What Are The Mathews Triax Problems [2 Common Problems]

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Did you just buy the 2018 Triax developed by Mathews and are facing issues? Then you must not be aware of the common problems that occur with this one. 

That’s alright, we’ll help you troubleshoot your Mathews Triax today!

So what are the Mathews Triax Problems? 

The first problem that you could face is the noise in the Upper Limb Pocket. You can fix it by loosening and tightening the bolts around there. You could even grease those areas if it helps. As for a bad cam bearing, take it off and put it back on. 

This is just a brief description of all the problems our archers have talked about. We’ll go into the solutions in the article. So keep reading for more!

Problems With The Triax

Mathews Triax Problems

The Mathews Triax is a very slick bow. Starting from its design and down to its properties, it’s a complete package. Heck, this is bow is even listed on the top 10 bows of 2018. We’re not even done there, it’s the no. 1 bow of 2018 everywhere. 

But, even perfect bows like the Triax could face some common problems. You’ll face these problems with almost any bow. 

The only difference is, with the Triax, you’ll face these problems a little less. Here in this article, we’ll provide you with a clear understanding of these problems and their solutions. 

Let’s not wait any longer and go right into the problems and their solutions- 

Problem 1: Noise In The Upper Limb Pocket

It’s clearly understood that this problem is related to your bow’s upper limb pocket. It’s the noises that come with it. 

It’s a small noise that’s very similar to the creaking sound. But you’ll only hear it just before you make a full draw. 

Try pulling back on your bow without firing a few times. A small reminder to use the best arrow puller for maximum satisfaction. You might hear the sound as soon as you fire your first shot. And usually, you’ll hear the sound every time you shoot. 

This is a very common issue that you can with owning almost any bow. But this particular problem was faced by two of the archers we know. And so, we’ll also be giving solutions that worked out for them.

There were a few solutions that they tried out one by one. But, not all of them will work for everybody. So, we’ll be talking about all of them. 

Solutions By Mathews

If you contact Mathews about your problem, they’ll always try to help you out. This solution was given by them so it’s best to try this out first. They gave two simple solutions. We’ll be going over both of them one by one. 

The first is loosening the limb bolt. Take it out a few turns and tighten the bolt back down again. Be careful not to tighten it too much though. Your noise should be gone by now.

If the noise is not gone, try this second solution suggested by Mathews. There’s a small bolt situated right under the limb pocket. You’ll just have to loosen that bolt this time. 

Solutions By Professional Archers

When solutions by the company itself don’t help, it’s time to go to the professionals. They usually know more about these fixes than the big brands. But, since the brands make the products, it’s better to try out their solutions first. 

So, let’s try our first solution. You’ll be applying White Lithium Grease on your bow here. Unstring your bow first then apply the grease on areas where there are contacts. 

Don’t overflow the areas with grease though. Apply a thin coat of it evenly in just the places where there’s contact. This way, the grease will be anywhere these limbs contact. 

While you’re at, we suggest you do both limb pockets and the bolts. Better safe than sorry. 

Here’s a list of some of the best White Lithium Grease that you can buy-

Product 1
Product 2

From the rocker to the riser, there’s a pivot point that’s held using a bolt. It’s pretty common for that bolt to come loose and make noises. So, try tightening that. 

Bad Cam Bearing

Mathews has had problems with their cam bearing for a few years now. So, if your bow also has a bad cam bearing, it’s not that uncommon. 

You might notice a similar type of problem with the Mathews Creed

If you notice grease coming out of a cam bearing, then it’s gone bad. You should never overlook a loose mod when it comes to bows. 

Fixing this problem is relatively easier compared to the upper limb pocket problem. All you have to do is take off the cam bearing and place it back on again. Don’t tighten it too much though as it can cause damages. 

If it’s not fixed after that, you’ll have to change the cam bearing. You should contact Mathews for this. They should send you one your way. If they don’t, you should be able to buy one at any bow store. 

So that’s all regarding Mathews Triax problems! Due to these types of problems, beginners are always confused between HOYT and Bowtech. But we suggest you buy the one that’s best for you. 


Question: Should I grease all the joints of my bows?

Answer: Yes, you should. Even though Mathews suggests not to grease their bows, professional archers would say otherwise. 

Question: How fast is the Mathews Triax?

Answer: The Mathews Triax can shoot arrows at 343 feet per second. With this new bow, Mathews has put every part of a bow to complete use. 

Question: Can I adjust the Mathews Triax?

Answer: Yes, you can. The draw lengths on the Triax range between 24.5 and 30.5 inches. You’ll be able to adjust them in half-inch increments in that range. 


These are the major mathews triax problems that you could face. These are usually the only problems people face. 

If you face a different kind of problem, be sure to let us in the comments. We’re here to help you out. 

Good Luck!

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