Mathews DXT Problem: 4 Problems That Needs Attention

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Mathew DXT is a well-performing bow. The bow and arrow has a sustainable performance, however, there are a few issues with this. Many people aren’t aware of thes eproblems when they purchase one.

Hence we have discussed all about these problems.

So what are the Mathew DXT Problem?

The Mathew DXT bows have a very high reputation in the market. Even the critics claim it to be one of the best. However, it has some issues with its draw cycle, eccentric system, and durability. The price range is also a bit high. Now, some of these need to be addressed before it’s too late.

Now we understand that this may be a little too vague. Hence we have provided all teh details in our article. Keep on reading to know more!

Problems of DXT Mathews

Problems of DXT Mathews

Some Issues couldn’t be ignored by the consumer despite the bow having a higher and more balanced performance. This did not go without being noticed. Let’s find it out.

Problem With Draw Cycle 

A draw cycle is a feature of compound bows. It ranges from the moment you start pulling the bowstring until you reach full draw. This cycle represents what happens in terms of how much weight you'll pull. 

In order to find the best arrow puller in the market, you must do some research.

A 3/16″ or 7/32″ Allen wrench is used to make draw weight adjustments. Increase the draw weight by turning the limb bolt clockwise, and decrease the weight by turning it counter-clockwise. 

Each revolution corresponds to about 2 to 4 pounds of draw weight.

While many experts agree that the DXT's draw cycle is smooth, it’s not the smoothest bow available. To give you an example, various testing shows that the DXT's draw cycle is neither aggressive nor smooth. It has an average performance and rating.

While the draw length cannot be adjusted without changing the cam, the bow is built in this manner to provide the best performance and shoot ability. 

Problem with Eccentric System 

An eccentric is a round disk (eccentric sheave) permanently fastened to a spinning axle with its center displaced. It’s displaced from that of the axle in mechanical engineering (hence the word “eccentric”, out of the center).

This non-modular eccentric mechanism is not adjustable, and each draw length necessitates a distinct cam. However, there is a reason for the lack of adaptability. 

Because each cam is individually designed to give optimal performance. With faster speeds and a smoother draw cycle for a certain draw length, the DXT's overall shootability improves.

Problem With Durability and Performance

Sometimes, due to drawing too many bows, it may cause an issue. The constant retracting of the bows may delay the process of drawing arrows and pulling the bows. It may even break the cam and fall apart when using it continuously. 

However, you may want to know something. That is if there is a problem in flemish twist or endless loop while considering performance. But also the cam system is not flexible and adjustable. Sometimes it may be slanted and look crooked after adjusting the cam system as well. 

High Price Range

The bows and the arrows may be a bit more pricey than the market price. This type of pricing may be due to having a sustainable performance. 

However many other arrows and bows in the market are performing well. And also is lower in price range, so they may get more attention now.

Solutions for Mathew DXT Problem

Now that you know all the problems, let’s talk about their solutions. Most of these issues have no fix. That is, it can only be fixed or modified from the seller’s side. 

The stretchability and the draw cycle and the eccentric cycle needs to be addressed. The draw cycle is good for an average user.

Solutions for Mathew DXT Problem

But for a fast-paced competitive user, this may be a bit slow. So despite making an attempt to redesign the entire bow, this can be made the focus.

The flexibility may be a concern for the bow along with the elasticity of the string. So, keeping into consideration all types of users. This has to be fixed. Now, there is a catch, which to choose, carbon fiber or G10.

As for adjusting cams, you can go for a no-cam setup. But that might take time for you to adjust to the situation and get used to the new arrangement.

So these were the common problems with Mathews DXT Problem. We hope we were able to help you throughout the guide.


Question: What is the value of a Mathews DXT?

Answer: The DXT, complete with arrows, is worth more than $300. This bow was originally produced in 2008, so if he purchased one of the earliest versions, it is less than five years old, and if he purchased one of the 2009 models, it is even newer.

Question: How can I tell whether my bow has been let off?

Answer: At full draw, a compound bow uses cables and cams to store energy and reduce holding weight. The drop in holding weight at full draw is referred to as “let-off,” and it is expressed as a percentage of the total draw weight. 

Question: What is a no cam bow and how does it work?

Answer: Unlike previous Mathews bows, which used split-buss cables to connect each cam or wheel to the opposite limb's axle, the No Cam slaves each small wheel to the opposite let-off module attached to each large wheel.


Now, you know, about the Mathew DXT problem. Now, you know, when considering Mathew DXT bows, you can be aware.

Always keep an eye out in the market for new and improved models too. This may help you in the long run.

Until then, let’s hope for the best.

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