Scorpyd Crossbow Problems And How To Solve Them

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If you note down the best crossbow for hiking, then scorpyd crossbow takes the lead. This compact and lightweight crossbow is your perfect companion for archery. But you can sometimes face a few technical difficulties. 

So, what can you expect from scorpyd crossbow problems

Scorpyd crossbows rarely cause problems during their usage. But you can sometimes see problems in its arrow and bowstring conditions, accuracy for long-range shots, low point of impact, etc. 

But don’t worry. All of these problems have solutions. 

We want to help you achieve that. So we noted down all the probable problems you may face with scorpyd crossbows. 

Interested? Then keep on reading. 

Let’s get started. 

Problems You May Face With Scorpyd Crossbow

Scorpyd Crossbow

Scorpyd crossbows are pretty solid as a mechanical crossbow. Even the popular killer instinct ripper 415 can face problems. But don’t worry, all of these problems are solvable. 

You won’t even face these problems in most cases. But just in case you do, check out these solutions. – 

Problem 1: Low Point of Impact 

While using variable scope your shots may sometimes have a low point of impact. Having a low point of impact during hunting can make you miss your target. This can be very frustrating mid-hunting. 


In such cases, turn the speed dial to a slower speed setting. If your point of impact is high, switch to a quicker speed setting. Adjustments should be performed in 10 f.p.s. increments. Return to a distance of 20 yards to double-check that your original crosshair is still dead on. Then return to 40 or 50 yards to double-check your speed setting.

Always make sure to practice at the distances you intend to hunt. Don't assume that the scope is set at the point of impact.

Prey FPS needed to kill (approx)
Deer 270 fps
Elk 300 fps
Hogs 300 fps
Boar 400 fps

This table is based on approximate values. It can differ based on the condition and environment of your prey. 

Problem 2: Arrows Getting Damaged

After you get your Scorpyd, the right 3d arrow is more crucial than any other option you make. It is critical to utilize high-quality arrows. It is also important to change your arrows after each shot. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your arrows. This will not only ruin your hunt. But it also increases surplus expenses. 

The arrow will recover much faster coming off the bow with a spine stiffness of 200-250, which will aid boost accuracy at extended range.


To avoid damaging arrows, remove your arrow every time you use one. You can also aim at a different point on the target. It should just take 3-4 shots to complete this task. 

It's also crucial to use high-quality arrows. All Scorpyd Crossbows with a factory rating of more than 340 f.p.s. require a 400-grain arrow. It is completely permissible to use 100-grain points. Scorpyd recommends Firenock's AEROBOLT II as the most compatible arrow for their crossbow. 

Try to use the most suitable arrow for your crossbow. For further maintenance, you can use arrow release fluid. Here are some that you can try out.-

Product 1
Product 2

You can improve the efficiency of your hunting by using these lubricants. Your arrow's lifespan will be extended as well. As a result, you can utilize them without fear of them becoming damaged in the near future.

Problem 3: Long Distance Shot Not Hitting The Target 

Long Distance Shot Not Hitting The Target

Your site is probably not mounted square if your point of impact at 20 yards is dead-on yet your longer-range shots are out to one side or the other. If you prefer going the distance with crossbows, you need to resolve this problem. 


Rotate your scope counterclockwise if you're constantly striking the right of the target. And clockwise if you're consistently hitting the left of the bullseye. 

When making these modifications, utilize only a small degree of rotation. Try to prevent mishaps like peep sight rotation.

Problem 4: Bow String Dry Fired The Crossbow

Using the right nocks and indexing them is an absolute necessity. If these nocks are not indexed properly, the bowstring may go behind the arrow and partially dry fire the crossbow.


All scorpyd crossbows need the use of the “Q” nock. This nock snaps into the bowstring, similar to a vertical bow, and ensures the ADF's proper operation. 

The string is also kept in contact with the arrow thanks to its nock. Half-moon or crescent nocks can be used, however, they are not recommended. 

Problem 5: Wear And Tear

It is important to take care of your crossbow for its overall maintenance and longevity. Proper maintenance will also improve your overall hunting experience. It can be that over time your crossbow is starting to fall apart.


To preserve the strings and cables in the best possible condition, lubricate them every now and then. The manufacturers recommend Scorpion Venom lubricating products. 

On a regular basis, lubricate the bow string's center serving and the cables near the cable slide. Rail lubrication is not necessary on Scorpyd crossbows as long as the center serving is lubed. Don't use too much lubricant; a little goes a long way.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you've made it this far. You can simply address the above-mentioned problems on your own using these methods.


Question: Do the scorpyd crossbow shoot well?

Answer: Yes, they do. They are, in fact, one of the top hunting choices. If you are capable, expect 1.5 to 2.0 in groups at 100 yards (with paired arrows).

Question: Is the scorpyd crossbow easy to tune?

Answer: It is very easy to tune the scorpyd crossbow. You can do it by yourself with some basic tools and DIY skills. 

Question: How to hold a scorpyd crossbow?

Answer: According to the manufacturer, both hands must be used to handle the crossbow. The handgun grip is in one hand, while the forearm is in the other.

Question: What type of arrow should I use for the scorpyd crossbow?

Answer: After you get your Scorpyd, the right arrow is more crucial than any other option you make. It is critical to utilize high-quality arrows. The arrow will recover much faster coming off the bow with a spine stiffness of 200-250, which will aid boost accuracy at extended range.

Question: What quivers will work on the scorpyd crossbow?

Answer: On a Scorpyd crossbow, most standard quivers will function. The manufacturers suggest a quick detach quiver. More specifically, one of their own quivers is called “The GRIP”. Which ought to be best suited for this crossbow. 

Bottom Line

Now you know all the probable scorpyd crossbow problems and their solutions. So don’t be dejected the next time you face technical difficulties. Simply make the above-mentioned adjustment. 

Our mentioned solutions may not work for all problems. In such instances, make sure to reach out to an expert.

Hope you found this article helpful. 

Thank you for being patient and staying with us till the end.

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