accurate. So check them out- 

Problem 1: Incorrect Camera Settings 

night photos

In a regular setting, you are supposed to get clear pictures. But sometimes the night photos may appear overly dark. Or you may get streaky photos. This happens due to incorrect camera settings. 


Night images may appear extremely dark if the capture number parameter is set higher than one shot or the interval settings are too low. If the PIR sensitivity level is too high for the temperature of the area, the shutter will be falsely triggered. When you use the wrong resolution settings for fast-moving subjects, you'll get streaky photos.

Problem 2: Incorrect Subject Matter

A heat and motion sensor activates the shutter on the Bushnell Trail Cameras. The shutter can be triggered by shifting branches in the wind. Any heat source in the camera's field of view, such as sunlight reflected off water, will also activate the shutter. These false triggers will lead the camera to snap photos of subjects other than those you intended to photograph. 


To avoid this problem, keep your camera in a suitable position. Where other objects with heat sources aren’t interrupting it. If you are using xop or lone wolf keep it out of sight of the camera. Or the camera will end up taking shots every time you use it. 

Problem 3: No Images In The Card 

This problem happens due if the power switch is turned off, or the camera is left in setup mode. 

Another reason for this problem can be if your battery is low. When taking night photos, the flash will not operate. As a result, your photographs will be dark and devoid of any image of the desired topic.


battery is completely charged

When in the field, make sure the camera's power switch is set to “On” and that the camera is not in “Setup” mode. Make sure your battery is completely charged as well.

Using the right kind of battery is absolutely crucial in maintaining your trail cam. Many prefer using alkaline batteries as it is cheaper. But this will further damage your cam. 

Always use high-quality lithium AA batteries to keep your cam working effectively. Here are some that you can check out for your Bushnell trophy cam- 

Product 1
Product 2

Make sure to check them monthly during the off-season. This will help to further maintain it properly. 

Problem 4: Camera Stops Taking Image 

If your camera stops taking images,  there is probably something wrong with the SD card. It is either because the SD card is full. Or there's a problem with the formatting.


Make sure your camera is equipped with a high-quality SD card. Choosing the right SD card for your trail camera is very important. Bushnell recommends SD cards with a maximum capacity of 32GB. Make that the SD card's write-protect switch is not locked. Or the camera will not shoot pictures.

If you want to use a  previously used SD card, try formatting the card before inserting it. Using the “Format” setting in Setup mode (ensure that you have backed up any important files first, as formatting will delete all previous files). This is critical since other devices may change the SD card's format. This will prevent it from working properly with the Trophy Cam.

Problem 5: Camera Won’t Power Up

The camera not charging properly can be a real problem. Especially if the hunting season is in full swing. You may end up losing important footage without even realizing your camera is dead. This problem may happen due to your batteries. Or improper setup. 


Check the batteries in your Bushnell trophy cam if it isn't charging properly. Make sure you have at least four lithium batteries installed. They should be placed based on the right polarity with no gaps. 

Another thing to remember is to double-check that the switch is properly installed. To ensure the right mode, change it from “Off” to “Setup” or “On.” Avoid places that are “in the middle” of two modes.

Never move the switch from “On” to “Setup” without first going all the way down to “Off”. And then back up to “Setup.”

Problem 6: Green, Blue, Red Cast On Images Or Videos

This problem may appear very often. The sensor can become confused under certain lighting situations, leading to poor color photos. Such as excessive sunlight, light flare, artificial light, flash, etc. 


This problem does not have a do-it-yourself solution.If this happens on a regular basis, the sensor may need to be serviced. Please get in touch with Bushnell's customer care department.

Problem 7: Photos Or Videos Appear Too Bright

Photos Or Videos Appear Too Bright

Photos and videos may appear too bright at night if the flash is too close to the object. You may also face this problem during the daytime. 


For objects, the recommended flash range is no closer than 10′ (3m) from the camera. You'll get the greatest results. Closer distances may make subjects appear overly bright. You can run a few trials using a quality fawn distress call by luring in subjects to take pictures. 

Make sure the camera isn't pointing at the sun or other light sources during the day. This way the images or videos won’t be too bright. 

These are the problems you may face with your Bushnell trophy cam. Next time, you face a problem, carry out our solutions. Say goodbye to spending extra money on repairs!


Question: How do I delete pictures from my Bushnell trophy camera?

Answer: If you want to delete all pictures then push the right or left key. Then the screen will display [Del Image All]. After clicking the OK option a box will pop up asking whether to perform the option or not. Press YES and the OK key to delete. 

Question: What is the field scan on Bushnell Trophy Cam?

Answer: Field Scan is a new function for the Bushnell Trophy Cam. It allows you to use time-lapse photos or video to monitor your feeding plots or field margins.

Question: Does Bushnell trophy cam have internal memory?

Answer: Most trial cameras have internal memory. Including the Bushnell trophy cam. It features 32 MB of internal memory. Which can store about 20 photos of 5MP resolution. 


That’s it! Now you know all the solutions to your Bushnell trophy cam problems. Thus, you can operate your trail camera without fear.

However, these solutions may not work for you. In that case, you can reach out to the manufacturer or a professional for help. 

We hope you found this article helpful. 

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