What Are The Qad Rest Problems?[Answered]

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The Qad Ultra Rest Hunter Arrow Rest is an amazing bow. It can catch the arrows if necessary. When the bow is fired, the patent disappears. Smart-rest technology and Velocity Drop-Away Technology are included.

This is quite helpful for you while you’re hunting! But it can get issues over time.

So, what are the qad rest problems?

Well, you may experience two common problems of a qad rest. First of all, the launcher not dropping away is the most common problem. And the other problem is not getting enough tension, distracting the launch! However, both of these problems can be solved. So don’t worry!

You’ve just got to know about the problems in a brief. But we’ve also got the solutions as well. So, keep on reading to clarify your concern!

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

What Are The Qad Rest Problems? 

Qad rest problems can be common just like ravin crossbow problems. You can basically see a few problems repeating constantly. And the problems might be identical. So, we’ve covered up the problems below along with the solutions-

Problem 1: The Launcher Not Dropping Away

One of the most common problems of Qad Rest is the launcher not dropping away. If this was the only problem then it might not have affected much. But this problem leads to additional issues.

The Launcher Not Dropping Away

When you’re shooting the arrow, the flight is significantly affected due to this problem. As a result, you can’t shoot the arrow properly and the aim gets distracted! 

In addition, you might also see some wear and tear on the launcher itself. So, this would become really problematic gradually like the Horton storm RDX problems. So, what do you do now? Well, you can resolve the issue simply!


So, you need to check out one thing before you can fix it. Take a look at the factors to follow the method to resolve the issue.

First of all, see the best angle. You may see it’s up at 290 degrees. But you need to time the rest to come up 90 degrees. Make sure at the end of your draw cycle, you’re all the way up. 

Now, use an anchor knot and adjust the timing of the rest. If you want, you can keep changing the angle if you need something more or less. You’re done!

You might be confused about what anchor knot to use. But no worries! Because we’ve got you a couple of suggestions below-

Product 1
Product 2

These are the products that are quite effective and durable!

Problem 2: Not Getting Enough Tension

The launcher not getting enough tension can be a serious issue anytime. Because you can not launch your arrow with the proper moving force it needs.

Not Getting Enough Tension

It is even more problematic if you’re launching arrows at a relatively more distant place.

The arrow might also get deviated and create harm to other things. So, you must resolve the issue whenever you face this!


This problem can be fixed quite easily in no time. To do so, begin with lines of reference in your rest. You need to make sure that you have got your rest in a fully upright position. You can fix it right at the end of your draw cycle. 

You need to make sure that there is enough tension in that cable. So that you get your drop-away rest to drop down properly. 

Once you adjust this simple thing, you’re good! You can hopefully get enough tension to launch the arrow properly. 

You can also use an arrow puller for more accuracy!

If you are still not satisfied with anything, don’t get upset. Because you can just simply contact your servicing agents of the respective company! They would surely resolve any kind of issue related to the qad rest.

So, these are the 2 common qad rest problems. We hope these instructions help you!

Know that these issues aren’t bound to arise. Even if they do, you should be able to fix them following our guide. 


Question: Why does the arrow hit the drop away rest?

Answer: You'll experience poor arrow flight and loose fletchings if fletchings hit your equipment. Contact is caused by poor nock rotation, an inadequately tuned bow, and bad drop away rest timing. On the lower side of the arrow, you can see where the powder is missing. As a result, the nock point must be adjusted.

Question: What system is a Qad?

Answer: QAD Inc. is a trendy software firm to examine right now. Manufacturing organizations can use their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and related enterprise applications. Customers can be found in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Moreover, this company is still continuing to globalize around the world with its qualitative products.

Question: Does the drop away rest need to touch the riser?

Answer: The arrow should be level and even with the rest hole on the riser while putting up the rest. After that, you need to tie your loop around that place. Then you may fine-tune your rest by adjusting it up and down. The rest, on the other hand, should not be hitting the riser or should be striking it hard.

Question: What database is Qad?

Answer: QAD is a database application with many databases. A minimum of three databases must be connected to a single session at the same time. In two stages, working QAD CRM databases are developed. Generate empty databases initially, then use them as a template to create tests. You can also create databases for development, production, training, and other purposes.

The Final Words

Now you know about the qad rest problems! But you can also solve these after going through our article. So, it would be easier for you now to operate the qad rest.

We hope you find our information helpful!

Best wishes!

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