What Are The Mathews Heli M Problems?[Explained]

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Mathews Heli M is one of the top-notch bows currently. However, even these bows sometimes show problems. Worst of all, not everyone is familiar with the issues and then how to solve them.

But today, we’ll shed some light on this matter!

So, what are the Mathews Heli M problems?

First, you might see that the bow does not fit. You can also experience that the crossbow is not cocking up. Finally, the bow may not line up properly. Each of these challenges, on the other hand, are solvable.

You've barely begun to scrape the base of your search. So, make sure to manage some time to keep on reading!

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3 Common Mathews Heli M Problems With Solutions

Mathews Heli M  bows can give you quite the satisfaction of archery. However, it does have some flaws that you may experience occasionally.

We’ve mentioned 3 such problems here in detail along with their solutions. 

Problem 1: The Bow Does Not Fit

The Bow Does Not Fit

Crossbows failing to group well, comparable to carbon express piledriver 390 issues, is a prevalent problem. The crossbows vary in weight, length, and width. 

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all crossbow, despite the fact that this is a crossbow for all.

A crossbow's accuracy is proportionate to how well it fits your body. A bow may appear to be too heavy, too long, or too wide to you. Lifting and holding the bow on target may also be difficult. As a consequence, it's possible that it won't be suitable for you. 

Crossbows have rifle-style stocks and are made in the same way that rifles are. 


To solve this issue, you must examine a few simple variables. First always  ensure that the bow isn't too hefty. Take into account the time it takes to pull the trigger.

Furthermore, the trigger should be fast and smooth, with no creep.

Do you want to change the trigger? We've got a few options for you, so don't worry! Take a peek at the recommendations below-

Product 1
Product 2

Without a doubt, you can rely on these products!

One thing to keep in mind! Bigger and heavier do not always imply superiority. So, before resolving this problem, think about the factors!

Problem 2: Crossbow Not Cocking

Crossbow Not Cocking

Crossbow not cooking is no longer as frequent as it formerly was. This does not, however, rule out the potential of it happening. The crossbow does not shoot when it is cocked and loaded. It's possible that the bow wasn't properly cocked.

This problem might also cause vision problems. However, you can replace it with the greatest archery sight.

The bolt is either not entirely retracted or has migrated forward, which is a far more likely cause. You may have encountered this issue several times with fishing crossbows. It does so because it spends so much time staring down.


First of all, make sure you're drawing the rope all the way back. The crossbow will not fire because the safety did not engage while cocking. The string had not been fully retracted. This indicates that the bow wasn't cocked far enough to activate the safety feature.

You have to check the arrow's retention spring. Check the springs to make sure they're in good operating order.

There's a chance you're still perplexed about something. But don't be concerned because it's quite acceptable to be perplexed by this smart material! So, if you need help, make sure to inform the appropriate supplier!

Problem 3: Not Lining Up

When firing, having one limb lower than the other is a severe accuracy concern. This issue is akin to the ravin r10 issues

Not Lining Up

Maintaining the level of the limbs parallel to it is crucial. There's a clear connection among how much a bow suits you and precision when the left limb goes shorter. It's probably not the ideal choice if a bow is too heavy, too long, or too wide for you. If somehow the left limb is shorter than that of the right, your bow will strike towards the left.

If the right limb is lower than the left, it will shoot right. Given the range, it will shoot lower or higher in each situation.


It's possible that resolving this problem will be difficult for you. As a conclusion, you need to seek an expert's help.You can just inform your company about the problem. The servicing and maintenance personnel will take care of it.

These are the issues that the top elite energy 35 could be dealing with. 


Question: How is Mathews Heli M as a bow?

Answer: The grip is great in every way, and the maneuverability is also fairly good. When you're holding a 30-inch bow that barely weighs 3.5 pounds, this is self-explanatory. When Mathews buys the other items, you should expect a good discount. But it's just another great bow in a long line of them for Mathews.

Question: How to adjust Mathews' outback draw weight?

Answer: A 3/16″ or 7/32″ Allen Wrench is used to make draw weight adjustments. Increase the draw weight by turning the limb bolt clockwise. Then, to reduce the weight, turn it counterclockwise. Both limb bolts must be adjusted to the same degree. If you don't, the bow may lose its tuning or synchronization.

Question: How does the switch weight work of the Mathews work?

Answer: With a quick change of a mod, you can vary the peak weight of your bow. Each module is designed to be as efficient as possible. The module features an ultra-smooth draw and can manage both the draw length and the speed of the draw. There's also the new Vertix's draw weight.

The Final Words

Now you know about the Mathews Heli m problems! Make sure you follow the instructions as per as given. 

We hope the information is quite helpful for you!

Best wishes!

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