Mathews Chill X Problems: All You Need to Know

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We all want to hit our targets and our life is all merry and joy. But, to do so, you need a perfect bow to practice with. 

However, to get the perfect bow, you need to know its pros and cons. 

So, the question is, what are Mathews chill X problems?

The main problem of Mathews chill X is weight. It has a weight of 4.3 pounds heavier to carry than other models. Furthermore, it has a less IBO speed than chill R. There can be tuning issues. Also, adjusting cam lean and timing conflict if compared to a time hole. Finally, chill X can be a bit slow.

This is just a sneak-peek. To purchase, you need to know about its pros and cons. This is why we have a detailed discussion for you. 

To know more, keep reading!

What is the Mathews Chill X?

Well, Mathews chill x is a specialized bow. It is the bow of the Mathews McPherson Monster Chill Series line. It has come after Mathews chill and chill R. 

Mathews Chill X

This bow is popular among archers for its extraordinary services. It helps the archers to improve their archery skills. And, experiment more. 

Even though it is a famous bow among archers, it has pros and cons. Now let us get to our next segment. 

What Are the Advantages of Mathews Chill X?

Well, Mathews chill x has tons of advantages. It has a few modifications from before.

In simple words, it is a modified version of the other two chill and chill R bows. This is why there are a few extra benefits of it. Therefore, the advantages are described.

The Mathews chill x bows are versatile indeed. It manages to operate in every style of archery very well. 

In addition, it has a brace height of 7 inches and ata length of 35 inches. Whereas, the other versions were 31inches and 33 inches respectively. Also, the brace height for chill R was 6 inches only. 

Now, brace heights determine the speed and give space for forgiveness. Here, the chill X is 6 feet per second slower compared to chill R. But, the longer height also increases space for forgiveness. Also, the brace height is good for 3-D applications. 

It has a slimmer grip that helps in holding the bow. Also, it helps in acquiring accuracy and gaining muscle memory. And, the dead-end light string helps in keeping the weight of the bow a bit down. 

Moreover, it offers 336 feet per second of speed with the 7-inch brace height. Good for shooting long range. 

Lastly, it has a solid rock mod. That improves the draw cycle and provides a firm back wall. And rock mods let you choose between 75 or 85 percent let-off modules. Moreover, chill X has a great finish. 

So, these are the advantages of owning a chill X. These benefits make the bow special and popular among shooters. These points make the Mathews chill X a great bow to go with. 

However, even if your bow is great, you can still have issues with arrow flight. More practice will help you out of it. 

Problems of Mathews Chill X

The advantages of chill X have been given above. Now, if it is almost everything an archer needs, what went wrong then? The answer is given. 

The 85 percent let-off module gives less holding weight at full draw. But, it is a bit slower than other versions of the chill series. Also, the appearance of the Geo lock riser design is not likable to some archers. 

It is heavier than other models. 4.23 pounds may be a factor of concern for some archers. And, a non-adjustable yoke system can be puzzling for some shooters. 

Furthermore, there can be tuning issues for chill X. shooters might feel hassle in broadhead tuning. You have to change limbs to get rid of it. 

Sometimes, shooters have problems adjusting for cam lean. In addition, If it is compared to a timing hole, the timing may conflict.

Also, the IBO speed of the chill X is lesser than chill R. However, chill R has issues too.  

So, these are the problems that you might face after purchasing the chill X. However, apart from this, chill X is a great bow for archery. 

It offers great shooting ability, stability, and form. The most hyped extension is a solid wall that is rock hard. In addition, it provides a smooth draw cycle and a repeatable feel. Besides, chill X holds well on target. 

Therefore, chill X might have a lot of cons, but it has more pros. This is why it is a great decision to go for Mathews chill X. It will help you to improve your archery skills and become a pro. 

Wait, the article is not over yet. Here are a few bows of the Mathews chill series that we want to suggest. You can try them out!

Product- 1
Product- 2 

The given bows work wonders in archery life. You can go for them if you want to improve. You won’t be disappointed. 


Question: How to change the draw length on Mathews no cam?

Answer: At first, simply unscrew the two Allen screws holding the module to the wheel. Next, replace it with your new module. These modules can alter the draw length as well as the let-off. Which can alter the speed of your bow. The faster the bow is, the lower the let-off is.

Question: How to adjust the draw length on a Mathews compound bow?

Answer: A 3/16″ or 7/32″ Allen wrench is used to make draw weight adjustments. Raise the draw weight by turning the limb bolt clockwise. And reduce it by turning counterclockwise. The bow must be set evenly on both limb bolts. Or else it will become out of tune and synchronized. The limb bolt should be properly fastened.

Question: Can bow cams be switched?

Answer: Changing the cam system on the bow, whether single or dual, will cost money. And result in an undetermined conclusion. You will need to get specific strings and wires. Also, you will not know how long they will be after they're finished.  So it can take a few tries to get close. You will have to go out and get an idler wheel.

Wrapping Up

Now, time to end this writing. We hope you have understood the mathews chill x problems. And, now you can take your decision wisely. Although it has a few problems, it has more advantages. 

All the best for your upcoming journey my friend. Till we meet again!

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